Osteoporosis diagnostic

Who has had diagnostic osteoporosis?

Some members of this forum have been diagnosed with osteoporosis:

There are more, also some others have been diagnosed osteopenia.

Have you had a DEXA scan to check if you have problems in your bones?

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You got duagnosed with osteoporosis? I thought our condition is more like osteoarthritis…

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Finasteride makes bones stronger because of increased aromatasitation of Testosterone to Estradiol.
That symptom do not add up.


I’m getting a diagnosis my friend

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Not everyone here has high E2, my E2 is on the low end, as others too. Some of us crash our E2 by taking all these vitamins and supplements and get more sides on top of PFS.

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Yes I am trying to but I have a highly resistant high e2 I am unable to crash it what ever I try it only increases my testosterone no effect on e2 :frowning:

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You would not want to crash your E2 bro, if you do that the hell will break lose, believe me. The ideal solution for you would be, if you can lower it to acceptable levels, I know it sounds easy as a plan but really difficult to implement it. Dunno what to advise you… I stopped all supplements and vtamins as I did enough harm to my body.

I crashed it one time with arimidex. yes I became immobile but my pfs dissolved I returned back to 10 years before. I now my balls generates so much Testosterone and arimidex became ineffective I got total restoration on penile sensitivity and libido but for Ed only estrogen crash helps.

Yeah, what a shit disease is PFS, isn’t it. And the strange thing is it could be totally different among the guys here, some got high T, some got low T, it is the same with the E2.

Im going to get a Dexa scan myself soon, apparently some places offer this on a walk in basis now.

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