Butyrate - Clostridium butyricum

So recently I have seen many posts about Butyrate and its demethylation powers.

So in addition to buying the supplements indicated by Moonchild (BHB by Bulksupplements and Butyrate pills by Bodybio), I also researched the probiotic “Clostridium Butyricum”, which is a bacterium that also produces Butyrate.

Here is a study presented at a Brazilian Congress of Chemical Engineering on this bacterium. The conclusion is that the lower the pH, the substrate used in this research (glycerol) was more converted to Butyrate by the action of Clostridium Butyricum bacteria.


So my first try will be to use:

  1. Ketogenic or carnivor diet;
  2. BHB powder + butyrate pills;
  3. Ghee and butter;
  4. This probiotic with some acidic juice that does not escape much from a ketogenic diet: https://www.ebay.com/itm/STRONG-MIYARISAN-330-Tablets-clostridium-butyricum-Shipping-from-Japan-/222768912527?


  1. Do the above cycles with constant aerobic exercises.

Nor do I disregard using other demethylation agents at the same time after a few months, although some people here have used some of them individually and have had no effect.

As a personal complement, I will try to use the Chi’s (diet, probiotics and natural herbs to combat inflammation and Candida) and Ozeph’s protocols, as well as the probiotics indicated by orthog and Stronguy for the production of neurosteroids.

I have several protocols to test together that I think might work, but I’ll explain later on other opportunities not to misrepresent this topic. I am confident that I can greatly improve this condition, or even get healed someday.


This sounds very promising! In terms of neurosteroids I had some suggestions.

I was thinking in addition to your cardio, maybe have arginine before you begin, around 8grams in tablet form because it tastes awful.

Reason being is that 3HSD will convert 5DHP into Allo when in the presence of NADPH. If NADPH oxidase is active, it will deplete NADPH into NADP+ and super oxide. High NADP+ makes 3HSD convert Allo into 5DHP (not good).

Arginine converts into NO and NO is a potent NADPH oxidase inhibitor. You could also take Apocynin but I have never seen it on the market.

Interesting fact is Keto will increase super oxide dismutase, a buffer of superoxide.

So all of these things in combination should reduce methylation and increase allopregnelonone simultaneously.

I would also suggest the cardio be long as cortisol increases allopregnelonone.

Great but don’t try so many things at once… One at a time so you can tell what is helping.

Extremely curious how this works for you, please keep us updated by checking in!


@dae1 Why, before you risk making everything worse by taking new drugs, don’t you try filling in the survey?

How did this all turn out for you? Are you able to give an update?

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So, in mental terms and sleep I’m better. Only Miyarisan arrived, and I feel an improvement in mood too. The bacteria in this probiotic are known to produce Butyrate acid. My BHB and Butyrate supplements have not arrived yet. My erection and libido have not changed.

In addition, I couldn’t resist and had an ozone therapy session after posting this:

On this day I had an instant worsening in my hourglass shape of the penis and its flaccid state. My penis was instantly more stretched after the gas that was applied rectally. This only further reinforces the theory that my pelvic muscles are contracted and inflamed, as I said extensively in another thread.

My high white blood cells in my exams also indicate chronic inflammation.

Even if my hormones and DNA are “healed”, as long as I have contracted pelvic muscles (and consequently contracted nerves), it will always affect my erection and libido (and I will continue with this constant discomfort in my groin area).

That’s the idea of “A Headache In The Pelvis” book, as well of “HF Unrevealed” book, posts in PEGym forum, neuralgia forum and coincides with many stories of recovery after physical therapy, diets and stress elimination in PSSD, PAS and PFS sufferers.

I’m looking for a professional here to do a pelvic electromyography exam, to test my nerves in the region. Doppler and MRI are not sufficient to detect any peripheral nerve block in this uro-genital region.

That’s it.

Please keep us updated on this, I feel a lot of my problems range from pelvic nerves too, are your calves and thighs always tight and somewhat sore? Mine are even if I’m not exercising a lot @dae1

Not exactly my calves, but yes for the gluteal and thigh muscles, in addition to the perineum and the bulbospongiosus and region muscles.

How long have you been taking the probiotics for? Also I had a brief recovery drinking nothing but bottled ozonated water for a month straight. I think it cleared my SIBO issues because my food allergies cleared and dont get worse brain fog from taking probiotics.

Maybe only two weeks.

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Any updates?

Any changes?

I leave this protocol here, which i’m trying and i’m hopeful that could work. Eventually supposed a recovery for the poster
Also includes the butyrate theory, in a more “naturalistic” point of view.


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Keep us updated, I’m also interested in that protocol. Seems like the OP has a pretty solid theory.