His posts are irresponsible. He is basically telling everybody nonstop that their lives are over. A few members already told him that he should ease down with his “the sky is falling mantra”. I dont think its appropiate to only come on here to tell everybody that their lives are over. And I will speak my mind on it. If he needs help, he needs to seek a professional psychiatrist or formulate it more appropiatley.

Was I too harsh? Probably. But he just wont stop with this bullshit. What can I do? I think its just bullshit, for new members to click on his thread thinking : great a guy who made progress, only to read this trite.

Im speaking on one thread about my experience. Im not telling everyone their life is over. At least i don’t feel the need to shove my opinion down everyone throat on every thread i read. Please keep your opinion to yourself, I don’t analyze your posts and act as a police, maybe you are the one who should take a break from the site if it is that hard for you to keep your nose out of everything.


Your profile says you stopped in May 2014?! Please do not lecture me about this condition. Speak to me in another 2 yrs, I wish you the best.


I stopped since March 10th 2014


any length of time dealing with this is distressing… This is not a competition


We are all dealing with a really fucked up situation. We all need to do what we can to survive, donate, and be as happy as we can under the circumstances. I am slowly finding what works for me.


All Im saying is that 3 yrs vs 1 yr can make a big difference in “positive outlook”. I held out for a while believing my life would return to normal. Now as things stay the same/get worse the optimism has faded, and replaced with reality. Which is hard for some to believe. It also may make them angry to hear which is understandable. I apologize for ranting and posting out of self pity, but i dont apologize for reporting the reality.


Congratulations, live your life now, no looking back. I definitely believe there is a lesson in this accept fate and don’t interfere with nature. We have to believe that God forgives and can give us a second chance.


We’re not going to get better by asking a god for forgiveness, plus what do we even need forgiveness for? There are no gods except for whoever comes up with an explanation and a cure for this disease!



Most people are able to be happy over time. The ones who cant cope even after 10 years are a minority in my opinion. I think its normal that one needs a few years of adjustment, and that especially in the first year its hell on earth.

Of course one can easily slip into extreme depression, especially if you give up on your previous goals, and dont do everything you can for your health (i.e. diet, excercise, lots of sunshine and nature, as well as rest). The longer one lets go the harder it will be to get back on your feet.


great to hear that you are doing better mentally!

I only have one life, and I wont let myself be convinced by some losers on this forum , that its over and that I should kill myself.


Dude, I didn’t quit my job. I didn’t stop interacting with people. I didn’t stop doing my daily activities at home. I didn’t stop or even take a break throughout all this and I was and still am pretty fucked up. Its not easy to do with no sleep, fatigue, visual, cognitive, and physical impairment ect… Non-understanding family members. I also believe if I listened to some of you about doing noting I would be much worse off right now. It wasn’t until I did something about hormonal issues that I got some improvements. Improvements that now allow me to be more active and have better cognitive function. I also do not believe I have only this life. I do believe there is a creator. I also believe that if I cant take this anymore I will be forgiven and mercy will be given.



chill out “dude”. I never said the first year would be easy. I dont see why you have to argue about dumb shit again. I dont care about your religious believes to be honest. Also I dont care about the list of your damn symptoms. Its not a competition. And of course you have to mention that you might kill yourself. Do you get some kick out of that? If you want to kill yourself nobody will stop you. No need to announce it every second day.

Look I know the symptoms ok? I have them myself !!! I know that you wont kill yourself. You would have done it already, if you really meant it. I think it will get better from here for you, based on the fact that mentally most people improve over time.

All I did is congratulate you on your improvement. Of course you had to use that chance to take a giant dump on this positive congratulatory post.


Pdvl please leave this thread, no one here needs your 2 cents. Youre clearly not liked by anyone here just leave.


Shut your mouth you fat slob. Losers like you, who only come on here to talk about suicide and how the lives of PFS sufferers are over, are the biggest scum on this website.


I only speak for myself! U just dont like the reality, im not telling others to go kill themself! What are u some aggresive sociopath?!


You are the scum, ive never sought out to bash others and verbally attack other members, you seem to be some sort of hate filled psycopath. I beleive most guys ive talked to with this condition have shown real character and courage, we often help build each other up! You on the other hand resort to attacking and criticizing everyone. What in the hell is your agenda?


Do i look fat idiot? I work out almost every day! Get off this site u troll.


The ironic thing is now I wish I was bald or one day become bald, of course making a full recovery. What hurts is that I could end up bald and impotent; although it puts everything into perspective becomes about more than sexual dysfunction.


Just that, by taking Propecia we’ve changed the course of our evolution we’ve changed our fate. I know it sounds deep, but I can’t help but think that were being punished for not accepting our fate MPB.