Final protocol 100% pfs reversal with dht therapy - lastpost

Tell to your Urologist that you got back from 60 or 50 years old to your 30’s.

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I will visit him when I am sure about the effects are persistent and reversed.
I am extremely careful because of what I read in this forum. I do not want to make quick decisions, lots of guys says improvements on TRT then it loose effectiveness, this arimidex therapy increases testosterone almost 100 percent and 40 percent dht increase it is almost like natural TRT shot.
The thing is, I block estrogens at the same time and my body will try to produce more testosterone until estrogen raised to lower end of healthy range.
I took very small doses, I do not want to crush estrogens so steep, I do not want to end up like Quantumfaith (rip) and other lost brothers.
Also I have to tell you about side effects that I live until today.

It has been 10 days today people told me that I lost weight but my shoulders are enlarged though I did not lost any weight but I look slim I think because of water loss.

First days when I took 0.5 and 0.25 mg doses I hit by a extreme fatigue, I mean really extreme, first days. I thought, I could handle it with coffee and stimulants but, it was unbearable even with gallons of coffee.
I stopped and reduced the dosage, it became bearable.
Now I measure my estrogen with my tiredness if, I became more active I took 0.1 mg.
Also I made 2 small car accidents, fatigue was that heavy, I basically lost distance calculation and spacial ability’s I hit the car to the wall while parking also my short term memory is impaired.
When tiredness resolving these side effects are also subsiding.

I am curious is there anyone else who tried arimidex and get results?

HDT, Yes but the fact that you are feeling recovered, it mean that at least for the time that you are feeling normal you are back to your 30’s at least for a short period of time, what mean that it is impossible of what he told you that you aged rapidly to 50s or 60s…

dude some times I feel like teens not much tough only for a short period :).
Btw I did not take any dose yesterday I will tell you how will it go today.

Even if you feel like a teens for 2 minutes, still impossible of what you Urologist told you, I don’t know what to say about many doctors today, seem like there were given the diploma a they forget science and they are only behind the $$$$$.
Very few real doctors today, for example many prescribe medicaments without patients really need it, just because they get paid for the pharma industry for every prescription a bonus.

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This is 3rd day without medication my super high libido is still high but not at extreme levels, that funny feeling in my genitals are subsided almost disappeared sensation of penis and orgasm satisfaction are preserved. i still enjoy having sex or sexual thoughts, i feel more than confidant, aggressive and powerful. These feelings are slowly increased started from 4th day of treatment. My self confidence is really high also my dreams are heavily sexualized almost every night i am f.cking some body thats funny really, my worst nightmare was also like a porn movie it was very tense because condom exploded lol. I still have some fatigue but easily manageable. My eye floater problem worsen it started before the treatment in first days it went better later, worsened. I am not sure that it is related with the Aromatase inhibitor. I have some joint and tendon pains but they are very mild. Last night i also had an incredible erection it lasted longer than other nights. It seems i am still improving, latter days I plan to add some cialis in to my regimen.


Last night i took 0.3 mg arimidex couldn’t sleep well because of boners and woke up several times with painful morning woods. I got that extreme fatigue again but at the same time funny feeling in my genitals has returned and increasing since morning.

Yesterday i had a small dental surgery i took lots of anesthesia because of my abnormal nerve structure i cannot get numb easily. I did not take arimidex last night yet i was extremely horny may be side effect from pain killers i do not know i have to masturbate to get relax after 6 years i felt need for this. Also in the morning i hit by same horny feelings and need to masturbate. i noticed my ejaculate thickened like wax i do not know this is permanent or not, may be watery ejaculation problem is solving too early to tell.
I suspect that, some how my prostate crashed.
That explains a lot with reduced and watery ejaculate also, i have really weird sensation started in my genitals after the 3rd or 4th day of aromatase inhibition. I cannot define it properly but, it is like you are about to come and having orgasm at any time, it is the kind of feeling at the start of orgasm. Then this feeling increased and i start to feel it between my legs and almost like inside of my rectum. I researched and it that it might come from male g spot which happens to be prostate gland. May be it is generating some how it was 14cc before the arimidex which is quite small for a late 30`s man.
And this makes me think about this might be the case for some of us, we reduced prostate which is main dht producer in body and it did not recovered later may be because our bodies high estrogen some how induce a permanent pressure on dht actions on prostate and when dht recovers a bit it reduce our testosterone further down (remember finasteride kills 5-ar pathway around 66 percent only way available for testosterone is aromatase pathway to estrogen) even with high estrogen we had high testosteron but, after secession of finasteride for at least some of us powerful estrogen suppression on hypothalamus bounces recovery.

I think some people have reported improvement after anaesthesia.

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Generally, Lidocaine, a local anesthetic, is used for dental surgery. I don’t think it can affect our condition.

idk how much ur using but your fatigue is certainly crashed e2, joint pain is another sign

arimidex is used by bodybuilders @1mg per week no reason to go higher than that, divide the dosage as much as possible through the week to avoid the rebound and good luck

Thanks vinnyG joint pain is very mild almost none. It might because of my high dose epa fish-oil consumption 2g per day.
Day after fatigue is fantastic, I like that feeling.
I divide one pill to 4 or 3 and take it 2 or 3 days at once. Huge fatigue disappeared even with the same dose may be because my testosterone production is increased and higher dose needed for estrogen crash or my Er receptors are upregulated.
Also mild pain inside of my balls disappeared. I started 5mg cialis yesterday to boost recovery.
Before aromatase inhibition my refractory period is around 4 days now I can come easily 3 times a day Keeping erection is an issue but no more numb penis.

Any semen volume changes??

It got thickened but 3rd time volume reduced a lot I might go for 4th time but I do not think of some thing would have came out :slight_smile:

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I think 3rd time anyone experience very low semen volume. I even couldn’t go for the 3rd time when i was 14-15 lol.
If its volume is higher than before at the first time, its good news. My main problem is this and i hope Tribulus could cure it.

Well before finasiteride, I was hyper-sexual immediately after first dose I normalized, I should have cease using it but, I thought it is a known side effect and normalized after cession of drug, then after 3 years I got my libido further went down.
7th year i stopped using it then I got crashed. Got normalized then progressed down until 5 years after treatment. That point I started to recover little for last 3 years with ups and downs. I got completely normalized after first dose of arimidex But, it did not hold. It went down till 4th day then I improved a lot on libido and genital sensitivity. You can all check my progress.
Most important thing is I have desire and urge for sex plus I have an excellent sensitivity on my penis. If I resolve Ed too then I say that I am recovered.

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By the way before starting mess with hormones, I went several psychiatrists all confirmed that my ed is not related with any kind of anxiety or mental disorder.
Last one says I know from experience that your problem must highly cause by hormonal dis regulation told me to go urologist again… and only solution I got from them is continuous cialis usage I asked them it did not help with numbness they told me that it is not solvable. They were wrong. I hope I will keep this gains.

I’m wondering if I would respond well to clomid and arimidex. I have chronically low FSH but everything else is always normal

Everybody responds differently to finasteride some of us got unresponsive to hormones, some got low hormones some only have their nerosteroids disturbed.
Arimidex makes wonders on me but, please be careful some people got their problem worsen some got better it is really a gamble.
Last night i took 0.5 mg but it did not cause and fatigue. I still keep my sensitivity and achieve orgasm easily, added cialis 5 mg per two days effectively solved my ed for the moment.

For now i can say that my pfs is in total remission, i hope i will continue to improve without any setbacks.

At the moment it is still hard for me to achieve erection mentally but i can easily aroused with a girl, also visual lust is still improving.


Iam not sure whether its the receptor but reducing estrogen in general does seem to improve some peoples symptoms. When I take choline+betaine I get an improvement after 24h usually but not always. They both methylate estrogen, which makes it useless.

Estrogen blocks testosterone function by competing for the androgen receptors in the endocrine system. Therefore, the only way to avoid completely demolishing testosterone function in the male body is to ensure that estrogen levels are low and testosterone levels are high. Unfortunately, the male endocrine system is also susceptible to an enzyme known as aromatase, which facilitates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Therefore, when attempting to lower estrogen levels, one should also lower aromatase levels as well.