Great attitude. Wish you success. Your kidney will recover. Dont take dangerous meds though!



5AR Enzyme activation may help some cases and depends on the person. It is a thing which is worth a try.

Belikewater, what protocol you are using? apparently it works for you which is a positive thing and encourages others to test protocols.


Yes I believe after all this is where the key is I have no idea how to manipulate or activate 5ar activity or what mechanism is broken. But surely this is the root of the problem


Caffeine is a DHT inhibitor. And frankly that’s besides the point, drink decaf if you are PFS because you are stressing your fatigued adrenals. Over 10 years ago I saw a German hair-growth paste made of coffee to stimulate blood flow and block dht. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?


Hey guys. I am to a point where I may just take a very small dose of Zoloft during he day to combat brainfog. I really hoped by this point we would have some sort of approach from the researchers and foundation to combat mental brain fog. To me I can survive the other symptoms. This is the part I can’t accept and so rely on ssri because it’s the only thing that has relieved brainfog. But it’s nasty drug as well. All in all of course I wish I could never take drugs again. I know many of you get through without medication. This gives me hope but I may be dependent on the Zoloft anyway now. What a dilemma. Is the brain able to heal seriously? What will it take? Some sort of intervention or supplement. I’m stumped.


Running is THE ONLY thing that has been found that increases neurons in the brain. I’ve been a runner since before I got pfs and it has been a God send to me to help me through these tough times. Do a search on running and brain health, it should convince you to start if you don’t already.


Exercise has been a cornerstone in my mental and physical well being.


Running and washing your dishes by hand (under running water although that is wasteful) is very therapeutic. However I stopped running after pfs hit me as I started having various heartbeat problems from it only made worse when I started taking iodine/kelp.


I see my years going by. So many beautiful women but no chance. Try to keep an open mind that it can happen. One of my fav movie scenes is in “No Country for Old Men.” Sheriff is visiting his brother who is crippled in a wheel chair. He asks him, “if they released the man who shot you, what would you do?” “Nothing. All the time you spend worrying about what’s been taken from you, more is going out the door,” he replies matter of factly. What a perfect response. To let go of what’s been taken from you so you enjoy what you still have. Fishing, kayaking, biking, golf, friends, music, cooking, lifting weights, work, guitar, a life without pain and suffering. None of that fixes my sexual situation. But they should be enjoyed regardless.


So I went to my best friends wedding went to the bachelor party (stripe club) and at the reception I met a beautiful woman we exchange numbers. The sexual dysfunction has not really bothered me Quite that much in the last several years. Somehow I let it go and try to live my life. But after this weekend depression is hitting me like I haven’t felt in five years to realize I’m 28 and probably have no chance with this girl torturing myself By thinking of what might have been. She seems perfect that’s all it took to throw me into a depression. I knew it would catch up with me suddenly I would wake up and realize I missing opportunities in my life. Tonight I cried for the first time in forever. I didn’t even think I could cry like that because I felt I had lost my emotions. It felt very good to cry and let some of this out. It is natural to go through periods of mourning when losing something. I’m actually glad because I feel like I’m still human when I cry. I think it is part of healing. There are people on more severe situations that must go through emotional pain and loss. That is just part of life. I will not give up I’ve made it five years and been relatively happy and at peace. There will be more bumps in the road but I will continue on for the hope that one day this may be fixed


I am surviving for the hope of the future I think we live in an amazing time scientifically there maybe breakthroughs across the board regarding human diseases. Also there are people living in far worse situations. Living in pain and hunger. I live with the all the amenities modern life can offer and will not feel sorry for myself.


These photos show my Jaw line becoming smaller in the past several years. This past year I have noticed increasingly smaller less masculine facial features


You would need to downsize those photos and date them, as well as showing more revealing ones in similar locations. Hard to judge, but it does seem that your jawline and chin are smaller today, although I cant say for sure from what you posted. I can tell you that my brother and myself have experienced the same. Combined with skin changes (thinning) and facial fat loss as well as dead/colorless hair (we used to have fantastic hair) it is really devastating. It has now stopped of course, readjusted to a new normal since about 1 year.


IT have been the same for me. Its really hard to handle but i started a collagen stimulator called Sculptra.
I did my first treatment about 3 month ago and did anotherone for one week ago. I havent seen any change yet but IT normaly takes several month.And at least tre treatment to see a change. I will post again when i Know how its Worked or not. Let us all keep fighting for a better future!


Yes this is not the end of the world but it takes a toll on my professional life and personal life for sure.


Wow how silly I was worried about my jaw line. I am glad to be alive. I have a blocked artery to my liver. Expecting surgery soon. I am planning on getting off Remeron very soon and may be taking low dose of trazadone for sleep. Did not realize Remeron increases cholesterol. My fight with PFS has been hard but Im not ready to die. Im ready to live. I will take 25mg of Zoloft during the day and a bit of trazadone at night to sleep. Going back to vegan diet.


I had better try to get off all meds for the sake of my kidneys and liver. Can’t be good to take daily pills for years.


Going through a rough tune getting off mirtazipine. Guys this condtition is very difficult. But i like to thank the strong men who have hung in there and chose to not give up. So my point is, never give up. Your strength may encourage others. Also if you give up that may cause others to lose hope. I for one, will not give up. I believe each life is unique. I believe we are not alone. I believe illness is part of life, no matter how extreme. I believe the future holds hope. Even if u have to take a very low dose antidepressant it’s not the end of the world. To get your brain working. I thank the long term members who are here, for not giving up and continue to find the positive things.


What about off the shelf stuff? Do you know the correct “time” to take 5htp and what dosage?


Hmm idk. That stuff never worked well for me. SSRIs are the only thing that seemed to restore brain chemistry otherwise I’m a zombie