Have you tried the CDnuts protocol?


Well, I won’t buy any products from that nut guy, but I was already doing more than half of the stuff he suggests before I heard from him.

When something is true, it remains true even when spoken by a viper.

And I don’t mean to say that the rest of what he says and I haven’t tried is true and works. He says he got cured after 5 years and Merks says it takes seven years to be cured if you do nothing. So the guy may never have cured himself at all, time may have done it if he was even sick to begin with.


In this link: Im back for the good - natural recovery after 7 years


But that guy’s life was shit for 5 years before he started recovering. I’m sure by dieting and exercising, taking some supplements and doing some other stuff we have yet to find, we can make it through those 5 years more comfortably than this guy did.

Good news, he says he’s 100% recovered except from some small memory loss sometimes. I could live with that. (as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind forgetting this whole pfs thing entirely. So far it really sucks… ha ha !)


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Hey guys, let’s keep it civil. I’ve had to scratch a few things in here. Sharing experiences is far more productive without reigniting old bickering or apportioning blame for this and that. If something works for someone and didn’t work for someone else, it is a different response and worth sharing one way or the other. Indeed, finasteride works for many, but our response was variably quite different, and I’m sure you can guess how people who want to dismiss that react too, as sonic shared yesterday

Regardless of any debate this is a very specific regime. As per above:

What you’re describing is interesting to me and I’m sure to others, but it is not this, and would be closer any number of less branded lifestyle changes people have suggested here over the years, or as you say your respective doctors. Most people in any gym will tick the box of being on this “protocol” if following a diet, exercise and vitamins the net cast. I appreciate you are here recently, but this forum has been here a long time. This is an exhausted (and exhausting) subject with plenty of experiences accounted for already, as pointed out.

I have started a topic on responses to ketogenic diet for further discussion of this therapeutic attempt. It’d be great and more useful to discuss this further there.

Additionally, Merck do not recognise PFS in any way and that number has no basis.


Additionally, Merck do not recognise PFS in any way and that number has no basis.

Oh. That sucks. The 7 years thing kinda make me feel hope. And they don’t recognized the damage they’re doing ? In that case, how can I join the class law suit against them ?

Thanks for the link on keto.


No, predictably and unfortunately they do not. The class action didn’t amount to much and has concluded with a settlement I believe. The science has not yet been able to establish a causal link between finasteride and the patient’s condition so this was an exceptionally meagre payoff.

Well it was right for that guy, no reason not to :slight_smile:


Hum. So much for the law suit. However, the link will eventually be made. That will be the time to make a new class suit.


I haven’t read all of this, but enough. Cdnuts, whether he is real or not in my opinion can’t attribute what he supposedly did to fixing him. To claim it took five years is a big stretch to me. We know that some guys just heal with time. What I’ve been doing has nearly healed me in just a few months now. I’ve had PFS for 18 yrs with absolutely no signs of being healed anytime soon. As a matter of fact, this past July, I went 3 weeks strait with a dead sex drive and when it finally came back, it was slow to recover. Since I started my regimen, I’m as close to normal as I’ve been in 18 years. I’m not typing everything again here, go read about it in therapeutic efforts. “My regimen, and it’s working”.


No, I haven’t tried it, nor would I try it. It doesn’t make sense. I think he just healed. But that’s my opinion. I just told you about something I did that is actually working, makes sense, and doesn’t take FIVE YEARS. But do what you want. Argue over stupid things. I’m done with this.


what have you done, in syinthesis?


So I’ve known cdnuts since I first got pfs 8 years ago. He was doing a lot of alternative therapies like fasting, diets, and exercise. I remember him being coy about the extent of his side effects and them not being as severe as mine. With that said, I’ve tried looking into his protocol before but I get scared when I read his website and nowhere readily does he mention the amount of time to do a cycle or anything about PCT. For those that are familiar with his protocol, how long do you cycle the testosterone herbs? Do you need to do PCT at some point? What would that PCT be since I see no mention of it on cdnuts website. I’ve read just about every link on his website and figure everyone starts at the quick start guide - again there’s no mention of PCT or how long we should be doing this protocol. Any info would be appreciated.


well I just answered my own question with a little better searching here: http://www.swolesource.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3570


alteredlife How long have you had pfs ? When did you crash ?


hello youngbuck21. what’s pct?


Post cycle therapy. It’s usually done after a steroid/prohormone cycle.


18 years, took propecia 2-3 months best I can remember, crashed hard. This was back before it was even recognized as a problem. Then about 4 years ago, I got put on a medicine called Jalyn. Turns out this is what they call a Dutasteride, same as Finasteride. I was only on it for about 2-3 weeks when I started noticing the sides and quit it right away. This crash was not near as bad as the first 18 years ago, but it did set me back quite a bit.


And have you recovered in any ways ? which ones and to what degree ?

I took 1.25mg finasteride for 15 years. Started getting insomnia after 12 years, stopped 6 months ago, crashed a month later, and thanks to a near zero carb diet I’ve been almost symptom free for 3 1/2 months. Symptoms come back if I eat carbs.

I’m curious to see if and when people recover, and to what degree.


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