Final protocol 100% pfs reversal with dht therapy - lastpost

thats insane even for someone on TRT, but let your feeling be your gauge and keep it up, remember 4 weeks is when the gene expression starts taking effect

1Mg every day? Thin ice.

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Yes it will be exactly 4 weeks this Thursday. For several days i am taking 1 mg every night still no extreme fatigue or lethargy i am unable to crash estrogen my energy is very high though i feel like i have mild flu. My libido is crazy And my dick finally started to respond visual stimuli after maybe 7 years. Also i can arouse and got response from down mentally by thinking. My main issue is at the moment is ed after making small break my ed got worsened. also I kept my libido and sensitivity mostly during that time but now after 1 mg and 0.75 mg everyday sensitivity is
Way more better also refraction time is like 30 minutes or so.
One of My symptoms before arimidex treatment was pain in rectum after ejaculation that returned after estrogen rebound and i still have it. I think it is connected with my worsened ed and for clarification by saying worsened, i did not crashed it is still better if i compare it with pretreatment but, it is worse if i compare this with first two weeks of my treatment with arimidex.

Till this point i can say these;
Arimidex definitely recovered my libido and sensitivity and refraction time may be much better than my pfs levels.
For ed; first weeks it recovered for sure but not as like as libido or sensitivity
Using cialis regularly with arimidex i got complete remission from pfs.
Without cialis ed is fluctuating and we will see what will going to happen in following weeks.

I guess two possible outcomes.
Either pfs will be reoccur and arimidex lost effectiveness because i am making almost same thing like quitting finasteride or i will continue to improve and my ed will subsidize in time slowly by reduced estrogen/testosterone and estrogen/dht ratio.

If second outcome occurs i will pray for @JustQuitDut guy for saving my life.

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What gene expression starts taking effect in 4 weeks? Just wondering where that came from?

@DHT , I think you’re playing with fire with that high of a dose. @douglasmich had an absolutely horrid reaction.

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Yes man, i know but, i think i have lived the worst if you follow my posts i told you after my first crash, trying dhea pregnolone and yohimbine. I got hospitalized my capillaries were leaking every inch of my body aching extremely.
I was sure that i was going to die for there weeks. @douglasmich (R.I.P) last post reminds me myself after my first crash. Because of that i am not using Aromasin only arimidex also, I believe my mistake was taking a break which he also did.
Yes it was not effective like my first time thats why i am on max dose everyday and my libido continues to improve. i really want to have sex all the time and i have excellent sensitivity thank god there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me and i am holding in to that.
Now my only problem is my ed and yes it is improving not like libido but it is going better with fluctuations. I am watching same porn and i can get aroused I thought i had desensitized but i did not arimidex restored that too i look woman body and i can get aroused you do not understand what this means if you did not lose it.
4 years ago my estradiol was 35.5 pg/ml FSH 2.30 Total T 1170 ng/dL Free T 173 pg/dL i told my ed to urologist first time he told me that it is psychiatric with these values. I tried self medication almost got my self killed then i went to psychiatrist for years in the end he told me that he is sure that my problem is not mind related send me to urology again they checked my hormones that time after 4 years my FSH jumped to 9 Total T was 770 i leave you guessing my free T. At that time i had partial recovery from pfs two separate urologist told me that cause was definitely finasteride. I registered this forum but recently crashed 2. Time while quitting methylphenidate I restarted immediately and add arimidex after reading this topic.
I know there are two possible outcomes one it will cease to work and i end up with higher baseline pfs… or it will continue to work and i will have some kind of solution. Right now if i take cialis i got completely normalized my aim is to improve my erectile function without cialis

I got this from my gene report ;

We found a variant related to your reaction to Anastrozole

Variant found:

  • Gene: CYP19A1
  • Marker: rs4646
  • Position: chr15:51502844
  • Genotype: AC

The AC genotype in women with breast cancer who are treated with tamoxifen (with or without anastrozole, cyclophosphamide, docetaxel, doxorubicin, epirubicin, exemestane, fluorouracil, letrozole, paclitaxel, radiotherapy) may have DECREASED treatment EFFICACY in PRE-MENOPAUSAL women and INCREASED treatment EFFICACY in POST-MENOPAUSAL women as compared to patients with the AA genotypes. Other genetic and clinical factors may also influence response to tamoxifen and other treatment regimens in pre- and post-menopausal women with breast cancer.

This is Weird I have exceptional libido like adolescents, i am taking 1 mg everyday, my ed gotten worse but, absolutely no other low estrogen symptoms.
I have high energy, little joint pain, I mean very little. I break all my weight limits in gym. I can push and pull with maximum weights installed on machines.
I have some insomnia. It is like i have high estrogen symptoms but, with this dose i should have crash estrogen very hard.

Current status.
Libido excellent. Sensitivity excellent. Ed worsened.

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I really hope you don’t end up eating those words.

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Be careful, man! 7 mg of Arimidex per week is an insane dose. People on dbol and other highly aromatic compounds probably don’t even exceed 2 mgs per week. Have you measured your E2 with a sensitive test at all? I’m glad you’re not getting low E2 symptoms, those are hell.

Can you go more into detail about your body’s capillaries leaking blood in your body? What did you mean by that?

This is a bad example how to take AI.

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Why man there is two possible outcomes one is worse one is good and one will going to happen, thats what i am saying.

sorry for being pessimistic, but eventually you will crash your E2. Hope i am wrong. This is how this drug works. People who dont take control over themselves are crashing because they abuse AI. You should do at least E2 blood test.

p.s. I used aromasin and i dropped my e2 to normal levels. Thats the best i could get. Sensitivity became normal too but the rest is unchanged. Dont see the point lowering my levels of e2 further if its within normal range

You forgot what’s behind door #3. Living Hell of insomnia, pain and anxiety, in addition to sexual problems. Really doubt you read @douglasmich’s story and took it to heart.


Used this product it work on libido for one week then i crashed very hard. I had uninterrupted panic attacks for 2 weeks.
At that time i did not know what it is after first week i bloated because, i was consuming to much water (20 L per day) without any sodium also, i was extremely tense all of my muscles were rigid. Because of that i had symptoms like carpal tunnel and obstructed lenf flow. When i stand up my hands were bloating it was horrible also all the veins on my upper body became visible, Believe me you do not want to live that. i was sure i was about to die. I went to emergency 12 times in 15 days they all say it is psychiatric. i did not believe them at that moment but in the end i went to psychiatrist. He prescribed some benzo and all fibromyalgia dissolved in 15 minutes but snri killed my libido even more, after 6 months he changed it and i started to recover.

@Dubya_B i have lived that i couldn’t sleep for three days after i can sleep for 4 hours then insomnia for there more days.
For every one and half hours i only had 15 minutes of pain free time.

Yes for that i have an appointment with an endocrinologist next week will have. I tried to make a break but i got worse my first estrogen crash subsided in there days weird thing is now i have mild insomnia, high mood, feeling of power and energy. I hope i did not broke something already. I mean may be my receptors became over sensitive so on low estrogen they work well and if i stop i will be on constant high estrogen mode or my testicular production of androgens went crazy and i am unable to crash my estrogen like first time. I really need a blood test of Estradiol free Testosterone and total Testosterone.
Also please check these

On these studies they give males 1mg everyday.

You’re not afraid of this happening again with such a high dose of AI, simply because it hasnt yet? Well, I’m not going to harp on you about it further. Hope you make it through this unscathed.

Of course i am afraid thats why i do not take any Aromasin and i tried to stop. it went worse so, i will going to take it until i see the endocrinologist. At this dose i have funny feeling at the base of my penis it is like he wants go up but he couldn’t if he erects with that feeling i can easily achieve climax.

Wish you the best bro. If you begin to taper off with that dose, it needs to be over the course of a few months.

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you’re right no need to panic, adex binding/kinetics are well known, and you’re feeling good so who cares