Intravenous NAD therapy

Has anyone tried IV NAD+ therapy?

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Was thinking about it


Here is a PFS cure case from NAD+ IV:

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I just signed up to receive NAD patches, which cost substantially less. If I sense any effectiveness, I’ll sign up for the IV and pray for similar results.

I’m using the NAD patches, and am not feeling anything, positive or negative, after 3 treatments, with 3 more to go.

Any updates after a couple more treatments?

Heye there, do you have any more updates now that you’ve had some more treatments?

Nothing at all on those NAD treatments. Zero to report. They were patches and not IV, so maybe there is a difference between them. If I find a dr to give me an NAD IV, i’ll take it.

Ah gotcha. Did you ever try just oral supplements?

Awor himself said treatments like these have to be done intravenously. I might give it a shot at 10 treatments for $1000. Steep for me but getting a bonus at work over the summer so we’ll see.

These “anti-aging clinics” are popping up all over the place, at least here in the US west coast. Even Urgent Care clinics are offering NAD+ treatments.