Zonz2 Cd nuts protocol updates

Don’t you guys ever get sick of having this same conversation. I mean seriously. Ten years from now someone will come post here saying they are getting improvements from CD’s protocol and you guys will have the same argument. Just let it rest

  1. healthy lifestyle won’t cure anyone, but you can feel better thats true.
  2. he didn’t invent a healthy lifestyle, and he doesn’t own a ‘’ healthy lifestyle , so no point referring to him.
  3. He getting all hate he deserved for scamming people, which was proved in a link i shared above.
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No, the only thing that makes me sick is that someone calls it a ‘protocol’’.

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Nuts protocol is antiscience, ok i must say broscience. He doesn’t know a shit what is pfs, does he? Yeah living healthy with diet and cold showers are awesome for normal people, but it can never cure a severe case of pfs who has had severe genetic modifications. To find such genetic modifications, we need science, not cold showers. And why shall i take his T boosters when my T is already fine? And he says about cycling R Andro/Androhard for increasing those 5AR which got wiped out, what proof does he have for it? Most of us have normal or above normal dht levels, so it’s obvious the problem is not with 5AR, the problem is the attachment of that dht/androgen to the androgen receptors just what @awor said, but broscience fraudsters here are given more attention than real science guys.

For me guys like @awor are the real pfs messiah’s, not some charlatans.


To be fair there’s pretty much nothing we do here that has any scientific evidence whatsoever…You have here ppl saying they got cured from eating potatoes to ppl who actually tried anticancer medications and all sorts of rats approved chemicals (including me)…At this point everything we do or are doing is as you called it „Broscience“…
Now you have someone claiming a recovery using a set of instructions (Ofc he didnt invent healthy lifestyle, but he made a protocol to strictly follow)…Now would that cure PFS most likely not, but he is still claiming it (ACtually if my theory about PFS being a mere severe form of Anhedonia is right, his protocol might actually improve symptoms dramatically, there is a lot of science behind exercising, cold showers etc…)…
I have nothing against Awor but he is not a scientist, and in no way can anyone here claim to be…Proposing theories and looking for papers that support the theory is NOT SCIENCE…Research works differently, you need to have evidence even for the little things you are suggesting and that’s what makes medical research hard and expensive.

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whoah, I understand the skepticism here about the guy and his protocol, but that link you shared is just another post on this forum by a guy who actively posted on CD’s forum and got booted lol. There is no proof anywhere of the guy being an absolute health scammer and there’s no proof that he lied about having or recovering from PFS. Just want to make that clear.

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ok, this is just simply not true. Are there “fake” accounts on there? Maybe, I can’t say for certain. But most of the accounts on the Swole-Source forum are completely legit and are real guys that have or had PFS. I know this because I’ve personally chatted and skyped with multiple of them. Some of them will even be the first to tell you “hey man, you don’t need to have 21 herbs, I had 7.” or “I had 10 herbs, or I only used 2 or 3”. What they all will tell you is that you need to come up with a plan for total body health, stick to it, and get back to living your life. That’s what I got from my time on the forum.

Why would I list out what I’m doing when I said I’m doing the cdnuts protocol which is already laid out in so many places? I’m following cd’s Wordpress site. IM not doing part of the protocol I’m doing all of it.

But if you really want me to lay it out:

Lifting + hiit sprints
Paleo diet + carb backloading
Herb rotation
Sun Exposure
Daily meditation
Some Wim Hof breathing exercises
Brushing skin in shower
Cutting down on masturbation
Good sleep

I did a 3 pump UltraHard cycle back in February and didn’t feel anything. Now I’m on a 2 pump UltraHard cycle and it caused a huge upturn that I’ve never felt before. But even off cycle I feel better than before the protocol.


This is more inflammatory than anything I’ve said. And most importantly, nobody has said anything remotely like this to me on this forum until I said the cdnuts protocol is working for me.

What were your sides?

I think if the CDNuts protocol truly didn’t work and was a failure, then no one would be talking about it years after it was initially suggested. The fact that it’s still talked about to this day leads me to believe that it definitely works for some people. Personally, I’ve never tried it, and would rather pay even more money and go to the Mayo Clinic and have actual doctors test me and figure out what the hell is wrong.

That’s because he did not lie about anything . He took fin, had PFS type sides, did everything he said he did and recovered.

In my opinion most that recover using the collection of things CD organized in his protocol did not get hit really bad. But they don’t know that. How can they compare the severity of how hard they got hit to how severe we got hit. They are not us. That’s an impossible thing to expect them to do.

If I’m 25 years old with zero of these issues and I take Dut, fin, saw P or what ever and have loss of sensation and poor orgasm I’m going to say “I have PFS” and “this is horrible”. And then if I do carb back loading, cold showers, rotate T boosting herbs, eat healthy, hit the gym and do 10 other things and then get better. I’m going to now say “I’m cured from PFS”…

I’m not sure why so many here have issues with that. What do you want these people to do? Not talk about their experience because we got hit harder. Give me a break. I don’t even know why I’m responding to this. It’s just dumb


Some of the guys here are really easy to manipulate and are brainwashed if you don’t see anything wrong happening on his forum and nothing wrong in his actions. His forum is full of fake accounts and fake stories to imitate activity. All of the recovery stories looks like were written by 1 person, he is making ‘‘protocol’’ look like it’s a miraculous silver bullet. Considering , how most of us are sensitive to some of the stuff, we can easily get worse, but guess what , there is no single worsening on his forum, no single negative reaction, everyone ALWAYS getting cured. Except when a real person writes that his ‘’ protocol’’ don’t help, cdnuts goes into denial and saying its impossible not to improve. HAHAHA. Can you imagine ? so much confidence and such a clown.

SECOND THING , I did small compilation where he insist or promote his brand of supps to buy for everyone , because of it’s ‘‘superior’’ quality :grinning:. Or probably he wants people to buy through his website links and earn him money. That’s the whole point of his forum and ‘‘protocol’’. That a small part of his scheme, he is also promoting this brand indirectly through his bots on forum. There is a lot more to it i just dont want to spend my time on it.

Here, when a person said doing 17 herbs is too much, CDnuts implying that he won’t get cured if he uses less herbs. and using his typical manipulations , like ‘’ you are limiting yourself and delaying your cure’’. Between quite a toxic reply i would say.


Fortunately some people clearly can see that it’s all a scam scheme and post on his forum (it wasn’t me). Pay attention how is guardian bot immediately defending cdnuts, by accusing guy in lack of will power to get better LOL. He is putting it in a way like ‘‘protocol’’ is absolute universal cure and anyone who raise any skepticism, just don’t want to get better. Protecting their scam scheme by any means.


No pfs sufferer in his forum ever gets worse by any of the herbs or prohormones or hormones, they always feel better no matter whatever they do, when they fast, they feel better, when they rotate herbs, they feel better, when they cycle prohormones, they feel better…this itself gives the answer what is the actual reality of people in that site, bunch of hypogonadotrophic hypochondriacs who never even had pfs in the first place.

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Yes that was exactly what i wanted to say ! My english is just quite limited, to articulate my thoughts clearly. Thanks for elaborating this in better language. But i would still say that some of the accounts are fake.

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I’m on forums with people who followed it and did not get cured. I only did a 7 day juice fast at the beginning though. Would it have been different if I did a month. I don’t know. I never knew though that they are taking in 2000 calories a day of juice for a month though . If I was getting 2000 calories worth of juice I could have lasted the whole month.

Most people who buy the herbs buy them right from lost empires website without going to the website through CD’s affiliate link on his website. When people do go through the link on his website he’s making hardly anything off of it. If he owned lost empire herbs I could see what you are saying. He doesn’t and makes hardly any money off of people buying herbs from lost empire through his links on his website and zero money when people buy them from lost empires website. As for his claim about the quality of the herbs from lost empire I have found this to be true. At one point lost empire provided quality testing certificates for most of their herbs. This obviously made me feel better about putting something in my body everyday. I feel pretty safe taking them from lost empire. I buy most of lost empire herbs from Amazon. I still rotate one per day. But I only have 13 of them. I did not feel the need to rotate 21

The biggest thing to understand is that his protocol is not rotate herbs and get better. That’s just one thing he did and it’s my understanding that when he recovered he was only rotating like 7-10. It’s just one thing mainly for increasing natural T. He did tons of fasting, carb back loading, High intensity training, took cold showers and focused on reducing stress. And other things.

The only thing I do think you guys are right about is that most that get cured from it did not get hit with really bad PFS. That’s just my opinion. I am by no means trashing his protocol or any of his recommendations. He’s also a good dude who’s main goal is to help people with what helped him. You can kinda tell by the recovery posts that the 100 percent success stories are from people who did not get smashed. Lastly these recovery stories are not fake accounts. People defend him on the forums because his suggestions helped people. Like I’m defending him now because when I was at my worst with constipation and insomnia everything that helped him helped me. Slandering someone on line by calling them a fraud when you don’t have all the facts opens you up to get sued. And I hope anyone slandering him gets sued. Because I have been around for ten years, know him from other forums and what you guys are doing is wrong.


Did any one of u ask him what must be the scientific purpose (in relation to pfs, not health) of rotating these 21 herbs when ur T is already fine?? Did u ever question him what if i possibly get worse by trying any one of his herb?? There are many evidences in this forum about significant worsening from these so-called safe and natural herbs. Did anyone of u ask him why should i do an androhard cycle when my dht levels are already normal or above normal? Did it make any sense?

I’m neither for or against but I really don’t get why people are so bothered?.
If you don’t believe in it and think its a scam, don’t do it. It’s simple.

The time he seems to put in on that forum and what he would possibly make back financially don’t stack up in my eyes, from the comments i’ve read most people don’t even use the website he suggests.

And in terms of what he asks people to do, i’d say there are far more dangerous protocols listed on this forum than whats proposed on his.


None of what you asking here is disputed. He’s simply saying what he took and what happened after he took these things .

Personally, I have done approximately ten cycles of androsterone and felt like I got zero benefits. Maybe this is because I have high plasma DHT, medium saliva DHT and highish urine DHT. I don’t know…

Also just so you know he does not even recommend using DHT pro hormones to the best of my knowledge and belief. In fact if you look at his website that recommendation is not even included in his protocol. Although it’s also true that DHT pro hormones helped him and others personally in PFS . They did not help me. Only a little my first cycle years ago. But no lasting benefit.

I have heard some stories about magnesium and glycine making peoples sleep worse . But I have heard many more stories about making peoples sleep better. But yea everything with PFS carries a risk. Especially for those of us who got hit hard. I have never heard of anyone getting worse from the one herb per day method and moving on to the next one. If you are familiar with someone who was worsened please share the link to the thread. I do know someone who got worse from taking ashwaganda every day… but for the record this is not his recommendation. Taking ashwaganda or mucuna every day could have a substantially impact on neurotransmitters. Maybe for the better or worse . Unrelated but I may try to take mucuna every day soon for it’s impact on dopamine but this is risky and more experimental then his protocol

You should take the time and actually read his website