Have you tried the CDnuts protocol?


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I am recovering, completely. I’ve been preaching on here that I have reversed almost all of my symptoms using amino acids. I don’t believe and never did believe that dht was the problem. Since my discovery of taking two acids back in early August and having a full 3 day recovery, I’ve been researching and experimenting with all kinds of different amino acids. Specifically targeting areas that I have symptoms.

For instance, I had erectile dysfunction and have had the entire 18 years. I took L-Citrulline and L-Arginine. Citrulline produces arginine. Arginine stimulates the pituitary gland which releases hormones necessary for sex. Also, it produces Nitric Oxide which is necessary to get an erection.

Now, guys that are impotent. I can’t say for sure this will help them because I wasn’t impotent. But, I would give it a try and give it time to work. It may take some of you longer than others to build up. I take about 4 different acids at the time and then rotate them out.


i’d try. back in those 3 days recovery, how much l-arginine and l-citrulline did you take? did you have skin issues?


I just took the recommended amount.

Yes, I’ve had very dry and cracked hands for years. I added L-Proline and L-Lysine on Oct 5th. These target skin. It took a couple of weeks before I started noticing but my hands are healing. Before, there were certain soaps I could use that would make them crack open and bleed, sometimes within minutes of washing them. I use those soaps on purpose now just to see what happens and my hands haven’t cracked or bled yet.

The use of Collagen

Thanks alteredlife. I appreciate and I will try.

What are the other two aminos you’re rotating, and in which ways ?


Oh. Sorry, just saw the other post.

So it’s l-arginine and l-citrulline, than L-Proline and L-Lysine right ?


Go to my post under Therapeutic Efforts titled “My regimen, and it’s working”. I’ve listed my blog in the comments and put a picture of everything that I am taking there. Read all the comments, I tell different things in there and answer questions.


Thanks. I will.

BrongFogBoy was mentionning something about bad microdome in the guts preventing the production of Nitric Oxide.

He suggested a specific E.Coli bacterias to get a better microdome flora. I looked and it’s sold under the name Mutaflor in Germany. Bought in suspension form, it can be cultivated in a yogurt machine.

I will look into your research, then into his, and also see the commonality with adrenal fatigue causing chronic fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.

Thanks again.


Do you have a link to the probiotics? I am having trouble finding a good probiotic - would love to find a good one on amazon


do i need a prescription? i don’t want to do this alone, without support, and my family doctor doesn’t even trust me on the pfs trouble…


Probiotics are specific bacterias. You take the right one, it may help. you take the wrong one, you get worst.
According to this post: Game Over PFS - I’m Recovering, we need E.coli strain Nissle 1917. That’s sold under Mutaflor and is available in Australia, Canada, USA and Germany. Apparently, you can cultivate it with a yogurt machine: http://www.drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Growing_Mutaflor.
Here’s a link for North America: https://feelgoodnatural.com/shop/digestion/mutaflor-sale-60-caps-30-days-supply/?c=e6574c964bd7


@alteredlife, can it be that you’re just recovering spontaneously after 18 years?


It’s impossible to answer yes to that question. Recovering spontaneously, without doing nothing, implies doing nothing. After taking all those amino acids and being on a strict diet, it’s impossible for him to claim he has done nothing.

@alteredklife: have you done anyhthing else in those 18 years, like exercise, hormones or hormone boosters like DHT precursor, clomid etc…


Yes, I’ve done quite a few things. Eating healthy, eating vegan type diet. Neither of those helped.

I’ve done quite a few rounds of steroids, but it has been several years since I have done that. The steroids that I have taken was always taken with testosterone. I’ve done Equipoise, Trenbolone, and Masteron (also known as DHT). Between cycles, I would always take PCT also called Post Cycle Therapy. Usually this consisted of HCG to boost testosterone, clomid, and I have taken arimidex.

The testosterones that I took with some of these cycles were test enanthate, propionate, cypionate, and one time took one called super test which was a mixture of several. My doctor had me on Test Cypionate (I believe this is the one) one time for a year because of the low test levels that I had. I eventually came off of that and bought 4 months worth of HCG and got my levels back up to a natural normal level.

Although my test levels would be extremely high, my sex drive when it was there would be extremely strong, it did not fix the dysfunction and when I would cycle off, things would go back to PFS as always.

Last time I had my test checked, which was about 6 months ago, my levels were 450 which is below what they should be. It is perfectly acceptable, but 600+ is more normal. No amount of testosterone ever did what the amino acids are doing.


I tried Clomid and testosterone replacement therapy. Did nothing.
So far, the only thing holding me together is strict diet of meat, bok choy and spinach, along with a fair amount of medium chain fat. I’m also taking a protein shake with only 1gr of carbs for 28gr of protein, including 8gr of BCAA.
It made it possible for me to gain muscle.

I just ordered some 12 different amino acids from Amazon. Half of them for the brain, insomnia, anxiety and depression, the other half for the body, including what you advised for reconnecting the brain to the genitals.

You approach is sound. If A turns into B and then into C and D, and if pfd prevents A to become B, all the rest stops and gets atrophied. So introducing aminos A,B,C and D can kickstart those mechanism again and the more everything starts working again, the more chances A can start turning into B again.

I’m pretty sure it’s only some part of the chain that is broken. But it puts the whole chain to a stop.

So I will try different aminos and alternate them, to make sure by body doesn’t get lazy and starts counting on outside intake instead of producing it itself.

I started researching aminos and it’s quite amazing what they can do.

Thanks for your help and your lead on that. I’ll post my results.


Which brain acids did you go with?


I’m kind of torn on whether the problem is with essential or non-essential acids, or perhaps both. It’s funny you say that @Ozeph, because before I started this regimen, I noticed that my drive was better when I ate more meats and fats, hence the essential AA’s.

The BCAA’s that I take has the added Glutamine which is non-essential and that’s when I felt like the brain groin connection again. I’m not completely blaming it on that, but it happened about the same time.

Also, I take MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil daily. I put two teaspoons in my coffee every morning, but I’ve been doing this for a couple of years.


I think it’s both. In a healthy person, it all starts with the essential ones and then the non essential ones are produced by the body.

In pfs sufferers, some essential aminos are not converted anymore which stops that particular chain of transformation as the next non-essential is not produced and the next one also and so forth. We end up with myriads of symptoms but I’m sure the sources of all those can be narrowed down to just a few transformation mechanism.

Taking non-essential aminos helps the later transformations on the chain. But taking essential ones in larger quantities than what is provided by food stimulates the damaged transformation mechanism into working harder. The muscles are not the only part of the body that benefits from exercise. The brain does too, and so does the endocrine system (the bones, the liver etc…)

Speaking of the brain, it’s 90% fat. A high fat diet is beneficial to the brain, especially medium chain triglyceride.

@ Mcbbould: Here are the aminos I’m trying in addittion to my high protein, protein shake diet:

For the mind:
Gaba 750mg
Glycine 1000mg
L-Theanine 200 mg
5-HydroxyTriptophan 100mg
L-Tryptophan 1000mg
L-Dopa 350mg
Pregnanolone 100mg
L-Tyrosine 500mg

For the body:
L-Arginine 1000mg
L-Arginine, L-Arginine AKG, L-Citruline 500mg each

I also took Calm Aid, a lavender extract, to help me quit benzodiazepines.

I missed out on the glutamine. I will get some. I will also get separate L-citruline, so I can Cycle it with L-Arginine.

Some of these are precursors, some are the missing amino acid itself. I’m experimenting, and considering most of my symtoms are neurologic, I took more for the mind than I took for the body. (L-Arginine, L-Arginine AKG, L-Citruline and glutamine should fix my body anyway)

I’ll post my results.


Hey alteredlife sorry to bother you but I’m just curious what do you think of the potential of amino acids to effect or help the skin? Do you know of any studies or research that would show they are beneficial in that regard?
Obviously I’ve suffered bad skin damage body wide from thinning, saggyness or redundent skin, loads of deep stretch marks, elastic skin and overall a feeling of rubber or doughyness, out of all my symthoms, this one is at or near the top depressing me as it’s the biggest change to my body physically I’d say, got quite upset today because I noticed I now have a double or saggy chin now due to the excess skin around my face and neck, very similar to the skin on my biceps, I’ve just grown some facial hair over the past few months to try hide it :frowning:️ definitely not natural at all.

I guess I’d try anything to try get my skin back, it’s so fragile and have to be careful not to get cut or it’ll scar.
My face genuinely looks like an egg now, no definition anymore :expressionless: skin issues are definitely among one of the worst symthoms to get in my opinion as it’s so visible and constantly reminds you what’s happened.


@alteredlife i’ve only found a pill for skin health which contains lysine, proline and cystine among other things such as vitamin A and collagen.