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Survey Results: Comparing Symptoms from Finasteride, Isotretinoin and Anti-Depressants

This is the first of a set of analytic tools which is looking at the comparison of symptoms between the drug classes/substances Finasteride, Isotretinoin and Anti-Depressants. At this time we did not include other substa…

23 June 13, 2019
Survey Results: Information about Drug Taken

The following tables and charts provide an overview of drugs taken and associated timelines. You can hover your mouse over charts to see more details. An interesting insight is that almost 40% of all respondents devel…

16 June 11, 2019
About the Survey basics category 2 June 8, 2019
Survey Results: Targets 4 June 9, 2019
Survey Results: Patient Demographics 1 June 8, 2019
Survey Results: Quitting the Drug 1 June 7, 2019
:tada: First survey data: Age of patients 8 May 26, 2019