Have you tried the CDnuts protocol?


Hi Scotsman. That’s a good idea. I’ll think about it. I donated to many charities and causes I believe in, but my messages to the pfsfoundation has remained unanswered. I don’t know if it’s for real, if the money goes to researchers or if it’s another scam set up by the administrator for their own benefits. I’ll look more closely.


Hi there Ozeph. Thanks for the reply. It’s definitely not. The guy who founded it lost his son to pfs, but of course you must clarify its legitimacy for yourself. It’s the greatest hope for us all in finding answers and then resolving this. Thanks for checking it out. Your money is needed.


I was about to close my businesses, couldn’t drive or ride my bike, and was thinking of asking my wife and baby to leave the house so it would be more quiet.
And yes, I did mean carbohydrates. I’m French and I use to call them “hydrates de carbone”,


Check out ketogenic diet or carnivore diet. Both of them fix plenty of health issues. I used to have headache 4-5 times a week: now gone. I use to have stomach burn and acid reflux: gone. I had, frequent sinusitis, ear problems, joint pain, arthritis, all gone. even dandruff are gone.
And it’s because of these diet that I can still work and take care of my children. I’m not cured, but I’m functioning. I kept working, some days are better than others, I still get depressed and demotivated but with diet and exercise, it’s much better.
And yes, seven years is long. But I’m sure it can be made shorter. Plus I was actually happy to learn there would be an end to this, that I wouldn’t get stucked with it for 30-40 years


You can’t jump breakfast if you eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates only last 4-6 hours. When you wake up, your body wants to get replenished with it’s usual fuel, which is sugar and starch.
This is the purpose of fasting: you switch to fat and protein as your source of fuel.
The carnivore or ketogenic diets keep your body in “fasting” mode constantly. The brain being made of 90% fat, eating fat is excellent for this organ.
Anyway. I’m a great fan of these diet (I’m doing something in between both diet: meat with some leafy vegetables. Plus cheese… Mium. I can;t say i feel deprived…)


if i eat cheese is the end. milk, cheese… made me feel worse. do you eat all organic meat and animal fats?


btw you said that after two months you felt at 75 per cent. this is good and makes me hope. i cannot wait this long, i would die instead. do you have issues with yoyr face? i got wrinkles and dry skin and lipoatrophy… btw i’ll talk to the doctor about keto.


i had super dry lips that were hurting all the time. I had to cover them with vaseline constantly. It got better with the diet.
And I didn’t have to wait two months to get better. I got better at day three. But it took a month to get used to the diet (which by the way does not include milk. 30 gr carbohyfrates per cup. Forget it. Cheese has 3 gr per 100gr of cheese. That Ok for me)


what i meant is that i cannot wait 7 years to start again going out, seeing friends, studyin, having my face back, my face… this damn issue…


No. I don’t eat organic at all. I live in Bangkok and I eat what I can find. but it’s all fresh and has no preservative. I eat things I cook myself from items with a single ingredient: beef, or kale, or celery, or butter.
I can’t eat sausages or salamis as they are full of stuff I can’t control.


I don’t want to wait 7 years either. I’m actively looking for ways to accelerate this. My life is quite miserable. I lost all that used to be joyful !


But It’s improved a lot with this keto-diet. I think carbs are at the source of the problem.
Plus if you eat four or five time more fat, your skin will improve. A humidifier might help too.
Just google keto diet. It’s quite popular for it’s immense health benefits. I think it beats paleo diet which has too much carbs and that why it’s spreading so fast.


CDnuts took 5 years to recover. Maybe his protocol is not a cure, but a way to reduce the symptoms and accelerate somewhat the normal healing time. I mean he did it 2 years faster and enjoyed a better life while being sick.
Speaking for myself, dieting and exercising improved some aspect of my life to a better level than before I was sick. Other aspects still suck.
Like I wish I could sleep more than 4-5 hours…


i know that cd employed 5 years by trying empirically this and that. I know guys in italy who got fine after two weeks of fasting, and before fasting cd tried things like supplementing with androhard, eating raw…
i wish i could fast but i’m too much slim right now.
i tried to get fat in order to fast but it was a bad idea, i felt worse.

what i’m saying is that i think that once we crack the code, we can heal quickly. or maybe is only hope that’s talking here.


I’m doing his protocol and am improving pretty well.

After my 7 day juice feast my mental sides improved tremendously. I was seriously contemplating suicide and researching ways to do it before the feast, now I can’t even understand how I felt so bad. Anxiety has also decreased somewhat. Still struggle with slight slurring of speech and slight brain fog though. Also had terrible anhedonia, couldn’t enjoy anything, no emotions. Now I can listen to music again and it feels amazing.

After I started rotating the herbs, my energy has come back a lot. I went from being pretty much bedridden, skipping class everyday to now having the energy to wake up early, stay the whole day in school and workout after I come home. Feels pretty amazing.

Sexually I didn’t see any improvement until yesterday when I actually felt arousal and got a non stimulated erection for the first time since my crash. Keep in mind I was completely impotent for nearly two months. Today I feel a bit down again sexually but from my understanding the protocol is a “four steps forward, two steps back” style thing.


this is amazing. so you started with the juice feast, right?


Yeah, I started with the feast and went for seven days. Re-fed for a couple of days and started the paleo diet. A couple of days into the new diet I started the herbs. Since then I’ve felt the improvements, not sure if it was the fast, the diet or the herbs, or all of them. Keep in mind I’m doing the full protocol from TMO with the exception that I’m rotating 14 herbs instead of 21.

Also interestingly since starting the herbs I’ve felt an ache in my testicles, its a different kind of ache than the one I had on fin. Not sure what that’s about but CD said it might be related to the balls producing more testosterone.

Personality wise I still don’t feel like “myself”, nor do I feel very masculine. But I’m living pretty much a functional life again. Depending on where im at in a couple of months recovery wise, I’ll give the DHT pro hormones a go. Should improve this area somewhat.


do you have skin related issues?


Well my veins are a lot more prominent especially on my hands, so I guess my skin has thinned somewhat. Other than that, not really. My sides are:

  • Loss of libido and ability to get aroused (Can get somewhat aroused now, but no libido so to speak)
  • ED (still have it but getting better)
  • Horrific brain fog (Gone)
  • Lethargy (Gone)
  • Depression and suicidal ideation (gone)
  • Inability to handle stress (Still have it, horrible)
  • Anhedonia (Gone)
  • Bad sleep, wake up every morning at 5 am (Still have it but magnesium helps a ton)
  • Muscle wasting (Sucks but in the past week I’ve had the energy to go back to the gym)
  • More prominent veins

Plus all the sexual stuff like watery semen, slight flaccid shrinkage etc. Also had/have digestion issues, but the initial feast and the paleo diet seem to help.


do you see any improvement with your skin?