Nicotinamide Mononeuclotide

Anybody ever used it?

What is it?

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High dose Nicotinamide riboside (4 capsules before bed and 4 in the morning on an empty stomach) helped me with cognitive symptoms tremendously. Boosted my motivation/energy and killed anhedonia more than almost anything else. Combined well with 200-400 mg caffeine, creatine and intermittent fasting. I feel more organized, in-sync and connected to the people around me now. Sexual sides haven’t really responded much to it yet, but the vasoconstriction from high dose caffeine usually messes with that anyway regardless of PFS. I’m hoping I can keep using it until my symptoms are permanently improved even though it’s very expensive.

Not a PFS study, but I found an interesting article regarding Nicotinamide riboside supplementation and the correction of social deficits and oxytocin levels in an autism mouse model.

Also interesting relating to this theory of PFS:

Specifically overlapping with PFS cognitive symptomatology:
"In demographically matched healthy controls (CN) and individuals with schizophrenia (SZ), lower endogenous Oxytocin (OT) was associated with poorer social cognition. In SZ, lower endogenous OT was also associated with poorer processing speed and working memory. The significant association between OT and social cognition in both CN and SZ highlights the importance of endogenous OT levels as a biological predictor of social cognition, irrespective of clinical status."


How long have you been taking it for?

2 days so far. Improvements have been cumulative.

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Let us know how you’re doing in a few weeks time.

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Too early to claim victory.


Of course, will keep taking and report in a few days.

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I’m taking NMN since 4 months now with benefits regarding cognition and energy. Dont know if it helped with building muscles, but i’m again able to reshape my muscle mass despite having hypogonadism sexual sides since my crash 20 months ago.

NMN has been proven to create new blood vessels, so i guess also a good attempt to fix finasteride induced penile fibrosis (just my opinion)


How are you doing now?

Still pretty good! sometimes I have to take low dose TMG/choline/B-complex to keep the effects of NR going, but cognitively I feel like I’m moving in the right direction and physically, I feel about the same.

I also added in magnesium BHB and sodium Butyrate to see if I can reverse any epigenetic changes Fin might have caused.

I’m planning to get my hormone levels tested soon too and also trying the “low dose tribulus/tongkat test” soon to see if I’m resensitized to them. They used to help me tremendously even while on Fin, but ever since stopping Fin and them for a while, they stopped working and can even induce a minicrash. I think once I’m more “recovered”, they should work again at least to some degree.

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Good to hear. Have you noticed any sexual improvements? I also had significant cognitive/emotional improvements from NAC + Glycine, which I think is inline with what you’re doing (supporting methylation pathways). Unfortunately the effects diminished over time, although some symptoms have permanently improved. I’m considering trying nicotinamide riboside next aswell.

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My D/libido definitely aren’t back to normal yet. Erections are maybe 75% pre-fin and blood flow isn’t as full, head never reaches full size/sensitivity. libido is slightly better and I sometimes wake now with weak morning wood. I definitely feel like some physical damage was done to the cells in my D and surrounding areas by Fin. Finally, ejaculation is still premature and far sooner than it used to be.

I’ve noticed further improvements on top of my supplement routine following periodic extended fasting (~24-36 hours) 1-2 times per week.


Update following the “tribulus test” for 2 days. Took 1 capsule of the weak Toniiq tribulus (lower protodioscin and 1 capsule, half the normal dose) in the morning two days in a row and I’m actually responding to it normally now without it causing a crash. Even better, it seems to have fixed my sexual symptoms, especially premature ejaculation and reduced penile blood flow. Only thing not fully back to normal yet is erection size which remains at 80-85% prefin.


How many grams of NR are you taking every day?

That’s quite an improvement! Did you also get any sensitivity back? If you can share your current protocol, I’d really appreciate it and will give it a shot. Do you think the fasting is helping significantly?

1-2g. never more than 1g at a time. If taking >1g, I take 1g in the morning, 1g in the late afternoon or evening.

My glans sensitivity has increased considerably, yes! After the second day of tribulus, my libido/ease of visual and mental arousal has returned too. Mostly after several days of β-hydroxybutyrate and s
sodium butyrate supplementation in addition to the high dose nicotinamide riboside. It seems to be somewhat correlated with the size of and how much blood flow has returned to the area.

Keep in mind, my protocol has evolved over the last two to three weeks (you might have to take everything but the tribulus and/or creatine for 5-7 days first before becoming resensitized to them):

Caffeine (200-400 mg; 1-2 capsules)
Creatine (5 g)
Low dose Vitamin B complex (1 tablet)
Nicotinamide Riboside (~1 g; stored in refrigerator)
Sodium Butyrate (1 serving = 2 capsules)
Magnesium β-Hydroxybutyrate (1.5-2 g)
Tribulus (1 capsule, planning to increase and then decrease the dose slowly over 1-2 weeks)

Magnesium Glycinate (1 serving = 2 tablets)
Sodium Butyrate (1 serving = 2 capsules)
Nicotinamide Riboside (~1 g, stored in refrigerator)

I do believe fasting is helping significantly, mainly with my cognitive/breathing/heart/sleep symptoms and less so with the sexual symptoms. Every 1-2 weeks, I’ll do a 24-36 hour fast and by the evening, I notice I feel much “clearer”.

I also use a glucocorticoid nasal spray 1-2 times per day (generic fluticasone propionate for allergies) which seems to attenuate brainfog/inflammation especially after eating. Sometimes I also take >300 mg Coenzyme Q10.

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Apparently, others have improved from NR as well and it may even promote hair regrowth in addition to helping with PFS:

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Have you tried NMN?