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How is you erection quality ? is it stable ? fluctuating ?

With cialis, I can sustain erection without any problems with a girl with arimidex I have full sensation now. I am absolutely sure that, refraction time, penile sensitivity and orgasm satisfaction returned due to aromatase inhibition. If I use higher doses my orgasms became more intense but sensitivity is not dose depended and stable all the time since first dose.
I have still problems with visual lust and mind lust erections but, touch response is excellent. I am ready for action anytime.
This week I will not take any cialis and will see what is going to happen on Ed side.

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what about semen quality??

im trying exemestane now lets compare our progress

@VinnyG for now it thickened a lot, sometimes it is like a wax. Did not noticed any other difference. I take a break I am not taking any dose since Friday for now i am ok. I will take 0.5 or 1 mg tomorrow evening.
Brother please be careful what you take is very very dangerous if you are not in stable mind. It has very long half life it is an irreversible inhibitor like finasteride. If you crash estrogen too much please do not be afraid of extreme fatigue it is completely normal it will subside when your balls increase testosterone production. Just do not get panicked if you get low estrogen symptoms. Also I absolutely recommend to not drive or use any machinery my spatial awareness was almost completely gone for several days. I hit my car several times stupidly while parking.
Good luck let us know please.
One guy who tries arimidex reported no difference last time I will also ask him.
Also I have to tell you that I can become only hard with thinking. It was impossible before I always had to touch it. Now my mind lust is restoring I hope this is not a temporary effect.

don’t worry I have a few years of experience with AI’s, sex hormones, I’m used to the fluctuations

but i can see how adex may be helping you
by not being a suicidal AI it causes an estrogen rebound stronger than exemestane or finasteride with DHT

this disturbs the A/E ratio on the opposite direction than Fina does

which may be causing a pseudo ER-silencing

i wonder if pinning test and crashing my estrogen for a few days wouldn’t have a more permanent effect, hm…

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@DHT Be very very careful with AIs, man. I know they’re making you feel better, but I’m in this mess because of one. I took arimistane, an OTC irreversible inhibitor that messed me up. I know arimidex isn’t irreversible, but it has brought people to this website and condition.

Do not crash your estrogen, man. Estrogen is a friend not the enemy. It’s in our bodies for a protective reason and I’m sure you know how heavy crashed estrogen is from your research.

Good luck man! I hope you keep and maintain your improvement. But I do want to caution you, even though I know you’re already aware of the risks.

Yes guys if you follow my experience please tell me after my first crash of estrogen i started to feel amazing pseudo-orgasmic feeling in my genitals at it’s hight i even felt it inside my rectum I researched it most possible it came from prostate gland which happens to be male g spot. But, this only happened after my estrogen crash. If i reduce dosage then it won`t happen. Did you experienced anything like this?
This is my last day of my break my libido is going down since morning sensation still preserved but achieving orgasm is becoming hard. I will not wait for any crash and take my arimidex tonight.

Note: Estrogen crash for me is not related with pfs i just became extremely unbelievably tired, my spatial abilities lost, I couldn’t calculate distance with my eyes but, i had my best orgasms since my adolescence completely satisfied i am not exaggerating. Libido and erectile function did not effected more than pfs. Was able to become hard and horny like hell on estrogen crash but morning woods and nocturnal boners went down. They are at maximum right before estrogen crash and when it dissipates i am trying to find that dose but it is really hard with arimidex.

In my life i experienced only two real crashes with total libido loss and ejaculatory dysfunction first time i used yohimbine pregnolon and dhea combo for one week i went good then got hospitalized. Second time i drop using methylphenidate and became almost suicidal with total loss of libido. Estrogen crash did nothing like that i felt it mentally and bodily.

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youre just fluctuating man relax, what matters is the result after you come off

apparently the metabolite of aromasin is similar to the strongest binding androgen available

Responses of each cell type to high and low concentrations of the non-aromatizable synthetic androgen R1881 (Metribolone) paralleled those of 17-hydroexemestane. 17-Hydroexemestane down-regulated ERalpha protein levels at high concentrations in a cell type-specific manner similarly as 17beta-estradiol, and increased AR protein accumulation at low concentrations in both cell types similarly as R1881.


i am a lot better today, gonna drop the AI to see if it´s permanent

also might be worth checking this;


Hello, yes it is fluctuating at the moment, only things are not is sensitivity, refractory time and libido they are always improving.
I also noticed that I have partial random day time erections also I keep thinking about sex all the time even in most stressful situations (psychiatric Ed? I do not believe it any more) I just always ready to arouse . Also my visual lust is restoring now I got partial erections to visual stimuli.
I reduced cialis but it affected my second time action. Becoming hard is hard after first shot. Fortunately ones it is up I can come any time without difficulty I have total control over it.

Since last time I took 0.8 mg arimidex there days ago, next day after that dose, I experienced mild-heavy estrogen crash. Yesterday I took 0.4 mg I have a little estrogen crash symptoms it is not affecting anything.

Last 4 hours I had fantastic action with my girl.

In short arimidex has restored my urge for sex, sensitivity and orgasmic satisfaction but, on Ed side yes, there is great improvement but it is fluctuating and still hard to sustain long erections without cialis.

I has been three weeks may be I need more time for Ed restoration.

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What exactly is better ? libido ? erection quality ? Do you still maintain your gains after dropping aromasin ?

IDK the aromasin is still in my blood, my prostate has inflated a bit but nothing like last time,
injected my eod trt dose along with 25mcg of metribolone

I had problems with dental anaesthesia, nerve pain and tingling for weeks in all the jaw area and gums, together with some other problems related to the nervous system.

I had never had problems before with anaesthesia. I had it done one time in my first year of PFS and had no problems. But I had it done again some years later (after some more crashes), and this time I got all these pains.

But I am a strange case :woozy_face:

PFS patients are more prone to fibromyalgia because of disturbed Nerosteroid balance.
@VinnyG inflated prostate ? How did you understand that? I`d really like to check your old progress can your share the topic link?

I noticed that crashing estrogens does not affect my libido even increases it but, it lowers my erection quality, also crashing it makes me cum very easy and several times. It is really hard to find optimal dosage with arimidex.

Trying aromasin. Have only temporary very noticeable improvements in erection quality, but its fading away the next day, until i take another dose. I am crushing tablets and taking ~ 7 mg per day. Dont want to overdo it.

@VinnyG are you okay brother ?
@slick1 be careful brother, check your libido and sensitivity.
I am increasing my arimidex dosage I will try 0,5 mg every day I am not crushing from estrogen I think it is because of increased testicular production my urologist says that this is out of his league and send me to an endocrinologist.

yeah i dropped it 6 days ago cause my knees were hurting from squatting 3x week
still getting strong boners tho not as much connection

sperm quality is similar to pre-pssd since i started the TRT, and erection is improving, which is not surprising given my bloodwork pre TRT, i should’ve done a spermogram too for reference, those are cheap i think

I hope your gains will be sustainable after quitting the drug.


Guys I made a mistake with giving a break for arimidex I think I am in estrogen rebound Ed worsened, libido still high and thank god sensitivity is preserved but, my progress stopped, reaching orgasm’s became harder.
I am bloated everybody thinks I get weight but in fact I am at same weight. Also pimples all over my back and chin. I started 0.5 mg arimidex everyday but I am unable to crash my estrogen with this dose last time it killed all estrogen with half of this.
I will try to
Increase 1 mg per day.

Any recommendations @VinnyG?

Update i kept my libido and sensitivity even on estrogen rebound. Only erectile strength reduced i am glad that at last my tool responds to visual stimulation after may be 7 years. Also i can be arouse without touching without cialis this is a huge improvement for me.

I increased dosage to 0.75 mg arimidex everyday still no fatigue or joint pains, i will try 1 mg each day this weekend.

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