DYSPHAGIA I feel like I am going to die as well and a warning about NAD+ supplements

Yes, it’s that time again. For someone else to announce experimenting with a supplement ending in disaster and possibly tragedy this time. Imagine constantly choking on your own saliva.

You might have heard of Niagen, NMN, David Sinclair, etc from here. On June 22nd I took half a pill of this: https://alivebyscience.com/product/nad-complete-capsules-powdered-liposomal-nad/

It brought back my muscle symptoms and insomnia over night. I thought I would manage but I developed a dysphagia or disordered swallowing. It started with trouble eating certain foods without choking a few days ago, then it progressed to excessive saliva as well. Now the excessive saliva keeps seeping into my airway when I swallow because something went wrong with the mechanical chain so I can’t swallow completely. Small food debris or small amounts of liquids like saliva escape to make their way into my trachea. Because of this, sleep is impossible as I hack and cough my ass off as I keep choking on my own fluids like a COVID patient during quarantine. I am only a few days into my second Moderna shot.

I already went to the ER because I couldn’t sleep and was drowning in my own saliva.
My chest is getting tighter and congested. My throat is on fire and slashed from the coughing. I explained my situation to the doctor but he kept thinking it could be just a virus. I was dismissed with an offer for a COVID test and also a referral to see an ENT in what could be months given the Canadian healthcare system and COVID situation. The hospital didn’t give me anything to ameliorate my symptoms or to help me get some sleep (except for Trazodone which is no go), so I don’t know what to do either. They just told me to come back if it gets worse. I don’t know how I can even sleep as I continue to accumulate saliva in my chest. I legit think I might die from this for some reason. I am scared of getting absolutely zero sleep, developing pneumonia, or catching Delta Variant if I have to go back to the hospital, or all three.

This is easily the worst symptom I have ever had.

Anyone want ever been in a similar situation? I need any words of advice or support, thanks.


OK, still alive. I personally have hurt myself a few times either with supplements or something else so maybe I have a more vulnerable baseline, but just as with sodium butyrate no one here should get cocky with NAD boosters if you wanna try them. I still have swallowing issues atm.


Still fucked. Choking on excessive saliva and coughing like mad when I am trying to sleep. Imagine how anyone can sleep like that.

Hey man, i read your story and didn’t know what to say. Just wanted to hear if you’ve seen any improvements?

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Thanks for asking/reading. I am seriously depressed but I am hanging in there. I can manage to sleep if I am careful and deliberate with how I swallow lying down in bed. So grateful for that, fuck. I am thankful it hasn’t gotten worse for now. I am also glad I took only half a pill of this, yet it’s still half too many.

Apparently the liposomal NAD+ I took is extra potent compared to other forms. @Ozeph is taking some other brand that contains 150 mg NMN if I am not mistaken and he seems fine. Well he also takes a GNC a day.

What’s the opposite of jinxing? I need some of that after making this post.


I’m really sorry to hear your story and bad effects from NAD+. I feel responsible for this so from this point on, I will put a warning when talking about NAD+. Many other products Dr. Sinclair is suggesting are making me feel worst: Metformin, Resveratrol, Trans-Pterostilbene: all bad for me.

Yes, I not only well tolerate NMN but it has made my burning eyes and dry lips symptoms almost disappear. I was thinking of taking an IV NAD+ treatment which is much more potent than NMN. I will consider carefully after reading your story.

Pfizer vaccine has been known to cause dysphagia. Not only we each don’t react the same to any drugs, supplement and even food, but we also may be more susceptible to drugs that are well tolerated by other. That may or may not include vaccines.

For now, I will take consider your symptoms are from the liposomal NMN. If that’s the case and it was me, I would do the natural tricks from Dr. Sinclair to repair the epigenome because I would consider the reaction to be epigenomic.
But again, if it was me, I would also consider that the spikes from the vaccine (the same ones as the ones on the virus) could be causing this and I would take an anti-spike therapy. (which I won’t discuss here.) But that’s only me and I don’t make any suggestion beside treating epigenetic damage with Dr. Sinclair natural suggestions.

I’m also Canadian but I live in Thailand so I have free access to drugs. Almost nothing is under prescription here.

I wish you the best of luck and don’t hesitate to PM me if I may be of assistance. (or maybe I’ve done enough already. I’m really sorry)

Hey, thanks for chiming in. You shouldn’t feel responsible. Sure, your experience was encouraging but I’ve been looking at NMN for a while well before you mentioned it. It’s my fault. I am a fucking idiot for experimenting. I was just so tired of being exhausted all the time. I got the liposomal one mainly for my parents, too, but I wanted to try it for myself. I really should have known better since you’re someone who doesn’t seem to react violently to a bad supplement from what I’ve read, unlike myself.

I am not finding anything about mRNA COVID vaccines causing neuromuscular dysphagia, but only through allergic reactions. I am almost afraid to ask, but what are some natural ways to repair the epigenome? All those supplements you listed I know would likely harm most people here, but I didn’t think much of NAD+.

I’ve gotten worse in the last 24 hours. I’ve been choking on my own saliva like mad, coughing my lungs out, and waking up everybody. Don’t know how to stop it. Not sure what to do aside from waiting to do a barium swallow test that an ENT had booked for me then following up with a neurologist whom I have not seen yet which in Canada means god knows how long it’ll probably take.

Also when I did a search for dysphagia or trouble swallowing so there doesn’t seem to be many people who’ve reported dysphagia from PFS, is there? But then again how many people here have tried liposomal NAD+ supplements.

I got a NAD+ infusion last summer . Huge bag of NAD+ via IV that took 4 hrs . No change in my condition for the better or worse


Glad to hear you’re alive because that sounded pretty scary. At least there are options for treating depression. Keep going!

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It’s all listed on Tricks to repair the Epigenome
Just don’t take NAD+ and, well, there’s melatonin 10mg. I guess you won’t want to test things anymore.

I would suggest pine tree needle herbal tea. You’re in Canada so I guess getting your hands on Pine tree needles should be easy. You dry’em up, maybe crush them a little and make tea… Start with small qty and see how you feel (probably nothing). Very soothing for the throat.

I guess you have tried sleeping on your belly so gravity pull the saliva away from your lungs. When I crashed, I had gastric reflux so bad the content of my stomach would pour down my throat and in my lungs whenever I would lie down. I had to sleep with an angle to have gravity keep it down. It went away after a week of being ketogenic. (I know it’s a crazy diet. I’ve been on it for 3 years now and aside from pfs I never had a fitter body. I think we can live like that for decades)

I’ll keep looking for ways to fix dysphagia. Hold on, there’s hope !

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I’m taking the same brand, but not NAD directly ,rather NMN sublingual pills. They boost my energy and cognitive capacities. No sides at all.

I am just wondering, if direct supplementing of NAD might cause you these sides, since I have no issues but only benefits of NMN


I think I also got dysphagia when I tried NMN. I used it for 3 days a few weeks ago and immediately quit as it reduced my libido, gave me gyno, and made my workouts much more difficult. In hindsight, I experienced a brief bout of dysphagia that has since gone away around that time, which makes me wonder if that’s what caused it.

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Holy shit. So I am not the only one then. How are you doing now?

What dose are those? That’s great to hear. I don’t want to create FUD if things are working out for you and Ozeph, but I am just reporting how I react to it personally. Maybe it’s something to do with the specific product I took or the NAD in it but at least another person, LifeOnHardMode, is hurt by NMN in this thread.

Why might you think that?

Well I went onto an HCG/Clomiphene protocol right afterwards, but it sucked for those couple days if I remember correctly. Not as bad as you described, but it wasn’t fun.

Update: I am suffering. Getting days when I am almost fine, choking only a few times and days like today when I am tearing up, red in the face, almost passing out from constantly coughing as I keep choking on my saliva.

Some of my swallowing muscles feel tight. I hope it won’t end up like another part of my body that feels dead and unresponsive like a knot of dead tissue since getting PFS. I am not sure if I’ll have the strength for that.

How are you doing currently?

I’m good, about back to the usual baseline post-PFS. I’ve found that my cognition remains good so long as I take my soil-based probiotics with my fiber. I’m not sure if it’s against the rules to mention this, but I take Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra probiotics and they keep my brain in tip-top shape through all of the bullshit. When things started to get weird, I incorporated some fiber for the little good bacteria to feast on, and I’ve been good ever since.

The depressive/anxiety lulls suck, but when I discontinue something, I usually just have to stop taking everything and wait a couple weeks to get back to the new post-PFS baseline.


Pure torture

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