I believe tribulus has cured me!

Has anyone here taken tribulus and trt together??? I’m willing to be a guinea pig at this point or is it a bad idea???

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Take Tribulus alone first. Cycle it. TRT is highly dangerous. In my opinion, TRT is the one of those last options for us. I don’t have time to give detailed explanation right now. Take trib, see how it goes first.

  • @anon1948674 No, he does not take Tribulus anymore and he is cured. Thats what he said.

I’ve been on trt for 7 months now and it does nothing for me, that’s why I’m wondering if I add it to my regiment if it will have any sides, does tribulus raise Estrogen as well?

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I’ve been doing so…not seeing any difference though I think my Trib regimen is probably not good

Beta-sitosterol is a substance found in plants. Chemists call it a “plant sterol ester.” It is found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. It is used to make medicine.

Beta-sitosterol is used for heart disease and high cholesterol. It is also used for boosting the immune system and for preventing colon cancer, as well as for gallstones, the common cold and flu (influenza), HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, psoriasis, allergies, cervical cancer, fibromyalgia, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), asthma, hair loss, bronchitis, migraine headache, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some men use beta-sitosterol for enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Some women use it for symptoms of menopause.

It is also used for enhancing sexual activity.

Marathon runners sometimes use beta-sitosterol to reduce pain and swelling after a run.

Some people apply beta-sitosterol to the skin for treating wounds and burns.

Side Effects & Safety

Beta-sitosterol is LIKELY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth. It can cause some side effects, such as nausea, indigestion, gas, diarrhea, or constipation. Beta-sitosterol has also been linked to reports of erectile dysfunction (ED) and loss of interest in sex.

β-sitosterol is an ingrediant of Saw Palmetto Extract and an inhibitor of 5alpha reductase, though less potent than finasteride.

β-sitosterol inhibited 5α -reductase activity with a value of IC50 2.7 µM

That’s about the same IC50 like this formulation of Saw Palmetto (there are many). Needless to say, quite a few guys here got PFS from SPE.


Interestingly, I took 160mg saw palmetto extract from the Now Foods 160mg SPE pills

I also consumed an extra 160mg from the Now Foods Men’s multivitamin which contained a lot of nasty stuff such as:

-160mg SPE
-50mg beta sitosterol
-Stinging nettle

What’s interesting is I recently checked and they have reformulated the multivitamin to have a fraction of the 5ari’s it used to have. Now Foods knows what’s going on with us…

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Hello awor

What do you think about Apr1989’s post? do you think its epigenetic?
what I am trying to understand is when I was taking SP I got very high libido all I was thinking about was women. after stopping and starting again I had same “positive symptoms, high libido” at the end libido gets low but “higher than normal” and you don’t think about women “less interested” because of less DHT.
My understanding is this: Fin and SP block testosterone to DHT conversion this increases testosterone super high. DHT gives you high libido but when it gets dropped down you are not interested in sex.
about super high testosterone that you have is lowered by human body by sending less signal to hypothalamus and the pituitary-gland to make less LH and FSH right?
Or high testosterone caused the androgen receptor insensitivity?

Is this theory wrong is this guy wrong?
can you give me directions?

Thank you

I outlined my thoughts on this here and here as well as in other posts.


In the same breath you have a patient here who says a geneticist at the same Baylor university told him it was an “impossibility” that finastride could cause epigenetic changes or alterations…

Did this geneticist have anything to do with the PFS study? Is the source of this information legit/honest?

That’s interesting :slight_smile: Who said that?

@MOONCHILD, can you elaborate about your visit to Baylor?

Are you certain that the geneticist said this in regards to “epigenetic” changes and not just “genetic” changes?

Did he have any awareness of the PFS study that took place there, or any background information about the condition?

This sounds like the response of someone who simply checked to see if finasteride has an effect on epigenetic mechanisms more directly than through androgen levels, saw that it didn’t, then gave his assessment.

As I said before, I made an appointment a geneticist at Baylor College University in Houston note:(He is not related to the Mohi Khera study) .
He told me that " yes" he heard about PFS, but he don’t believe that 1mg of finasteride would cause any epigenetic change, more less a genetic level, he told me that it is impossible, and also it doesn’t inhibit DHT completely, that was his statement.
I ask him in case that were an epigenetic modification, if would be permanent, he said that epigenetic modification are not permanents, that can be lasting but not permanents.
I mentioned about Khera study and he said that he dosen’t know how Khera will turn on back the silents genes.
I ask him abut CRISPR and he laugh, he said that CRISPR is in the infancy and I will take years before it going to be implemented.
He didn’t charge me for the visit.


Anyone that thinks CRISPR is the answer needs to have their head checked

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Really no, crispr could do more than what you think, trial started already in US, the problem is who are going to push CRISPR to fix PFS?
But the truth is that I don’t think that CRISPR is the inmediate answer to PFS at this point, maybe brain stem cell is.
Billions the BRAIN stem cell than can replace the old damaged cell by finasteride and start producing the new and substantial amount of neurosteroids could be a solution.

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We don’t know about the background of PFS.
Before talking about CRISPR, we have to wait for baylor or other study.
My concern is, PFS is very specific disease and people don’t know about this.
It means speed of the research is very very slow.
But thanks to axolotl and awor, we can get a hope getting out of PFS. at least root cause of PFS…
Hope to see Baylor study results in this year…!!
It can be a game changer or useless.
But many years of study, i hope it will be a good opportunity to get a chance!


I been using tribulus for last 5 week and is working incredible well, I been up and down in dosages, not exactly as Apr1989 recommended and work.
My libido sky rocked like never before, I will say like pre-finasteride, my erection problems was solved already before Tribulus, If I still the way that I has been for the last 2 days I am totally recovered.

I finished the whole Tribulus bottle

Note: For the last week I used Tribulus + L-Dopa. then it was when I noted the big difference.

I will post my protocol later.


You’re a gent MOON, thanks!

Well my own experiments are still kinda experimental! I’m now able to tolerate the tribulus, but I don’t know if I’m just tolerating it or getting benefits from it or anything. I think if you’re like me and it makes you feel worse initially you’re in for a slightly shitter time in trying to get it to work, if you want to force that sort of thing. It could have been the sulforaphane, the crash following some licorice root, overmasturbation for a week (I could do that after the sulforaphane,) the tomato juice protocol in which I worked up to the MediHerb from the (perceived as weaker) VemoHerb stuff, supporting GABA and other animals with Amitriptyline/5aDHP for a week or, of course, could have ‘just happened’.

I used to just feel worse, but now mentally feel a bit better. Sexually still in the shitter and no change, but running the tomato juice protocol instead currently not Apr’s cycles. I may get back to those during the summer and see now tribulus isn’t slaying me. Last experiment I wanted to try with it is cycles vs building up and then abruptly stopping, seeing if the magic is in the ‘snap back’ afterwards for guys like me. Off the back of MOON’s experiments too might ALSO try L-dopa too.