I believe tribulus has cured me!

Really no, crispr could do more than what you think, trial started already in US, the problem is who are going to push CRISPR to fix PFS?
But the truth is that I don’t think that CRISPR is the inmediate answer to PFS at this point, maybe brain stem cell is.
Billions the BRAIN stem cell than can replace the old damaged cell by finasteride and start producing the new and substantial amount of neurosteroids could be a solution.

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We don’t know about the background of PFS.
Before talking about CRISPR, we have to wait for baylor or other study.
My concern is, PFS is very specific disease and people don’t know about this.
It means speed of the research is very very slow.
But thanks to axolotl and awor, we can get a hope getting out of PFS. at least root cause of PFS…
Hope to see Baylor study results in this year…!!
It can be a game changer or useless.
But many years of study, i hope it will be a good opportunity to get a chance!


I been using tribulus for last 5 week and is working incredible well, I been up and down in dosages, not exactly as Apr1989 recommended and work.
My libido sky rocked like never before, I will say like pre-finasteride, my erection problems was solved already before Tribulus, If I still the way that I has been for the last 2 days I am totally recovered.

I finished the whole Tribulus bottle

Note: For the last week I used Tribulus + L-Dopa. then it was when I noted the big difference.

I will post my protocol later.


You’re a gent MOON, thanks!

Well my own experiments are still kinda experimental! I’m now able to tolerate the tribulus, but I don’t know if I’m just tolerating it or getting benefits from it or anything. I think if you’re like me and it makes you feel worse initially you’re in for a slightly shitter time in trying to get it to work, if you want to force that sort of thing. It could have been the sulforaphane, the crash following some licorice root, overmasturbation for a week (I could do that after the sulforaphane,) the tomato juice protocol in which I worked up to the MediHerb from the (perceived as weaker) VemoHerb stuff, supporting GABA and other animals with Amitriptyline/5aDHP for a week or, of course, could have ‘just happened’.

I used to just feel worse, but now mentally feel a bit better. Sexually still in the shitter and no change, but running the tomato juice protocol instead currently not Apr’s cycles. I may get back to those during the summer and see now tribulus isn’t slaying me. Last experiment I wanted to try with it is cycles vs building up and then abruptly stopping, seeing if the magic is in the ‘snap back’ afterwards for guys like me. Off the back of MOON’s experiments too might ALSO try L-dopa too.

Very interesting, I also used l-dopa (mucana puriens) and it pretty much cured 80% my sexual symptoms. I quess its rather because of the l-dopa you got this improvement and less because of the tribulus. Did you even improve with just tribulus?

I am feeling 100% recovered from libido, and ED, I have really strong erections, erotic dreams are back and morning and nocturnal reactions are also back, penis sensitivity, pleasure of the orgasm are supper, all the sexual side are recovered period.
The libido was the most difficult to achieve, Tribulus + L-Dopa I think that was the key

I started with low dosage of tribulus following Apr1989 advise, I used low dosage like 1 or 2 pill at day for 2 or 3 weeks, then increase like 3 to 4 pills at day for one more week, then I increase the dosage very quickly to 9 pills at day as follow:

Tribulus 3 pills morning
Tribulus 3 pills afternoon
Tribulus 3 pills night

Then the next week I add L-Dopa

( Tribulus 3 pills + 2 L-Dopa pills) morning

3 Tribulus pills afternoon

( Tribulus 3 pills + 2 L-Dopa pills) night

I remember that I have a rest in one or two days in between and I jump back to 9 Tirbulus pill + the L-Dopa.

I will continue cycling just in case, lest see how it goes from now on, I hope it going to last.

I remember that I also I have a recent crash with creatined that I started to add it following my first cycle of Tribulus and before I add the L-Dopa.
I recovered very quickly and started to feel better than before the crash.


@MOONCHILD What brand of Tribulus are you taking. This seems to be very important, is it the same MediHerb version that @Apr1989 is using?


Is there any particular L-Dopa you guys are having success with? I’m going to have to try it.

Wow , congrats, hope changes are permanent for you. I am trying the same thing now. How long it took to see the improvements ?

I was already fine with strong erections before Tribulos, I think that since my fasting practices I noted that my erections started to get stronger, and recently I didn’t have any issue with ED, the only think that was missing was the libido, it was sometimes when I was feeling low libido, other times I was feeling like normal libido (but not often) or low normal, but in reality I was more like low libido most of the time, there were occasions that I feel like high but vanished soon after.
I think that time also could be a factor in my recovery, but I really notice that Tribulos Cycle and Tribulos+L-Dopa Cycle sky rock my libido.
Also I notice a big improvement since my creatine crash. but I have to admit that before I try creatine I was already prime with Tribulus.
I remember that the day before that I started to coming out of the creatine crash, I was feeling like my head want to explode (headache) and the next day during the morning, in the afternoon I started to improve and by 11:00 pm my headache was gone, then I started to feeling better and better.
I also remember that after I came up from the creatine crash, I started to use L-Dopa + Tribulus and I feel like needless and pin sensation inside my brain very weird feeling.

Note: It may help I added to my die cow milk and cheese. (Dairy products)
No too much just drinking one or 2 glass of milk a day, some days I eat a piece of cheese…normal diet

I wanted to upload the picture of the Tribulus and L-Dopa that I used, but said that the file is too large.

I bough it in Vitamine Shope store here in USA.

Macuna pruriens Seed Extract ----------400 mg
( 15% L-Dopa, 60mg )

Tribulus Terrestris Extract 625 mg
20% saponins (125 mg)


Immeasurable thanks for your post!

Tonight I masturbate two time in less than 1 hour with really strong erection the 2 times actually the second time I think that was even stronger, really really ultra-hight libido like never before like pre-Finasteride, I think that it mean a bye bye PFS.



Hoping desperately it sticks for you, but that sounds brilliant. I may well try your protocol in future. Just so I’ve got it right (I know you’ve explained it but I do need things spelling out) was it:

  • Apr’s cycles for a couple of cycles.

  • The “MOONCHILD” cycles of:
    week 1 - 1pill/day
    week 2 - creep up to 2 pills/day
    week 3 - 2 pills/day
    week 4 - 3 pills/day, creep up to 4 pills a day based on tolerance
    week 5 - 9 pills/day (3xam, 3xmidday, 3xpm)
    week 6 - 9 pills/day + l-dopa/mucuna extract (3xam + 2x l-dopa, 3xmidday, 3xpm)
    –break for a few days–
    one week - 9 pills/day + l-dopa/mucuna extract (3xam + 2x l-dopa, 3xmidday, 3xpm)
    –break for a few days–
    one week - 9 pills/day + l-dopa/mucuna extract (3xam + 2x l-dopa, 3xmidday, 3xpm)
    –break for a few days–
    one week - 9 pills/day + l-dopa/mucuna extract (3xam + 2x l-dopa, 3xmidday, 3xpm)
    … (repeat now until boners/cured.)

That sound right?

I definitely definitely noticed I could ‘tolerate’ tribulus whilst mucking around with a few other things. Too many to name tbh BUT definitely helped around the same time as 5aDHP and Amitriptyline in my case, which helps the ‘brain side’ of things. Sorry all, can’t get more un-scientific than my appraisals of anything!!

I’ll get back to this after a few weeks. Have something else on the go right now.

@MOONCHILD can I just say my friend I’m SO SO HAPPY for you, your recovery HAS to stick if there’s any justice in this universe, and I’ll be in a good mood today because you’re better there pal! :slight_smile:

You’re a good and from what I read very very helpful and knowledgeable guy. PLEASE if you can stick around for the rest of us trying this out? As long as you can bear to ofc, you now have a life to get on with! :slight_smile:

Thank you thank you! :slight_smile:


Moonchild, delighted to hear about your dramatic improvements. Did you feel that dramatic improvement in libido before you started taking the Macuna Pruriens or immediately after?

It would be worth trying to separate out the effects of the Tribulus from that of the Macuna.

Yeah I have the same imrpovements as moonnchild taking mucana puriens. The symptoms are vastly improved. But despite the improvement I feel pfs is still there and these changes might not be permanent. And for me there is still a mental part of libido missing.

Interesting. I’ll order some.

Are you able to try to define what this is exactly?

At what point do we stop talking about “recoveries” and “crashes”? This is getting rather ridiculous. I also feel better when I take Tribulus. Am I recovered? Of course not! It takes 2-3 days without it to go back to my old baseline.

Also, this whole thread needs to finally die or at least the topic name be changed because it is so dumb.

I would much prefer it if some users didn’t feel the need to interject into a thread just to take a shit on it. The constructive criticism and urging caution that you often see is fine, but why people jump in to just to try and wreck the hope of others, I really don’t understand.

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You missing the point that I have been having improvement long before Tribulus. the only thing that was missing was my libido.
also I can’t that was only tribulo that was the only thing that gave me the recovery or my libido just to say so, could be time, could be my the L-Dopa and Tribulos combination, could be also the creatine cycle comine with Tribulos and Dopa.
I could crash aging maybe, but for sure never been at the point that I a now. if you are not happy and believe that is not true, well just ignore my post and keep your comment to yourself and do not drop the hope of others that anxiously want to recover.
I do not have any gain, lying to anybody, I am no selling anything, or coaching for money, I am posting for free to help the most desperate, but comment like your drive away people like me from this forum.
I probably will not going to post any more or improvement or crash, I probably will not update anymore.
Good luck.


Amazing news, im also going to try L-dopa. But, is there any risks? It can’t make you much worse with messing up your dopamine receptors, right? Has anyone know anybody got worse from it? Maybe i should try betaine + choline combi first.