I believe tribulus has cured me!

Yes, I have large amounts of semen again, and my penis senstivity is back to normal

I started my way with one pill… took two pills on the second day. Like you said :confused: And a 60 pilled Tribestan is too expensive here… idk.

You should take one pill a day for several days… after three or four days you should start taking two, maybe for two days, then three for a day, then back down to two for two days, then one for three or four days, then one every other day, also do not take multiple pills at once, space them out throughout the day, especially in the beginning, later on when your body can handle more tribulus you can take multiple pills at once, there is not an exact science behind it, but generaly I find it works best if I go slowly, especially when building up to a high dose and weaning off, after a few cycles of low doses you can build up to four or five pills, then six to eight, or higher


I definitely see a difference on Vemoherb Bulgarian tribulus. Less brain fog, more motivation. Sexually it’s still bad but I only got up to 2-3 pills, and I never start the cycle on 5 pills. I go one a day for a few days, then add another one, basically just like he said… I’ve used bad Tribulus before which did nothing.

I’m not sure when I will begin to heal sexually or if and how much of the results stay but I am hoping it will. Still early days for me.

I’ve seen mention of some guys using progesterone cream with tribulus, some with great success and some without. Do y’all think this might be what’s missing?

Progesterone acts both anti-estrogenically and anti-androgenically simultaneously. It makes my dick even number and makes me prone to crying and emotional outbursts. I’m definitely done experimenting with it.

I’ve read that it’s supposed to resensitize the AR to respond to the tribulus. I don’t blame you for being done with it though. I’m hesitant myself to try it, it just seems that not a lot of people get improvements from tribulus alone. Can I ask if you just used the progesterone by itself when you used it?

Yes I’ve used it for a few days on its own. I just didn’t see how something that made my dick even more numb and make me totally emo could help me heal. Didn’t wanna risk messing around with it any further. I see improvements from tribulus alone so I will continue doing that for now. It seems promising, but so far I can notice two things.

  1. You definitely need to use a high quality tribulus supplement. 1 tablet of this VemoHerb tribulus packs more punch than 3 tablets from MyProtein Tribulus that I originally used (could hardly feel that at all).
  2. Not increasing the dosage too fast seems important. I was going to move up to 3 tablets today so I took one in the morning and one around 1 PM, and that second tablet was too close and made me crash - I felt really fatigued for a while until evening came around. So I will stick to 2 tablets for another day or so, and then when I add the 3rd I will try to spread it out as much as I can.

I can support most of what Apr1989 says so far. I’m also trying to abstain from ejaculation for at least a week. Either way I can definitely say I have less brain fog, and my overall disposition seems healthier, so that alone is a very good start.


I did not take progesterone cream, the tribulus works by increasing the density of androgen receptors, so your AR is being sensitized by the tribulus, I would not mess around with hormones, you might add in an unknown variable that will make the tribulus, or the triptorelin ineffective

Tribulus will not work if someone never builds up to a high enough dose, or they take too much too quickly, or they do not wean off slowly enough, or they take a brand that was not made of only leaves and stems with no stamens or fruit, or because they ejaculate too much when first starting to use it, this protocol completely cured me and I had horrible pfs, I am sure it will work for other people

I think you were just lucky. I did nearly the exact protocol you gave to us. I didn’t notice slightest change in my symptoms. I builded my dosage slowly, used Tribestan which is made of flowers, and weaned off day by day. Didn’t ejaculate for a long time. And nothing changed. Maybe im a little bit worse than before. Thanks for your story anyways. Maybe i try it again.

Was finding the article divine intervention or a period of reading and study in ones life that was influenced more by astrology?

“Right at the start of the Torah, therefore, we see that astrology is something which is given as part of Creation and which is therefore a gift of God, rather than being a practice that is somehow in competition with God”

“According to the Talmud (Shabbat 156a), the Jewish oral tradition, when God tells Abraham to go out and look at the stars, Abraham saw that according to the astrological formations, he was fated not to have children. God then told him that he would change Abraham’s fate by moving Jupiter from the east to the west, and make his offspring “as numerous as the very stars in which you see you’ll have no children”.”

I imagine if God was to move the planets today as per Abraham this would be front page news for astrologers and considered a natural phenomenon.


Does anyone have an amazon link for the good trib?

I believe this is it

Tribulus 40 Tablets by MediHerb / Standard Process https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006II9Y0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_VojzCb9ATKBNW

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Thanks and I just take the tablets as the op suggested?

I don’t know, I guess. You need to research it first. Some have gotten worse after taking Tribulus.

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Thats your problem! Look at my post above! Protodioscin is only found in the STEMS AND LEAVES of the plant and NOT in the flowers, you got it backwards, I do not know why no one has taken the brand I took, you should take MediHerb from Standard Process, try that, it cured me

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This is not really relevant to this discussion, but the practice of astrology is prohibited by the Torah, Jews do not use astrology, I am not a Rabbi but I know many Jewish legal authorities over the centuries have also held that not only is it prohibited to use astrology but that G-d does not use the stars to indicate anything and that astrology is essentially nonsense, this is the opinion of Maimonides, if my post seemed a bit stange four years ago, most orthodox Jews would not have written anything, but I practice an older traditon based in Yemen who only hold by the mishnah torah of Maimonides, and in my traditon one should publicize a miracle.


My wrong, i spelled the stem thing backwards. Will try your brand. I just want to ask one more question to you, have you had any Premature Ejaculation issues? If so, is it fully cured now?

I came in seconds today, freaked me out. I tried to masturbate and there was a feeling that i have to pee, my left inner lower abdomen felt strange and i came so quick without climax sensation, with forceful pelvic floor muscles twitches… have you ever experienced things like that PLEASE help me with this. MY ORGASM BUILD UP IS NON-EXISTENT now. There is no climax feeling, i feel the orgasms but it happens so quickly and fast. I feel strange… thanks @Apr1989, again. :clap:

I really wonder have you experienced this and be able to cure it… i need some hope.

Yes thats cured now, that always happened when my body was getting adjusted to a higher dose of tribulus, and especially if I took too much tribulus too quickly, another tip that I wrote about several times in my new post is to try not to ejaculate too frequently when taking tribulus, especially when you are just starting it, when I started taking tribulus I waited for several weeks to ejaculate because I knew that waiting helps the body to buid up sexual arousal, ejaculations will set you back, just do not go for more then three weeks or so without one because for all I know it might shock your system if you waited that long, I never waited more then three weeks, and I’m cured so I would try that

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