I just went through your posts for the first time. I have to say everything you verbalize here is what I think about everyday, but if you focus on it, it will only bring you down further. I haven’t been able to smell for the last 2 weeks and I just try to ignore it. We are living in a very interesting time. Hopefully there will be some kind of revolution in this country in the next few years (possibly 2016 if the next stock market crash happens) and I can’t wait to spearhead it. I’d gladly die fighting the corporate interests that are responsible for our disease and the destruction of this earth.


after 4.5 years, i can clearly say that, pfs subsided without any meds.


what do u mean by saying subsided ? that the deases fades? ok the body fades?


Can you please clarify? Are you saying you recovered 100%?


So why are you still here?


i am here because i have lost my job again :slight_smile: , just killing time


There are a million other ways to kill time.

My guess is that you haven’t actually recovered and you’re still coming to this site because you hope to find an answer.


Lost a very close person today. He passed away. I realized how important family is, and that i could never hurt myself because it would bring pain to my family…on a good note, im getting back into the game of golf. For once i spend my free time focused on this game and havent focused on myself and pfs in the last few weeks. I know its still present but between working 60 hrs and playing golf and wprking out, i hardly have time to worry over this. I havr to be grateful and remember the world doesnt revolve around me.


you will never know if you recovered 100%… because there is no clone of yourself who didnt use fin… it is just a dirty obsession. sometimes i remember it, sometimes i forgot, and continue living… maybe i recovered but i want more desire, because i was alpha when i am 16… if you think this way life is a hell for you.
and… i know many guys on the army last 6 motnhs and i am more horny then most of them… this is my indicator


I think I read once there is a guy here who has a twin that never took finasteride.


Ive tried several supplements to boost test. None were very successful. I picked up a new bottle from GNC. I noticed results immediately Monday. Increaded libido, increased muscles, feelings of well being. Very powerful reaction. The last two days however i felt strong brainfog soon after taking the dose. I had to stop. It seems that when my test is increased to a certain level symptoms worsen. Anyhow it was a nice week id say. Strange results but id thought id post anyway.


I have been on TRT for several months now. Shit started going south on me a couple weeks ago. Luckily I had blood work pulled. My Frigging E2 sky rocketed to 81. I dropped the dose and took some AI and things are getting much better. I hope to experiment with thyroid very soon… I think it could be key to the low energy effects.


Now I’m at 3 yrs 4 months. Just checking in here I rarely log on. I’m on vacation. Very quite around family almost like a mute. Not much excites me, penis is smaller than ever, muscles still weak, despite regular lifting. No “brain fog” these days, I think clearly but not interested in much. I have survived this long, I still believe there will be a reward for the perseverance. Have a happy holidays guys, Im encouraged by some of the posts.


In 3 months ill make 4 years since quitting the drug. The PFS has now claimed the majority of my 20s. Of course I can’t put into words what I feel about that, its senseless. Im 27, still working and living life, getting older and realizing I’m not getting better. For a while I was doing alright and kind of accepted this. Last few months I wake up in the middle of the night with the thought, HOW DID 9 PILLS RUIN MY LIFE. Its what I think of every single morning. What is the answer here for christs sake. After this project I’m on is over, Im allowed some time off from work. Im going to fast completely for at least 2 weeks. I already work out every day (weight lifting, circuit training). Im going to try the gut cleansing regimen. I will try to cleanse my body totally, sauna, fasting, sweating, followed by vegetarian diet.


Have you tried to activate 5AR2 enzyme? I was like you and un two months activating 5AR enzymes Im back to nornal in most aspecys. I have a thread kn the Natural section here, and a blog on I think this is what is missing for you.



Off topic, but I recently was taking N.O. Explode before workouts. They said I have suffered Acute Kidney Impairment from creatine (blood tests of kidney function showed this). I noticed nausea, pain in abdomen, fatigue all of a sudden, quit taking the supplement. I hope I recover from this, this is almost scarier than PFS, as this can be life threatening. I will never take another stupid supplement, or prescription again. Heres hoping I didn’t screw up a second time and injure my body.


So 4 years off. Last six months ive had all kinds of health trouble. Gas, abdominal pains, chest pain, bp has been up. Feeling worse physically, masturbation has a much worse effect than ever before, I feel veey weak and feminized after any sexual release for days. I am sure I sound like a broken record, but this is now interfering with job. Sleep is much worse. Not sure what the future has in store. I certainly am going to try fasting again, im taking sorghum and boron to increase dht because ive never tried that route. Mentally I feel ok, not suicidal all the time but really there’s only so much I can endure. I’ll keep riding this out I suppose.


How long were you on that? Were you taking Creatine like the loading stage (4-5x a day) and not drinking enough water? I was trying to take the stuff to further increase DHT.


I am having kidney problems I probably damaged it with all the shops. Dr said kidney enlarged. Also he said my rheumatoid factor was elevated. I’ve accepted pfs. I have a life worth living now. I hope I didn’t further destroy my health by harming my kidneys. I am living with peace of mind that the future is uncertain and I live for today. I may be able to live for a while enjoying golf, working out, biking and fishing, and guitar playing. I hold on to simple joys and don’t take anything for granted


I’m pleased to hear that despite your continued health concerns that you have found some peace of mind. You’re a testament to us all. Thanks for your wise words. Take care, man. You deserve some happiness.