I will try it. Then no more experiments. No more disappointments


3412 members here, countless others who haven’t made it to this site. Massacre.


You must be the most annoying poster on this forum. Get a fucking grip. Nobody wants to hear your whining.

If its so horrible that you want to off yourself have you tried:

  1. To participate in studies 2) Donate or work for the foundation if possible 3) convince forum members to participate in studies 4) Reduce your weight (you are a fat slob) 5) stop smoking 6) Accept your situation (Nobody feels excellent but many have disciplined themselves and stopped the whinning and mood swings you actively seek).


Fat slob?! I’m at the fucking gym right now bitch. I’ve quit every unhealthy habit including drinking/smoking. I created this thread I can post whatever the fuck I want. So fuck off bitch.


You just j lined motherfucker. If u really have pfs you will be singing a different tune in 2.5 years when NOTHING improves and you realize you will never have your life back.




Just wait u judgemental motherfucker. 6 months is easy to stay posiitive. When your bitch ass gets worse and worse year after year come talk to me then about your “acceptance”


Lol. 6 month? Brainfogged much? :smiley:

You are the only one constantly bitching like a girl on here. Annoying as fuck. Nobody wants to hear your whining. Go participate in a study and donate you fat slob. You are like a little girl, and are a depressed emotional wreck. No wonder you have no life.

Look at your posts. You are bipolar: “If anyone new to PFS is suicidal, please message me. I was a wreck when I first got here. I thought that my life was over. That is no joke. I gave up and turned to alcohol and drugs. Only after I got sober did I notice any improvements in side effects, and it is a SLOW process. But even if you do not improve with time, but many do, this is a very promising time with all the studies and media attention. So hang in there and take it from me things will get better. I thought I threw my life out the window. Well, I survived and could not be more grateful for a second chance.”

You are probably still drinking and doing drugs. Cant fool us. But pls dont spam this forum with your self serving bullshit. You should be ashamed. You are the only member who whines for YEARS. Lots of guys have it for years and are not here whining. Its a lame exuse. You are not even participating in studies.

Look at Mew, awor and Gelhead. Are they an emotional wreck posting pure self serving bullshit. Crying like a little bitch? No! And they have had it for even longer then you. You just love making exuses for yourself. Somebody needs to calll you out on your bs.

Look at the fucking thread title: How about asking mew to change it to: scared whining and telling everybody that his life is over. Being a self serving prick and wanting attention but not participating in studies that might solve this issue. If every PFS patient would behave like you we would get nowhere. I am very glad that we have guys who earn incomes to donate and who participate in studies. People like mew and awor.

Somebody might read your vomit and be in a vulnerable position and off himself. Because he believes your bs (“no life etc”).


Don’t read my thread then bitch. There’s thousands of others for you to criticize. And no I am sober for 2 years u fuckhead.


Its not about me. Its about people reading your trite that might do something very stupid, because of a little bitch like you. Not even participating in a study, no donations but whining like a little girl, day in day out.

Somebody had to call you out on your bullshit.


I also made 65000 so far this year fucking douche I have and continue to donate quit spewing fucking shit you have no idea about just to be confrontational.


Suck a dick fuck face


I agree with pvdl.
You should find a good psychatrist.


Take it easy guys. This is complete fucking hell every day without a break.


I have been taking meds!! I earn money, no fucking disability or help from anyone! I pay my bills. I provide for my family members. So quit judging me. Ive paid thousands to doctors, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, herbal bullshit. Get off my fucking thread if you think pfs is rainbows and flowers. Sorry my situation is not appealing enough for you.


I agree with PVDL. Your ranting bullshit does everyone’s head in. We are all in the same boat and are emotionally fragile. So,logging in and reading your ‘we are all fucked and might as well die’ posts don’t help at all. I stopped using PH like many others because I no longer want to have pfs taking over my life. We simply have to accept that research is ongoing and we have to give it a chance. We also have to accept our current state of health. If we get told we are fucked then we will cross that bridge when it comes. In the meantime we need to hold back from the kind of outrageous horseshit I read from you on a regular masks and has confirmed to me that it’ll be another 3 months before I bother checking PH again. I’ll wait for emails from the foundation and in the meantime…silently get on with my life.

I admire you for trying out so many different options as regards possible treatments. But that should also tell you there is absolutely no simple solution out there. If we can’t tell what the problem is exactly then how do we know if we are or are not fucked? Let’s ease up on the ranting.


Why do u give a fuck!!! I’ve posted on this thread! Yes I get it but honestly I don’t care to have your fucking opinion!!!


This site is bullshit people just log in and feel the need to comment on every thread no matter what. They have to 1 up every one and turn it into a fucking argument for no reason. Truly bad for my health


Wait I’m confused, I thought these losers wanted this site to be about hating merck and talking about how doomed we all are??

Leave him alone, it’s his thread. Go post in your own threads. He can say what he wants.


Yes, its a free website. You can say whatever you want. like i can say youre a dickhead.