ALLO enhancing drugs that might not have been considered


I am beginning to think more and more that addressing Allopregnanolone deficits might be the key to our recoveries.

Sage-217 looks like it will be great, but it’s at least two years away.

Has anyone here considered Etifoxine or Lithium? Both seem to increase Allopregnanolone a lot. At least one person on the PSSD forums has reported total recovery, after 10 years of severe sexual dysfunction, within only a couple weeks of starting Lithium. Etifoxine looks possibly even better for directly increasing Allopregnanolone.

I’m very interested in seeing what some of you think of these drugs and their use as stop-gap therapy ahead of the introduction of Sage-217. Trying them out might at least give us insight into how large a role Allopregnanolone really has in our syndrome.

Amino Acid For neurological symptoms

haven’t tried it. interesting in learning more though.

Isn’t allo responsible for production of other neurosteroids that we are low in? it also increases GABA. as someone dealing with all mental sides, id love to to not have to wait for sage, but at the same time im risk averse at this moment since the baylor study will be coming out any moment, and i don’t want to possibly shoot myself in the foot


I’m obviously not a psychiatrist or pharmacologist, but I would think that Etifoxine would be a very low relative risk drug. Maybe less so than valerian root tea, for example, since it seems more selective. Would be great to hear the opinion of someone more knowledgable, though.

Also, no way I am doing any more waiting for other people to do things on PFS. Especially the Baylor study which has been about to release for like half a decade.


I have taken lithium before. It didn’t make any diference besides making me extremely angry, and prone to mood swings. I would find me shouting or raging for the most unimportant things.

I took 300mg twice a day for 45 days at least.


Thanks for the feedback, good to hear someone’s experience.


More on Etifoxine:


Strongly considering this. Let me know if you will try.


which form of lithium did you take?


Etifoxine improves peripheral nerve regeneration and recovery:


I took lithium carbonate 300mg


You took it after PFS or before bud? And were you taking it for our issues?


Emapunil is another drug that is meant to increase allopregnanolone. Does anyone know if this can be prescribed yet?


Yes it seems so indeed indeed, and Etifoxine more than lithium… To me, this is the last piece of the puzzle: to get the production of Allopregnanolone started again. I managed to balance pretty much all the rest through my diet and supplements.


I’ll try etifoxine if I can get it. I’ll just start at a very low dose, increase slowly and taper down or stop if I have an adverse reaction. Lack of allopregnanolone and of (Allo)tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone are my last symptom, and this is because like many of us I can’t produce 3a-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase (3a-HSD, the enzyme that produces those two calming neurosteroids). This enzyme is even more destroyed by fin than the 5ar. 3a-HSD and the 5ar are mutual antagonists. It’s very possible that the sudden surge of 5ar after stopping fin inhibited and continues to inhibits the 3a-HSD. This would explain why some people have temporary benefits from inhibiting the 5ar: it enables 3a-HSD to be produced.

A new hair loss treatment is being tested by increasing 3a-HSD, which inhibit 5ar. We would have taken that, we’d probably be fine (and hairy)


I took it after PAS because of the depression that this curse generates on me, and I have the same symptoms than everyone else


isnt that the bad quality version that’s dangerous? probably caused the mood swings. I took b12 cyanocobalamine and it put me in severe depression out of nowhere for an entire month.


thanks for trying it. ill be watching close, because I am also considering


I dont know if theres another version, my psychiatrist out me on it. Good luck and let me know if you get different results!


I will, if I can find it.

Etifoxine is one, Emapunil is another one and Sage 217.

MerryChristamas is right on this:

And on Etifoxine:

And this general article taking about the lack of those two neurosteroids and the effects on GABA (A) receptors and the person.


I’m also going to try Brussel Sprout Extract powder. It’s an anti-aromatase that prevents testosterone and progesterone to be converted into estrogen, it may also decrease the activity of the 5ar and it is said to promote 3a-HSD (which is logical if it reduces 5ar) therefore increasing the production of allopregnanolone and of (Allo)tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone,

Again, I’ll just start at a very low dose, increase slowly and taper down or stop if I have an adverse reaction.