ALLO enhancing drugs that might not have been considered


let me know if you guys find where to get etifoxine @vkg1 @Ozeph


Does anyone know how to look up what drugs are available in what countries? If it is available in my country, then I will make an appointment with a psychiatrist in order to procure it. However, if it is not, doing so would be a big waste of time and money.

Would be great to either (1) be able to look up what countries a drug is available in or (2) be able to look up what drugs are available in my country.


Go to a Pharmacy and ask the pharmacist.
They have books with all drugs available in the country.


Eureka ! Got it :

Sulforaphane boost 3a-HSD which is responsible for the conversion of progesterone into allopregnanolone.

It is available here:


that will help us activate our 3a?? :smiley: what about the lowered blood DHT? No side effects from that? also kind of worried about the AR disruption. it says cancer cells but would it affect us?

also, i saw that etifoxine damages the liver in some people. seems like some people are predisposed to it and can cause acute liver damage? seems like a risk since we seemed to be genetically predisposed to side effects from fin


You tried these ozeph?


there seems to be the OP who benefited, and then the first comment who said the opposite lol


As I’ve written in other threads, I don’t believe we can fix multiple imbalances by a single approach.

I don’t have low blood DHT. It’s normal but would probably drop in proportion to the dose of Suforaphane I would take. 3a-HSD metabolizes DHT and then it’s discarded. I would expect an AR response. After all, we’re talking about playing with the main configuration panel here. The one that got us messed up to begin with. Caution is advised.

The product I’ve posted above indicates 197 mg of Suforaphane per tsp. This is a HUGE dose compared to other similar products, the next one I found being 50mg then 10mg. I’ve seen products sold with as little as 0.3 mg per dose. I count on starting at 1 mg and slowly increase. As a warning to everyone, never take for granted the recommended dosage on the lable is safe. Companies (and I know because I own one) will sell high doses products because people buy them. Not because they are better… I have 100mg K2 capsules and I take maximum 10 mg a day. A capsule last me 10 days…
Plus about Suforaphane, there is no information as to the rate of absorption via the digestive tract and if it gets transformed by the enzymes in the stomach or not. I may have to mix it with DMSO and take it through the skin, in which case I would definitely start with tiny doses…

I still stand behind my regimen (which you can look on Amino Acid For neurological symptoms) that has cured ALL my symptoms except those related to the 3a-HSD (and therefore the lack of allopregnanolone and (Allo)tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone). That is, insomnia, waking up during the night (at this point I can go back to sleep) and very seldomly light anxiety. I still have a somewhat decreased sex drive and sensitivity. I believe this is all related to not having allopregnanolone (and the other one), which regulated the GABA (A) receptors. Anhedonia was fixed by my regimen but maybe could be fixed by Sulforaphane.

If you have multiple imbalances (which I could list if anyone is interested) and you address only one, you worsen the others. So I will add Sulforaphane to my regimen and see if I can fix that last imbalance I have.,

To answer the question, I haven’t tried it yet. But I ordered it and I will try it.

I’m not worried about liver damage. I take 500mg of choline and almost 6000mg of Inusitol every day. This clears out all fat from my liver and being ketogenic makes my body very good at dealing with fat.
If that’s not enough, I also take Glutathione and Chlorella Blue-Green Algea for detox.

Anyway. I’ll start in tiny doses, increase slowly and reduce or stop at first sign of trouble.

Of course, I will keep you posted.


That makes complete sense to me! I noticed before if one of the sides get better, the other sides get worse. So strange, like the body doesn’t have enough resources to maintain full functionality.


Each enzyme, neurotransmitter, hormone, neurosteroid etc… is balanced by an opposite one and they’re all interconnected. So if you boost one and only one, you counter it’s opposite and it unbalances the rest of them.

What I think needs to be done is to provide ingredients that could boost them all, so to speak, so that the weak ones get produced and the ones that are too strong, the body does not deem necessary to produce more. In this way, the balance is regained.


Actually this is the most difficult part of the task at the moment, unfortunately…


it is difficult but simple. your body is made of protein and saturated fat. it’s not made of carbs (sugar and starch).

So if you eat only protein, saturated fat, salt and water, you give plenty of ingredients to boost everything.

Carbs causes all kinds of allergies, inflammation and health issue. I think we need to quit cabs, at least for a few months.

Simple but difficult. First week is difficult anyway. After it gets easy.


I had eliminated the carbs for months after my initial crash, I got good recovery in the 3.5 month mark after the crash, was steady for nearly 2 months, then the big crash came along and fucked me up. After that the low carbs diet never gave me the same results, my T level stays low all these 2 years and nothing can contribute to get it up to a decent level. I am interested how many people with PFS in this site are living in highly urbanized cities and how many are in the rural areas, and what is the connection between the recoveries and the living places of the sufferers. I am living in London, UK by the way.


What have you tried? I’m sure TRT would get it up. Whether that actually helps or not is another story…


I’ve tried a lot of herbs, amino acids, training, cold showers… Nothing helps apparently. In the UK 11.2nmol/L is within the range, the low end but still within the range, so I won’t get TRT from the GP that easy, unless I get there and organize one nice scandal… It is so silly though! A doctor puts a 36 years old guy T level on par with 85 years old chap, makes no sense to me. And those people are taking fat salaries there, for nothing. Amazing!


I don’t know how it is in the UK, but in the US it is very easy to order TRT on your own from overseas pharmacies. Plenty of the body building forums have sources, etc. that are very reliable.

I agree it doesn’t make sense though. They use a range for a huge age range then say you’re good to go if you’re inside that range, even if your results really aren’t normal for someone your age.

edit: I just looked up the normal ranges for that unit and you are barellllly inside normal. If you wanted to you could probably take test on your own for a few weeks and stop… once levels drop below their “normal” if you can go back to the doc and get a blood test that shows that then you should be OK to get it through them. Again, no idea how it works in the UK though but worth a look if it would save a lot of money/headache long term.

I would consider trying HCG or something like that though to see if it helps


I will do my research about that and probably I will go this route! I have to, otherwise my joints will get completely fucked. Cheers!


Good deal–yeah let me know if you have any questions. I can at least try to point you in the right direction.


what symptoms exactly are you looking help for?


How much DHT level would be considered good to try this? I have normal DHT levels but it might be on the lower end. But if this only affects blood stream DHT levels, would it even make a difference?

Also, the studies say it affects AR in cancer cells… does that mean that it doesn’t affect non cancer AR, or that studies haven’t been done to determine anything?

Also, I find your neuro thread interesting, what supplement specifically do you think worked for anhedonia? I have emotional blunting that won’t improve. 5HPT just made it worse imo.

as for the liver, etifoxine’s liver damage has to do with fat?

study says hepatitis. not sure how that’s related

sorry for all the questions, just trying to be sure.