I believe tribulus has cured me!

Are you had them since crash or the time period when you try to adjust to Tribulus? So you have no premature ejaculation issues and your orgasm build-up (hope we understand the same thing) is long and the climax pleasure is also longer? Right? I just need to be sure :frowning:

Absolutely everything is back to normal, I have a long build up, orgasms feel great again, and I can last for hours, like I could before I took finasteride, I only had premature ejaculation when I was starting a higher dose of tribulus, and especially if I took too much tribulus, now everything is normal


Just ordered this on amazon. Thanks!

Does anybody know how to buy them? I’m from Sweden and unfortunately they don’t ship it to Sweden from Amazon. Is there another way?

You stated that your findings were as a result of a miracle; I simply offered a difference of opinion. My opinion is relevant to your admission, please don’t try to shut down my freedom of speech this is a civilized forum.

Astrology is not a faith. Faith is something that isn’t tangible; if you look up into the sky you can see astrology in the form of the sun and moon. If you use a powerful telescope to look up into the sky you can see much more. Whether Jewish people admit to believing or practicing in astrology is irrelevant. I quoted your text and asked an open question to all who chose to read it.

Jewish writings give examples of astrology in plain sight but like you said the Torah prohibits it :slight_smile:

"Our Rabbis taught: He who sees the sun at its turning point, the moon in its power, the planets in their orbits, and the signs of the zodiac in their orderly progress, should say: Blessed be He who has wrought the work of creation. And when [does this happen] — Abaye said: Every twenty-eight years when the cycle begins again and the Nisan [Spring] equinox falls in (the hour of) Saturn on the evening of Tuesday going into Wednesday. - Berochot 59b "

However it’s important to understand the basis of your claim to a miracle. Is your CURE also based on faith or is it tangible? I don’t want to see someone here follow your CURE and end up becoming worse as a result.

Apr1989 believes in MIRACLES and has found the CURE :slight_smile:

Why triptorelin? Its used to chemically castrate men…

Do you think triptorelin had a role in your recovery, @Apr1989 ?

Triptorelin is bioidentical gnrh (gonadatropin releasing hormone), gnrh is the hormone sent continually from the hypothalamus to initiate the process of making testosterone, it is the hormone that causes someone to start puberty, since testosterone works in a feedback loop, if you introduce too much gnrh the body will produce less testosterone, and when it is the right amount of gnrh it causes the testies to produce testosterone, 0.1 mg (100 mcg) is the amount that jumpstarts the endocrine system to produce testosterone 0.2 mg (200 mcg) and higher will not be effective, the doses people use to stop testosterone production is 3.75 mg (3750 mcg), triptorelin is used by doctors in kids with delayed puberty to jumpstart puberty, in higher doses it is used in kids with early puberty to delay its onset

Why not try it, or wait to see what people say who do, and then decide to blame me or thank me?

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Sounds reasonable, but I will first get a blood test to check how much testosterone is in my blood. Did your physician prescribe that to you? Maybe only men with low testo need triptotrelin.

I tried tribulus that contains 90% protodioscin, but maybe there is a difference in the composition of this, so it does actually matter whether is leaves or flowers. I cant order mediherb version from Germany, so I ordered that brand vemoherb. I experiemented before with tribulus and at some point I was 70% cured, but only for a small amount time, maybe because I didnt cycle it.

Its really hard for me to not ejuculate and this is somethig according to you which is important. I feel my condition worsens if I dont ejaculate frequently.

For this cure to work on someone else wouldn’t they have to have the same genetics as you? To say that someone shares the same symptoms as another just doesn’t seem precise enough. Several forum members have taken their own lives after experiments only worsened their condition and made life unbearable. In any case thanks for posting, hopefully it helps someone.

A quick distraction with numbers :grinning:

Looking at the Apr1989 profile name and subject title

No more suicides, no more disease = 27 letters

1989 = 1+9+8+9 = 27


1989 = If we remove the 8 we get 1+9+9 = 19

Why was 19 and 27 important to Jewish religion in 1989?

The eve of the Passover began on Wednesday 19 April, with the festival ending in the evening of Thursday 27 April

In 2019 the feast of the Passover will be celebrated on the 19th April and finish on 27th April.



Just like your name!!

a=1 (first letter in the alphabet)

1* 3* 3* 3= 27


Hi - I got mine from here, this exact one, which I’m ASSUMING is the same. Made from aerial parts by Standard Process/MediHerb, even looks 10% stronger?

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Which tribulus did he use ? And where to buy it ?

He used Mediherb’s Tribulus. I bought mine from the link above.

You should not worry about that, thats not how diseases work, human biology is universal and drugs work on everyone through the same mechanism of action, they only vary in how sensitive someone is to their effects, there are no known diseases that change in the way you described from person to person, there is a risk that someone might have an alergy to a particular herb or medication but there is no danger of the mechanism of action being different for different people

Apr1989 are you in the medical field? Your original post 5 years ago is intriguing. Are you cured if so thanks for coming back to give everyone an update?

Sounds sketchy

Do you still taking Trubulos ? If you are cured you don need it anymore right?