Life taken away I'm dying


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If you can sleep 12 hours a day, have good hormone levels and digest your food properly they you have 3 important conditions to help you make it through this. The rest is you putting aside certain things that you once took for granted. You need to start with the basics, sleep, diet and general well being. Sex is not important right now. Hopefully you are taking medications under medical supervision and not experimenting with your body. Don’t take unnecessary risks because you might be panicking or over obsessing about your health. Get your mind clear it can work against you and lead you to make mistakes that you can’t undo. If your not already you need to speak with someone, family members, people you trust or a therapist. You would be better explaining all this to an adult and not someone who is 18, with little life experience and only sees the same as you. Explain your thinking behind taking all these drugs, it may seem normal to you but to someone else it could sound reckless.

From there you plan for the future, accept that the life you wanted has been put on hold for now. Believe you’ll get it back someday, you’re still very young. Refuse to give up your life to a drug company.

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You have the advantage here that many of us do not. TIME!. My advice, stop taking everything, meditate, work out and eat well. You have a young body and PLENTY of time to heal.


Pisses me the fuck off, that this keeps happening. I hope the OP can give it more time and can at least try as many things as possible before ending it. That hollow feeling of ‘loss’ like you’re life is just gone and there’s nothing you can do about it is unbearable at times.


Hi Greek, where is this survey?



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I’m almost sure what started the condition was the high dosage of letrozol( 160 mg), arimidex (75mg) and 4,5 grams of nolvadex total during 75 days. I don’t think the short period of accutane did anything and I can’t know because I started after I already had crashed the e2 and had ed. What worsened the condition was the the usage and cease of use of pristiq (maybe) and the injection of invega for sure. But the invega injection is out of the game now. 80% chance I did that to myself. I was stupid this cost me my life. I would give anything to go back in time… but I can’t …


And what tortures and bothers me the most is that I have 80% sure I caused this to myself. I did an insane amount of drug that any doctor would never give to try to fight gynocomastia. In my case what will kill me is the retarded who created the anti gyno protocol trying to play doctor game and me for being retarded enough to try it. I did this to myself now I must end this. I cannot endure this anymore my life is a complete crap, torture. I want to reencarnate someday and live again.i can’t accept living like this there is no hope for me. My survival instinct is damaged. You guys at least try to help people to be more positive you guys are great.


I will make sure no one I know will take finasteride, antidepressives, roacutan and etc. anti aromatase problems ir rarer only in high dosage where you fuck yourself.

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Not sure exactly what the time frame is for you taking the AIs and E2 blockers that put you in this condition, but it sounds as if it was less than a year ago, and I think it’s a big mistake to make any decisions based on your condition without giving it a full year at least.

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Are you still alive edrudd? Have you check your DHT levels? DHT is what is really responsible for erections and you need to be able to convert your testosterone into DHT. You could dry avoiding all foods that limit DHT and increase foods that increase DHT. Studies on creatine show that you can have about 40% higher DHT levels just by taking 5 grams of creatine per day. However, without a loading period you might not be able to see a difference for at least a month.


Also, my sister stopped having periods for a while and she started drinking more milk and it helped balance out her hormones. It is supposed to have plenty of estrogen in it so that might help you out with the creatine.


If you guys want to get better but nothing has worked find a doctor that finds the source of your problem and treat that. This website below has naturopathic doctors that will find the root cause and help you restore your DHT. If you cant afford it save up some money. Please dont just kill yourself. There is plenty of hope out there but after your body has been stressed this much you have to give it time and the proper treatments.

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Have you tried this for yourself? Did you check out your whole body and genital health to your doctors? MRi, xray scans of your prostate? Has anyone find anything? Im just a curious guy, don’t get me wrong.


Hello everyone, Eddrudd is not alive anymore. This is his sister, just wanted to let you know he was loved. I am broken. Thank you for the support.


This is a real tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss!


How many lives must taken away to ban this poison?? I can’t even believe he is gone because of this symptom and this drug. Such a tragedy. Rest in peace edrudd. I hope the people who made this drug will rot in the depths of hell!! Please no more suicides, i believe we will understand and be able to cure this symptom in the upcoming years. Never loose hope, i know its easy to say, but thats what we should do. Rest in peace brother!


I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. I wish you all peace :heart:


I am so sorry for your loss, he was so young I wish it didn’t come to this, god bless him


What drug are you talking about? I know he took a lot of things but what are you talking about?

The thing is, guys, my brother was very mentally unwell, he didn’t seem to acknowledge it, saying he wasn’t depressed or unstable “this time”… but he was, and he had been long before he took everything that “ruined his life forever”. Unfortunately that pushed him over the edge. I miss him, that’s why I’m here and thankfully I feel closer to him right now <3

Ps. I don’t fully understand what this website is, I supposed it’s like a support group for people who suffer from sexual disfunction? Anyway, you’re all very caring and I appreciate you.