Zonz2 Cd nuts protocol updates

It’s working for me.

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wow such an ‘‘informative’’ post, and you really had to bring up cdfraud name here again, instead of listing what EXACTLY have helped you.

In november 2020 , you were saying cdfraud ‘‘protocol’’ is helping you in the same manner you did now. It’s 6 months have passed now…


Hi, man. Please, tell us your protocol.

Are u cdnuts?

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I can never understand the hate CDnuts Protokoll is getting (Away from it being very hard to follow and stick to)…Its not like he is selling it under „Cure your PFS in 3 days) for 50 dollars or so…I get that most ppl would refer me to the fact that he is an associate with the supplements company he is referring to, but i literally cant see any harm in that, as he often stated that any product of good quality can be used instead of his affiliate products…
It seems to me that most ppl hate him, becuz he proposes a very hard protocol, and thats it. Its easier to hate him than try his protocol.


50 random herbs which you need to cycle, don’t bother , it’s a scam.

The whole swolesourc forum is created to promote cdfraud with fake accounts. Also people out of nowhere coming to PSSD chat and also trying to indirectly promote CDfraud protocol, by pretending having pssd. They doing it in delicate manner and if you question and have doubts about the protocol , they just accuse you in lack of will power to get cured. So it’s basically a manipulative tactics.

Zonz2 is suspicious character .

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I really doubt that this guy is suspicious…He is probably having some improvements and that’s about it…You are literally accusing others with all sorts of things, and implying that the protocol is just herbs (WHich is definitely not)…
Now my question to you…How does CDNut profit if you try his protocol?

There had been some suspicious duplicate accounts here trying to promote just same thing. It’s said that the account @English and @english1 were the incarnations of cdnuts himself lol.

It has already been claimed that buying those herbs from a particular site would offer u the best herbs in the world and when u come to know that the pfs messiah has been getting some commission from it, something’s fraud here.

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Moderators really should ban a CDNUTS word here. If someone want to mention their recovery , they should be specific in what have they done exactly to improve. Otherwise it’s plain promotion of scam artist. So it won’t harm forum in any way,

Yes im aware of that…But i dont see the harm in that…He is not hiding that he will profit when you buy from this special company, and i dont think that this company is selling (Dogs*** of products) that are worse than the average products…You can literally buy same supplements from other companies as he is not hiding what to buy…I would find it more suspicious if he is trying to sell the protocol…But all the details are given for free, and you can chose where to buy your supplements from…
All being said, the supplements in my opinion if at all give no improvements…The thing that might help in my eyes, is all the exercise, cold showers, organising your life and pushing hard …

I have literally spent 150 euros for two bottles of Mediherb tribulus that gave me NO IMPROVEMNETS whatsover, and i didnt see anyone questioning this alleged and most famous cure on this Website…You know why, becuz its simple…Just pop up the pills and thats it.

jesus… how can you be so naive, the whole protocol was created only for 1 purpose. and you mentioned it yourself. it’s profit. And selling a potocol won’t work, because you can share it with anyone after you buy it. It’s a bad bussiness model.

Dude im not defending him…Im only saying that i cant judge something i didnt try…
If you want my opinion, you should try his protocol if you can BUT LEAVE THE SUPPLEMENTS OUT…Supplments are BS, i can give you this (From his affiliate company or from any other)…They cant help or cure anything. Im talking about the part of the protocol where you have to exercise every day take cold shower etc…
That part might really help.

so why would someone who wants to mention a healthy lifestyle , cold showers etc. need to name it a cdnuts ??? It doesn’t make sense. Do you understand where I am coming from ? Why don’t you say that you have been jogging for example and have been doing push ups, or whatever instead of calling it cdnuts. ( not talking about you, but in general)

It’s not that simple. U are lucky that the tribulus didn’t harm u, our friend @Rb26dett has become physically disabled since he fell for this bioscience spread by some stupid people here. Atleast one herb which he had mentioned in his protocol has caused severe negative reactions in atleast 1 person. U just don’t know what reaction u may have in ur body by “popping those pills”, becoz we just don’t know what pfs is. And what most the the followers of that pfs messiah believe is that “pfs is hpta dysfunction”, most of his followers have had hypogonadism from fin (that too is suspicious). And that guy used to respond to every herb and hormone in this world just like any normal healthy guy would respond. We need to talk about real science please. Those stupid fucking fin supporters are laughing at us just becoz we couldn’t proove anything scientifically in the last 2 decades.

This is not some natural disease to get cured via holistic approaches. This is a “man made” cruelty that has happened to us and we need “man made” treatment or cure for that.


I’m a suspicious character? This is fucking hilarious.

I didn’t even use his affiliate links and only have 13 of the herbs. And it’s stlil working.

I’m using a “holistic” protocol and it’s working. I guess if you consider the “UltraHard” man-made, then yes, that’s a part of it. But if you look at my post history I’ve been doing this since October so it’s taken time. Now that I can get enough sleep because schools out for summer, it’s working.

Edit: I also find it hilarious that I’ve been on this forum for 18 months under the “Zonz” and “Zonz2” names and only now do I get accused of being cdnuts. Lol.

With all due respect. Even if I try to put a positive spin to the news you bring, your attitude about it is just bad and it’s not very convincing that you wrote OP to help people get better despite any potential controversy of the method.

The mere statement that you’re “‘only’ using 13” of the lot would have been more informative than the initial post. It would have been even more informative to post which ones you believe are helping you and what other things you are doing.
But you’re leaving out the details. Seemingly deliberately. When you ask: ‘what else is to be said?’ you know damn well what is to be said, and if you cared about other people feeling better as well from a thing you believe in, you would have said it.

In the most optimistic scenario you would simply be incredibly short on time or lazy for not going into details. Given how you’re perfectly willing to engage in some petty internet fight it seems you’re not. It seems that you’re actively looking to stir things up, whatever the reason may be. That same time and effort could’ve been spent on copy pasting the part of the protocol that you were actually doing. Maybe that would still have sparked a toxic response? Who knows? At least you would not have been the one fishing for one.

I think people are entitled to their own opinions about CDnuts. If his recommendations seem to work for you, that’s great, but the manner in which this is communicated reeks of some kind ill intent one way or another.
Whether that is some personal spite or you actually are involved in something is left up to interpretation.

If you’re not a person of many words that is all fine but you’re often short, passive aggressive, and uninformative, sometimes seemingly to be contrary for the sake of being contrary. Not just now, also in earlier posting style.

We can only guess at why. Maybe to vent or whatever? Some personal vendetta? A spartan upbringing? There is just no valid reason for your bad attitude, is what I’m getting at.
Not admitting to that would be telling of horrible self-reflection to say the least.


CDnuts has tried a lot of things if you have ever read his blog.
He told about prolonged water fasting, raw food diet and later about the paleo diet.
It took him several years for until he was fully healed from all the symptoms.

His supplements are just one corner stone of his recovery.

Honestly his protocol encourages a healthy lifestyle and everyone would benefit from it to some degree. I’ve never understood the hate that he gets.