Sure, I will do it now


This disease is becoming more aggressive. I tried to go to sleep early last night after an exhausting day. I slept for about 10 hours. This morning I had a cup of coffee and while I was busy on the computer, BAM full force brain fog out of fucking no where! I haven’t had brainfog in a while. So, I look in the mirror and my face is horrible. How do my coworkers not say anything to me? My eyes have black circles under them and my face has atrophied to just skin and bone!!! I swear to GOD I have been off this stupid shit 2 and a half years! WHy is this fucking shit still happening? Im just minding my own business here! SO what am I to come up with??? Don’t get a good nights rest or you will have brainfog!!! I am perplexed and really fucking past my limit do give a damn. Really over trying to predict or figure this out. I am ready to put a bullet in my head and say FUCK YOU pfs. Not gonna tolerate another day of brainfog/ detached emotionless state. Feels like my brains oxygen got cut off. WHo knows like I said I cant find a pattern this shit strikes whenever the fuck. Might as well say brushing your teeth twice a day causes brainfog. No one knows PFS will have its way.


I got shit sleep last night. Today I feel like a zombie.


I mean I literally feel dead! HA. From the top of my head down my whole body has no feeling! Feels like my brain has been disconnected! Also my breathing is slowed and my heartrate has dropped. Literally feel like a half alive corpse. (But I have some nice hair! :laughing: )


Must fight on! At least I don’t think I’m in for any surprises anymore. Just keep at my routine, enjoy workouts, as meetings, food, tv, family, work. Keep a good appearance for family. Try to relax and enjoy myself for a while. I’m so strung out. I am ready for a phase of peace and meditation. Haven’t tried meditating and reading in awhile. Maybe I will start walking/running after work. Many possibilities to occupy my time. Glad the brainfog has cleared.


since you re so bad and you live in america ( waay easier to get a hold to hormones) why dont you just give his protocol a try? seriously if you feel soo bad like you are saying maybe its worth a try, and now with Ihatepropecia702 back online and sharing his experiences with a similar protocol you could gather some information and start it yourself.


Dude the coffee obviously attributed to your brain fog that day in some way. I know when I’ve had coffee it has given me brain fog. So what to I do? Stop drinking coffee… Little things to avoid that we learn along the way always help in the long run.

As Brazilian dude said, you may really want to give an AI a try man. Going by your pics and descriptions of your problems, it seems your body is being completely overcome by estrogen. Read Dmal’s story in member section (posted yesterday), he was completely fucked as well for years and reversed it all with letrozole. I honestly don’t see why, with how much you’ve seemingly struggled through the past 2 years, haven’t given something like that a try. I mean if I had planned on killing myself, I’d load up on a fuckload of hormones/AIs/natural methods/etc on my way out to see if it works. I don’t understand your thought process.

Considering death, at least for me, means you’ve exhausted literally every option to no avail. All you’ve tried is Remeron iirc.

If I’m missing something I apologize.

One thing I agree with is something user, English, mentioned. You can’t overvome this condition with fight or flight, aka black and white thinking. Not possible. Unstable and too much stress on the body. You have one post above wanting to kill yourself and a post down in the same day you’re optimistic. Have to stop the pendulum swing.


Well I hate to tell you this, I HAVE spent THOUSANDS already on medications, doctors visits, testing, natural supplements, herbs, workouts, TRT, hospitalization, the list goes on! I came to the point where I simply could not play doctor on myself anymore! I was going insane measuring different effects of different combinations of shit. It was madness. And I’m still ruined. Besides your liver cannot support a whole life of being on medication. I’m 25 yrs old.


Can you go over in detail what you tried?








I am talking about Justquit’s specific protocol. Not antidepressants , we know they will most likely hurt you even more.


Ever look into hgh?


Ok, I partially misspoke.

I believe you should give JQD’s protocol a try though. High doses of AI’s coupled with Tprop or Tsusp.

Also I stick by what I said about somehow controlling your mental state. I know it’s hard, probably the hardest thing to do, but you have to figure out a way to keep yourself consistently calm and unstressed.


I believe everyone around me will be in for a surprise when my body has had enough of working 60+ hrs a week and having to take Mirtazipine for 2 yrs now. It’s heavily metabolized by the liver. I fear a big life change is coming soon. I can’t focus on that hopefully I will be able to perform my job without these meds. Or will have to seek out a 40 hr work week.


Yes I want to try JustQuitDut protocol, maybe minus the trt. TRT gave me chest pains and headaches and brain fog.


I want to try HGH as well. I need to take action soon. I hate rolling the dice with hormones. My body is exhausted from chemical experimentation.


experiment with hgh peptides first. Cheaper and legal for research purposes


Will try these hormones. Once that is tried if no improvement, I’m afraid it’s over. 2.5 years stagnant. Natural body state is weakness, fatigue, soft muscles, flat mood, feel dead already. Sad but true no other options to escape this. Can’t believe this is the reality. No way out. But at least I accept it now just move on and do the thing.


It is over for me. I don’t see how people will carry on here if they truly have what I have. I cannot see how it’s worth living. Nothing is worth this pain.


Man, why dont you try the protocol? before giving up, at least you will try something that might actually help you to feel better. Its a very exciting time for us man.