Hi depressed guy!!!


That’s cute depressed guy. I love arguing with Internet badasses.


I guess after i complete the study i will have permission to have possible opinions/theories on this. Until then the propeciahelp nazis wont let you speak until you have completed studies.


This disease steals everything. Makes you too weak to even fight back. The utter unwillingness to give me any kind of break is hard to believe. 9 pills and a life sentence of unrelenting unbelievable disabling changes. Weakness throughout my body my arms feel like dangling limbs. Used to be muscular and powerful. Dont even know whats real anymore. Tired.


The only thing as unrelenting as this disease is your willingness to whine on this forum. :smiley:

At least change the title from progress to: Multi year whinning orgy (to members battling with the same stuff).

People reading this stuff will think their live is over. Get a grip.


People deal with PFS in different ways and just because you appear stronger mentally PVDL, does not make you right. Often you could actually be the one to tip somebody over the edge with your aggressive, attacking nature. Had you posted the responses you make here when I was at my most severe, I think you would have made me another PFS suicide statistic!!!

When I was at my worst, all I could think about was killing myself and I needed this forum and a sympathetic ear, not somebody like you telling me to get a grip. Your post here is Pointless so why even bother having a go at another member who is clearly struggling. It’s people like you why I am now more of an observer than regular contributor here anymore. It seems you get some sick kicks out of throwing your weight around on here and quite frankly it’s pathetic

Now before I read one of you’re volatile responses, think twice because you will not get any kind of reaction from me. I’m glad to say that mentally I’m in a better place these days, so don’t even try dragging me down to you’re juvenile levels in an attempt to continue to be abrupt because it simply won’t wash with me no more. In summary all I’m saying is, unless you have something constructive to say towards another forum member then don’t bother and think twice about the consequences of you’re posts upon the members here!!!


His posts are irresponsible. He is basically telling everybody nonstop that their lives are over. A few members already told him that he should ease down with his “the sky is falling mantra”. I dont think its appropiate to only come on here to tell everybody that their lives are over. And I will speak my mind on it. If he needs help, he needs to seek a professional psychiatrist or formulate it more appropiatley.

Was I too harsh? Probably. But he just wont stop with this bullshit. What can I do? I think its just bullshit, for new members to click on his thread thinking : great a guy who made progress, only to read this trite.


please delete this post , thanks


We’ll see how tough you are in a few years when you get even worse because you’re too busy twiddling your thumbs waiting for studies instead of being more proactive you little f’n nance.



Shut your mouth. Stalker.


Why don’t you come over here and make me you little pussy. Speaking of stalking…who is the one creating fake names and going on solvepfs to harrass and, you guessed it, STALK members of that board? Seems like you are pushing all the right buttons here as well with members getting sick of your immature pussy ass shit. Grow some balls (figuratively and literally) rat-faced loser.



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Quit stalking members on SolvePFS with your fake names, you perve. And quit running through the forums here looking for people to harrass and talk tough to you little nance. And quit dropping my screen name like it’s cool on these ridiculous posts of yours. And finally, quit obsessing over other people’s “dickies” you weirdo. If anyone’s the pussy it’s you.


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Is that the best you can do? Poor little bitch can’t muster up enough thought to come back with something meaningful. You just got cyber bitch slapped and you keep yapping like a little bitch anyways.


Shut your mouth stalker.


Ha! Look! PVDL has no wit!
Keep playin that broken record you perve.


Shut it, stalker.


why do u continue to post on my thread? What does it matter? There must be 10000 threads on here. I do not exaggerate what this thing has done to my life. I will not apologize for being truthful, in almost 3 years I work out religiously but get no real progress. If I had some uplifting news I would share it! Go spam elsewhere for fucks sake.