Sick of this shit man. I look terrible. Im 24 and I have the body of a 70 yr old man. Fuck I want to die


Yeah, I’ve relatively little weight but my gut just sags now. How anyone can dismiss this as psychological is staggering.


My dick looks fucking horrible I want to diee sooo bad. Im falling for a girl right now and she has now idea about this shit. I will never be able to satisfy her. Fuck my fucking life


Can I ask what’s happened in the last month? Earlier in this tread, you were talking about months of improvement, and I think in other threads too as recently as a month ago.


Yep! I was taking remeron for sleep. Everything had improved alot. Except the medicine was makibg me fat as hell. I gained almost 30 lbs. Finally I had enough and got off it sometime in november. Everything has slowly deteriorated since then. Guess I will have to be fat in order to be somewhat normal. Either way im fucked out of a happy life


Ambien and benzos cause me anxiety and depression, antihistimines worsen the erectile dysfunction, tricyclics like remeron make you fat as a whale, natural shit does not work dont waste your fucking money, trazodone was completely intolerable (drove my blood pressure through the roof), lunesta causes severe depression. There is no fucking solution to this. I have run out of options and ideas. I give up. Surely my days are numbered I cant see myself havibg the energy or desire to live too much longer. This drug is so insidious. I only took 10 pills. I am now living out a cruel sick nightmare. Atleast one day I will die and be relieved of this shit


I’m really sorry, man. There’s definitely a big connection between sleep and all of this.


Yes there is. I might add that I have been masturbating every night. How often do you guys masturbate? Im gonna try to stop for a while and see if sex drive improves.


masturbating fucks me up a lot of the time,i did one last wednesday and on the thursday i was totally drained and full of anxiety and depression,also insomnia came back which i havent had for a while now,not that i ever feel like having a wank,i just do it to see if i can feel anything or if anything has changed etc,usually it takes a great deal of effort with no prize at the end,sometimes i get myself to the point where i can sort of feel an orgasm building then ejaculate and feel absolutely nothing,no orgasm atall,it fucking depresses me to death…


Hm…I feel a bit when i ejacualte. But ist no real orgasm. But I cannot say it takes much effort. Im not aroused when I do it and it gives me little or no phyisical pleasure. There is also hardly a “build up”.


Wow, so even years later you guys are struggling with no libido and no feeling when you orgasm? I had that the first 6-12 months but it vanished.


based on a lot for your quotes, you seem to be the one of the very, very lucky people who can get some form of their life back after taking and quitting finasteride … i think i have mentioned to you before that the improvements you are always talking about are not at all common for most of us, no matter what we do

i do not mean this in a rude way, but you still seem surprised by the fact that you are making gains while the large majority are in constant agony with this and really are not making any real, long term gains

this is not an attack, of course, i just think you really should not be surprised about any of this going forward

i am very happy for you that you have made so many improvements, and in such a short amount of time


Yeah, I think you’re a good guy so I don’t think you’re doing it on purpose, but some of your posts come off as kind of like you’re boasting or rubbing it in someone’s face.


I agree. Unfortunately PFS is not a ‘One Size Fits All’

Pleased for you and your progress though Finatruth, whilst I still seem to be getting worse sexually


So ive been taking testosterone boosting supplements fenugreek seed and tribulus. I seem to be bulking up. However my libido and sensitivity seems to be really bad. No nocturnal erections. I will stop immediately. Just gonna take sleep supplement. I find the more supplements and crap I put into my boxy usually serves to worsen my situation. Unless I am just getting worse with time. So hard to tell. Thats why I want to be on as little as possible so as to not interfere with my body.


Just last week I was able to get semi hard when I was around my girlfriend. Now this week I was with her and I felt pretty numb down there. I will keep it simple and not worry too much about it.


I’m praying things get better for you buddy

You too fucking young for this shit to happen to you!!!


Question: has anyone tried fenugreek seed? Is it safe? I dont think it raises testosterone levels. Also, what about ZMA? At this point im so hesitant to try anything for fear of it making me worse. I think the fenugreek was helping not hurting. Ill stay away from zma for now. Gonna try l arganine for sleep tonight. All I know is I started zma+tribulus two days ago and I cant feel penis and balls look tiny. This makes no sense.


I cant believe this man. My sexual situation is worsening. At the same time i am getting into a relationship with a girl I really like. I dont know what to do man. I really might kill myself soon I cant stand this mental torture of wanting a real life. Im 24 years old im supposed to be starting my life. Instead I have pretty much ended it with Propecia. I am so depressed man I just want to die.


i am sorry that you are in one of these very rough patches … these are always the times when i have to really bare down and keep fighting

listen, there is some negativity going around about how productive research and things like that can be for our situation, but may i say just one thing which is not an opinion, but an absolute FACT … no matter what, as long as we keep going with research, we will keep finding out more and more and get closer and closer to finding a way to treat our symptoms … it cannot get worse, we will not lose information … it can only get better, we can only gain information, and we can only move forward with this research, not backwards or even to be held at a standstill, no matter what anyones opinion is

please keep fighting, it will be well worth it for you and all of us

i am so sorry you are in one of the very rough patches, we know your pain, just keep fighting, we are here for you