Have you tried the CDnuts protocol?


It’s still really early days for me on the protocol so I’d say no, but honestly thats the least of my worries lol. However some people on Swole Source had it and apparently had improvements. CD said all symptoms should go away eventually when the body finds homeostasis. We’ll see.


Good for you man. Hope this protocol works out for you. Stay positive and keep with the program if it works for you. I’ve learned to do the same. Not everyone reacts the same to various supplements, there is no “magic formula”. Obviously supplements aren’t a cure, but I’ve managed to avoid any severe and persistent side effects at this point and Im roughly 100 days out.


Hi Go. Your dry skin is the aspect of the disease that bothers you the most right ?


Hi everyone. I’m seeing a relationship between sugar and carbs, and anxiety. Has anyone observed a rise in anxiety after having sugar or carbs ?


I think fasting works because after two days your body has no carbs reserves anymore and switches to burning the only available energy you have left: proteins and fat. When fasting two weeks, you’re literally eating up your muscles and your fat. (And according to the biology course I took in college, you eat your muscle more than you eat your fat. it’s more readily available.)
This is why I’m so keen on the ketogenic diet. It has the same effect as fasting except it’s not your own muscle and fat you’re eating, it’s some other animal’s muscle and fat.
If that is true, I’ve been in “fasting mode” for 3 months. That may explain why anxiety, speech slur, brain fog, fatigue and lethargy. has all disappeared (but come back whenever I take carbs).
I still has a little depression but no more suicidal thoughts. My ability to feel happiness (joie de vivre in french: the joy of living) is still low, but I have times when I’m laughing, smiling and happy. (Since my crash 5 months ago, people have been complaining about my long face, never smiling, and my general lack of emotions).
I will continue on the keto/carvivore diet (no carbs, lots of fat) plus exercise and I will try rotating those herbs. My objective is to get as little symptoms as possible during my recovery, and to recover within 2 years.


I don’t know if any of you guys knows Jordan Peterson, the psychiatrist, university professor and intellectual.
He does not have pfs but was having severe depression, severe anxiety and insomnia. He was on two different anti-depression drugs for decades. He could have months of insomnia, although it’s probably the kind of insomnia when you move around your bed all night, but do get some very light sleep you can notice because of the dreams. The kind that gives you no rest and you still feel like a zombie the next day.
This guy went on a carnivore diet for 6 months: he’s eating only meat, mostly beef, salt and water. Nothing else.
After 6 months, he’s off the medicine, does not have depression or anxiety at all, and can sleep without pills. He was cured of multiple other ailments, such as arthritis, headaches, stomach ache, digestive problem and gingivitis (which is supposed to be incurable).
Listening to what happened to this guy is what got me on a similar diet.
So anyway. I believe in fasting more than in the juice feasting, as the juice thing still have lots of carbs and does not eliminate anxiety, which is the source of insomnia. I can go without sex since I don’t have the drive to get it anyway. But without sleep, I turn into a zombie and I have to stop working and socializing with people. It puts my life to a stop and that’s unacceptable.


Thanks man, and I kinda feel the same too, i don’t get how people here are so quick to dismiss protocols, they have worked for many. Just a few days ago i was in tears because since starting the protocol i actually feel human again.


Also just had 8 and a half hours of uninterruped sleep for the first time since the crash. Feels good


Please let me know if you have any improvements and what you did to get it. I want to share with others on this forum about anything that can help our situation. I’m gathering information.


With or without pills ? Was it natural ?


You can see what im doing in my other posts above. And the sleep was natural, I only used magnesium and it really puts me into a deep sleep and not the light, restless sleep i had after the crash.


Ok. I’ll take a look at all you did. I also take magnesium and it helps.


After my crash whenever i ate carbs my heartbeat would shoot up like crazy, even when i would stay still. After my juice feast and starting paleo diet with carb backloading on workout days, this no longer seems to happen


How much carbs, what type and when is carb backloading taking place , if you don`t mind me asking ?


Last time I ate carbs, it was 1 cup of brown rice, around 6pm, and I ended up with anxiety and insomnia, and had to cancel my week end to the beach because of it.


I like you. You`ve got zest !


Dude, you’re so black and white. Try to see nuances, life is made mostly of them.
The guy can be a fraud and still some of what he says can be true !

I didn’t know anything about this forum, haven’t contacted anyone, didn’t hear of any cure including this nut guy, and I found out by myself that the body changes occurring during a fast is helping my condition.
I’m on a ketogenic diet, less than 10gr of carbs a day. It’s very similar to the paleo diet the nut guy is preaching except I don’t eat fruits and veggies with more than 1 gr of carbs. And I’m doing weight lifting as well as taking vitamins and supplements. Sounds familliar ? Well I didn’t get that from no one in the pfs community. I found it out by myself.
My sex drive is still low but most of the neurological damages have disappeared within a week of dieting and I can go on working, going out to see people etc… Almost a normal life. And it goes down the shitter as soon as I eat carbs.

This nut guy proclaims he cured himself in 5 years. Merks, the poison makers, says it takes 7 years to be at least partially cured without doing anything special. So it looks to me that the protocole is not a cure, but at least some of it makes you feel better while you brain is recovering. It may even shorten recovery time, who knows ?

Anyway, it’s good to hear what people tried, what worked and what didn’t work. Obviously, this disease affect each one of us in a different way and with different intensities on each symptoms.

Thank you for your sympathy for those who are getting fooled.


well, now that i don’t feel suicidal and depressed anymore (but sometimes it happens again, it’s like my body remembers those times), my major issues are anxiety and my skin, which makes my mood worse. i used to look more than 10 years younger, now i look my age. people tend to dismiss this issue but my self confidence is low. So, skin and anxiety are together my worst problems.

Sure! Me! I started my regimen on 15 august and i stopped it because it was taking too long and i wanted to heal at the speed of sound: bad mistake. I started eating again bread, pasta, sweets, milk, cheese, salami… i wanted to get fat to fast. I realized that the protocol i was following previously was right, but slow. I started having panic attacks, i couldn’t feel comfort, for the first time i experienced brain fog, i felt suicidal again. My skin got worse. I realized that, as usual, the rush was hitting me. i should live my love for speed in the videogame and sports and cars area… You can see what i’m doing here Sonic’s raw food/juice/fasting

Really? Where is it written?

That is what i say. Some users says he is a fraud. I don’t know and i don’t care and this is not what i wanted to talk about with this post. What he writes on his website has scientific basis and references and works for many guys. I made this post to focus on this. Btw, what my doctors prescribed me is fasting, a sort of raw-keto diet and excercise. And Vitamin D. Sounds familiar? :wink:

This morning i talked to the doctor. He told me that what we’re doing is a sort of keto. Now i have to do this for other 10-15 days.


For me the name cdNUTS says it all but everyone is entitled to their own opinion if it helps someone brilliant but personally I’m not buying it all.


Yep. Familiar indeed. My doctor prescribed me vitamin D as well as weight lifting.
Keto diet is a diet where you get your calories 70% from fat, 26% from protein, and only 4% from carbs. For a 2000 calories diet, that’s 160 calories from carbs, which is 40gr of carbs a day. (130 gr of protein and 155 gr of fat. Fat has 2.25 times the calories of protein or carbs)

A glass of milk has 12gr of carbs. A banana has 23gr. An apple has 14 gr. It’s very easy to eat more than 40 gr. of carbs if you eat fruits.

You can eat avocados, they’re fruits with 9 gr of carbs, 15 gr of fat ! Berries, the sour ones, has little carbs as well. And if you want to follow your doctor’s advise without taking too much carbs, how about cucumbers, tomatoes and olives, all of them fruits with low carbs.

As for nuts, I found that walnuts, cashews and peanuts gives me anxiety while almonds and macadamias don’t. I had one of my worst panic attack after eating a bag of mixed nuts… I really wanted to kill myself that day.

But if your fed up with the anxiety, try the carnivore diet with lots of fat (lard, butter, ghee, coconut) it will clear the anxiety away.

As for the dry skin, stick with the diet, put a humidifier in your home and rub your face with virgin olive oil after taking a shower, while you’re still wet. It help spread the oil more easily. I wouldn’t use moisturizing cream as they’re mostly made with stearic acid, and putting acid on your face is not something I would do if I was in your situation.

A diet high in fat helps your skin produce more sebum. You get oily skin…

Anyway, listen to your doctor. He surely knows more than mine. I’m in Thailand and I had to explain to them what was pfs. My endocrinologist wanted to inject me with testosterone and said I was normal, there was nothing wrong with me !