Yes, i can relate to facial changes… it’s crazy.
I dont even recognize myself anymore. Anyway, i know you have bigger problems
but here is a little device that helps alot

I’m sure there is bone loss, but alot of this is fat redistribution from estrogen sides and androgen insensitivity… if you can firm up the neck area the jaw will start showing again. its a simple device but pretty effective if used consistently


Better spirits lately. Working out every day, getting compliments at work. Feeling stronger again. Bring on summer time!


scaredoutomymind is exactley right I have exact same symptoms for years now his case may be closest to mine I have read, Massive swelling and fluid/fat gain, dry dmamged hair and skin etc…I have also noticed the actual hair growth and pattern has changed from a more full and youthful in front to a thinner and more mature like pattern with no thinning on the top anymore since stopping the drug…Gordon told me my estrogen was perfect now and if it is estogen causing these terrible physical side effects it is not detectable in lab tests…Went from 31 to 38 inch waist and could barely get off the couch some mornings but Gordon helped me some…I feel for you dude the physical changes are the worst with friends not even recognizing you anymore its scary…I did not get the sexual sides like most others however…


Does this device really helps?
How does it work?


Yea, it tones up the skin in the jaw area, little bit on the forhead, and reduces fat under the chin… Ive used it off and on for years… they send 3 different springs, use the thickest one for a better workout…


Having some troubling symptoms, may be liver related. Weakness and pain in my side. Whatever happens I tell you I have fought like a mad man since 2012 when I took this drug and altered my life. I fought like a mad dog never giving up. Got knocked down but fought back over and over. Whatever happens next I’m damn proud of how far I’ve come and the life I’ve lead since PFS. I’ve traveled, met girls, made friends, made music, paid off debts, gave up addiction, lived my life on my terms. Every time I thought it was over and I had no hope I held out and found a reason for living. It won’t be the same, But I will have a life and live it without limitation.


lifting weights is my go to always. Strong body and mind is a must!!


Might we see a treatment in 2019?!?!


Now 6 yrs off propecia. Having symptoms of prostate inflammation. Pain after urinating and BMs, burning feeling around pelvic floor. Most men experience prostate issue, but I wonder if this is Pfs related. Very uncomfortable, urologist put me on antibiotics and NSAIDs hopefully this clears it.


Fyi, Nsaids might not be good for us - they cause hormonal level changes while being used.