Need your advices

Well killed the libido I had left and my erections became weaker to the point that I couldn’t even have an eretion anymore.
Now I just take it easy and am off any herbs for like a year maybe now, and I gained some erection functionality back. But only a little to the point that I can mastrubate like 5 minutes but always right before te deed is done it gets soft again. So haven’t had a normal full on hardon orgasm in years now… fuck me right…
So yeah… my advice is don’t take useless herbs that have been tried before. And if you really must do something I suggest you take like 1 pill and see how you react the next 2 weeks. If it does nothing then I guess it’s useless to continue.
I’d say the best option is leave the herbs and take on something stronger, or do research into drugs that could potentially be a ‘‘cure’’.
In any case the survey is the most important thing to do, every persons data is yet another victims evidence. Strength in numbers or so they say. Eventually they won’t be able to get around it when there are a lot of us. But only if you people take the damn survey.

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So Apr1989 was probably cured more by tripotrelin than tribulus do you reckon ?

Well… 1.: If he was cured, and, 2.: If he had PFS (also depends on what his sides were). Than I think it’s more likely he recovered from the strong stuff than from the weak stuff.
But as you can see there are a lot of if’s… and that’s why we need more research to even know the root cause of PFS and why it affects everyone differently. I’m really hoping the Baylor study will shine some light on that. But that may be the hope of a fool.

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yeah here’s some advice from someone whos taken those herbs before

dont buy them

rumors are baylor study will drop in september, we have a way better chance of making progress with our condition with that potential info than any herb

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What do you think of a combo proviron + tribulus ? not sure many have tried it here

same bro

save the money and potential risk

the stuff thats helped someone, has also hurt someone else

the study is huge for legitimate progress if the rumors are true, i cannot stress that enough.

A cure will require a lot of studies and a lot of time , we’re forced to take calculated risks in the meantime

The study will give you better data for calculated risks

Right now there is no calculation.


As mentioned earlier, I’ve taken Tongkat Ali (Malaysian ginseng) in the past @160mg/d. It’s one of the few herbs out there that’s actually backed up by scientific studies. That said, it may not prove helpful to everyone and may actually be counterproductive to those with low(ish) estrogen and/or low(ish) SHBG levels. It works by unbinding Testosterone from SHBG and thus increase free T. It also has the potential to lower estrogen, which results in higher androgen to estrogen ratio.

You can minimize the inevitable risk that comes with any sort of self-experimentation by starting with the lowest dose possible and gauge your outcome(s).

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What makes you believe that you know how to ‘upregulate AR sensitivity’? What evidence do you have to show that it even would happen? You say it with such confidence as if you’re working on a car - changing the spark plugs or the engine mapping.

Some studies have supported the claims although we can’t be 100% sure of course

Thanks for the clarification , what about vemoherb/tribestan do you think it’s as effective as mediherb ?

Frankly speaking, I’ve taken tribulus in different dosages from different brands and while I think it may have helped, I couldn’t isolate its affects since I was also taking other herbs at the time. That said, my impression is that it may help with libido. I started at 300mg/d up to 1000mg/d. The positive effects are usually transient in nature I’ve observed, so it must be cycled.

Read this thread I believe tribulus has cured me!

Here is the science of how protodioscin works. I found a study posted below on pubmed that showed protodioscin INCREASES THE

DENSITY OF ANDROGEN RECEPTORS in the hypothalamus of rats. It does this by increasing their immunoreactivity, which is the number of receptors that each cell creates on its surface. My mind was blown. What did I just read? Thats when I decided to find the brand with the most protodioscin and take tons of it. The way it works is that protodioscin is a steroidal saponin similar to cholesterol, just like the horrid active ingredient beta sistosteral in Saw Palmetto, and Finasteride derived from progesterone, which in turn is derived originally from lipids and cholesterol. I believe Protodisocin basically works like a pseudo hormone or pseudo redutase enzyme, just like beta sistosteral and finasteride do, except I think it is does the opposite thing to your physiology. It could even cause its own ‘epigenetic changes’ that work in the opposite way of PFS. In my opinion, by increasing androgen receptors it makes it so the body can use the hormones you create.

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I’m planning to take 1 or 2 pills every other day with tongka , for example :
day 1 tribulus 1 pill
day 2 tongka 1 pill
day 3 tribulus 1 pill
day 4 tongka 1 pill and son on until the body develop a tolerance then it’ll stop for a few weeks

What do you think ?

Sounds like a plan. Make sure you list down all your current symptoms before starting as a baseline. Listen carefully to your body when you start taking them so you can assess their effectiveness and/or detrimental effects should they occur.

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@Das For someone that has been talking a lot on this forum and has been quite some time on it, it suprises me that you haven’t taken the survey.
Do you need any help with it?


And what makes you think that [quote=“Das, post:22, topic:45225”]
I found a study posted below on pubmed that showed protodioscin INCREASES THE


Yes, but he was referring to sensitivity, not density. If you actually took the time to read the literature about PFS sufferers you’d note that an increase AR density was observed in tissue over the control group.

Density is not the same as sensitivity. In fact the most common theory is that the density substantially increases to mitigate the effect of a loss of sensitivity of the individual receptors.

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Yes of course I will.

@orthogs I see and how do increase or decrease receptors?

@Das, I don’t know. Sensitivity or density? Do you honestly believe it should so simple? Like tuning up a car?