I have come a long way in a year. I now have full balls, erections, libido, vitality, energy, and all that stuff. I feel sharp and mentally well. I am sleeping better. I am gaining muscle again. I lust for women and masturbate almost each night (trying to hold back even) Some days I feel more tired than I probably should for my age, but hell I feel damned lucky to have the progress I have had. This has changed life. It has taken over every aspect of my life and as I start to feel normal again I know I will never be the same. I won’t take life for granted. God has put me through this to make me stronger and rethink my life. Every day I live without an anxiety attack or crippling depression is a miracle for me. I thought I ruined my body and brain forever. I underestimated how resilient human beings are. This has been crazy man. But the last three months have been like a second chance at life. I feel better and better with time and just continue to workout, and thank God almighty. He can deliver us through anything.

If anyone new to PFS is suicidal, please message me. I was a wreck when I first got here. I thought that my life was over. That is no joke. I gave up and turned to alcohol and drugs. Only after I got sober did I notice any improvements in side effects, and it is a SLOW process. But even if you do not improve with time, but many do, this is a very promising time with all the studies and media attention. So hang in there and take it from me things will get better. I thought I threw my life out the window. Well, I survived and could not be more grateful for a second chance.

Congratulations on feeling better! I also believe slowly things are improving for me. You mentioned penis curvature, has that Improved? Did you also have veins emerging on penis that have disappeared? With muscle wastage, did your lower legs and lower arms thin out after propecia? Has this returned to normal as well? Thanks and congrats.

Also, if you are feeling much better you should have your hormones tested again, I think you said at one point your a testosterone was at low end 288

Glad to hear of your progress. Thanks for updating us … it definitely gives the rest of us hope.

Question, how long have you been feeling this way? Also, have you done anything besides give it time?


Great to hear your feeling better scaredoutofmymind,

Can I ask what helped you the most ?

Also, I don’t know if you want to hear this or not, but perhaps the massive amounts of alcohol have lead to your dramatic recovery. I have a theory that alcohol increases progesterone/allopregenalone levels in the brain. In fact; my own progress has been fueled by alcohol consumption. After 14 months off the drug I am now pretty much waking up each day with full libido, desire to have sex, and better energy.

On certain days were you near or completely intoxicated?

What is for you big amounts of alcohol?

Not to put a damper on things…but you were posting suicidal/depressed stuff just a week or two ago. I guess I am confused, if you have felt better for 3 months, why did you post the negative stuff recently?
Either way - I am happy for you and jealous at the same time. I hope all of us have the same recovery you did.

It’s stories like this which keeps me going :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Alcohol makes my symptoms worse, btw.

Yes my symptoms worse as well…shirt term

Experiencing more good days than bad. Especially good on days following workouts. Glad I recovered this much. Workouts have been the key to maintaining my wellbeing.

I have been guilty of posting positive “recovery” claims when I’ve had a good few days, and posting threats to kill myself over one bad day. I’m not good at separating the emotion from the facts I guess. All in all I’m much better off now of course. I use this site sometime for venting purpose. I’m glad it exists. I just read a book by guy who got messed up by accutane. His problems really sound bad.

Can you give us the name of that book please?

It’s called Accutane: The Truth by Stefan Lay. Available on Amazon.

If im still this way in 3 or 4 years man im just gonna kill myself or go live out in the woods and just wait to die. Im serious man this is no life worth living.

This is how it went for me - this ebbing and flowing of positive and negative emotions. I feel like, ultimately, this is all it is after the physical side effects have worn off.

Can anyone who suffered these short periods of depression honestly say that they have fully recovered? Nowadays I feel 80-90%, but the level of confidence, happiness and stability I felt in my life before all this is still not present. I also occasionally go through periods of falling mental ability. Can anyone say that this has completely (ie: no symptoms for a year) cleared up?

Does anyone think their body looks different? Big butt and thighs, smaller shoulders? Im pretty fit right now except some extra weight but my body has never been the same. Especially around my hips, thighs and butt. Also weaker upper body. Anyone have luck in getting their physique back?

ive been through periods over the last 6 years of pfs when ive been feeling ok and bang into the gym and have never looked better in my life,its just a shame i havent got a sex drive to go with it,luckily it never affected my abillity to gain muscle or changed the appearance of my body,i remember in the early days an endo saying to me,“there cant be anything wrong with your hormones just look at your muscles it must all be in your head”…

Yea my libido is fairly decent lately…but man my muscle tone, arms, shoulders etc look way smaller and less defined than they used to. Man I used to have big, toned arms. Now they look small and pasty white. Terribly annoying.