Zonz2 Cd nuts protocol updates

Yup! Your right about all your analysis here

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and when they don’t use the website he suggests, he is getting dissapointed and insist on buying from his source(screenshots above). I literally seen how he removed his own post, when he asked a person ‘’ why don’t buy buy lost empire, instead of your source’’ I wanted to screenshot that, but next day it was removed. He wouldn’t be so persuasive if he didnt care about getting cash from directing people to his website , and we don’t know about his REAL relation to this company and other companies he is promoting. It might be something more than just affiliate. People are bothered because they see that it’s total BS and scam. His motives is not to help people , he is creating cult which is based on lies, to monetize the trust of some naive people. I have seen him on another forum which name is banned here (for good reason), his main message was , ‘‘if you don’t do this protocol , you don’t want to get cured’’. If you see nothing wrong in such statements i feel sorry for you. Everyone who questioned his protocol, were banned on that forum. Protocol itself is total and complete BS, his healthy lifestyle advices is BS, it’s good for overall health, but it have no relation to our condition. Chemically induced brain alteration won’t be cured by cold showers and weight lifting or running. Its’ just plain stupid. It’s just a facade and distraction from his real motives, which it to sell supps.

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My previous statement still applies. :sweat_smile:
Why does it bother you so much??

well you can close your eyes and pretend that everything is ok. That’s more of a quesiton about life values. Should I promote him instead or what ? If you know someone is a fraud , what you do in real life? you ignore it ?

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You have zero hard evidence he’s a fraud though?

Its just your opinion.

My life values are never to just assume without evidential proof.

Leave it bro… its like a cult of people to follow their cult of personality, u can’t argue with them, infact, the people whom u are arguing with seems to be from his forum itself. These followers themselves aren’t cured by his broscience still they will promote it, becoz It’s a cult. Only a guy believing in fairy tales would say “cdnuts protocol works for pfs”. Don’t expect science from them. He also used to claim a ring called ball zinger used to make him feel better, it’s all pure quackery, any real scientist would just laugh at all this when the research comes out in future. Just give it a rest.

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Actually there is scientific evidence that those things help Anhedonia and even negative symptoms in Schizophrenia. I know you will be telling me now, that CDNut didnt invent „healthy lifestyle“ and you are right…Its not his invention, but he is sharing a set of rules (That in no way are dangerous or risky) and claiming by following those rules, he got cured…
I can refer you to really dangerous protocols in this forums, where nobody is even questioning them (Those to me are the ones that must be criticized)…
I dont know if he is earning a lot of money out of promoting the herbs of lost empire, but if he is then there are 3 possibilities:

  1. he had pfs, and got cured honestly after following his protocol and using the herbs (In this case, i will be more than happy to know that he is making some money after all his sufferings)…Its enough that he is sharing, while some might just disappear.
  2. he still has PFS, was never cured, but thought about making money this way…It is ethically bad and he is a pi** of sh** but nevertheless he is promoting healthy lifestyle, something that most of us dont have due to multiple reasons like fatigue lack of motivation, depression etc…
  3. and mostly unlikely he never had PFS to begin with and thought of all that to earn some money…In this case, he is to me the worst scammer on the planet. (I can think of 100 better ways to earn money by scamming ppl)
    I dont agree with his method of „if you are not getting better, you are doing it wrong“, but to some extent i can understand it…I have followed him on swole source and ppl can be really frustrating…Things like „Can i eat bread during a juice fast?“ and really dumb questions, are rather the norm, and it can get really frustrating at times dealing with that…
    Another point is the herbs of Lost empire are not of bad quality or massively overpriced…He is promoting a good product, so at this age of social media it is a rare sight to behold…
    There are some recovery stories on swole source, that seems to be realistic and definitely not BS…I chatted with at least 3 different guys that had many many years of contributions here and on the hairlossforums and they were all real…Actually i believed them more than our famous guy here with his tribulus raging libido story…

Lost empire use to be super man herbs. cD was recovered before he even organized everything he did into a protocol and recommended super man herbs. He does not own lost empire herbs . He does not even work there. Hosting a website has costs. Linking people to specific recommendations makes it easier for the person wanting to try it. Yes there are costs associated with being able to link someone to the source. Wanting to get compensated for your own money and time invested in helping people is not fraud. He’s not selling herbs . Anyone saying this is the case is wrong.

When I crashed from Saw P my first time I had low T and LH. Rotating the herbs like he recommended increased my T and restored most of the lost size in my testicles . This is good news for me and it’s an idea that I wouldn’t have known about if it was not for him. At the end of the day that’s all I care about . Not some affiliation link or anyone’s feelings who do not like it


Well, I’m sorry that this post incited some friction, if it makes you feel any better I injured my back while working out a few days after writing this and the “upturn” is gone. But still, at my worst, with the protocol I at least feel like I have a blanket underneath me, with the breathing exercises and meditation routine making me feel better, and at my best, I feel upturns that I’ve never felt before.

I had PFS from July 2019 and didn’t fully do the protocol consistently until about February of 2021, although I reported improvements as early as October 2020 when I first started the diet, which were true.

So basically, as a person who had PFS for 1.5 years and was consistently trying methods to recover (diets, steroids, supplements) I can say the protocol feels like the path that I’m going to continue on from now on. I still have PFS but when I have upturns its undeniable, I feel the mucus in my throat again, I can feel the wind touching my face again, not to mention the sexual, physical, and mental improvements, it’s really quite beautiful and reminds me of when I was a kid before I had chronic health problems. But I must remember not to let my pride get ahead of me and make vague controversial posts on forums such as this.


We obviously do not feel better when you are hurt. Please don’t think such things. Get well soon.

Really man…Did you honestly recover the sensation inside your mouth?
My mouth feels completetly numb and cant taste anything except for the first or second bites, then everything goes flat. If you tell me you did recover that, then im jumping on this Protokoll to finally give my statement (I wont be buying lost empire Herbs, so everyone calm down)…The only thing that terrifies me are the cold showers…

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@Zonz2 dude if something is working for you, keep doing it. Other people’s input and conspiracies or whatever should have zero influence on what you’re doing. I’m still as bad as I was 2 and a half years ago but some of the comments here are just absolutely ridiculous and irrelevant. If a herb helps you, take it. If a food or supplement fucks with you, don’t take it.


The lost empire herbs comment
The craziest thing is if you start buying lost empire herbs everyone will think you are fake account

I started the cold showers like two months go. After the first week I felt orgasm and erection improvements. Then the results faded. Kept going though because it really is a bad ass way to start the day and they do make you feel good generally speaking. That first week though I was like get the hell out of here is this really going to cure me haha

I built my tolerance up last 11 min straight on as cold as it can go . And I was going in cold haha . It’s hardcore and it’s so cool seeing what your body can get use to . Dude the first day u r going to think after 30 seconds of it that it can’t be done. Trust me it can be done . Suck it up go in cold and deal with it for a whole min then put it on warm for min and put it back on cold. And keep increasing the amount of time u can go before giving in and putting it back on warm

Lol, I’m pretty sure he’d have to use a real name, run a legit business to sue someone.

Really ?

Check out legal elements of slander. My understanding is that it’s more about knowingly posting false information about someone

I haven’t posted here since before I moved and started the college lifestyle so I figured I should update.

You guys will be particularly intesterested in my experience because of certain modifications I have made to the protocol:

No herbs, no cold showers, no nofap

Why no herbs? Because they fucked with my cognitive ability and made me stink. This is detrimental as a piano player and a human being who is forced to sit next to other human beings. Why no cold showers? Because they made my joints ache. Why no Nofap? Because it makes me feel like crap. I fap almost every day.

Despite all of this, I still feel loads better doing the rest of the protocol: The diet, the exercise, the carb backloading, the wim hof breathing, UltraHard cycles, avoiding all xenoestrogens, getting enough sleep, etc.

The point I’m trying to make here isn’t that the protocol is bullshit, in fact, if you’re starting the protocol it’s probably still best that you subscribe to it 100%. I am simply pointing out that the aspects of the protocol that get shit on the most aren’t even the most important parts of the protocol, because I still feel better not doing them. So if you can’t afford to buy 100 herbs, there’s still no excuse not to hop on it because I have experienced genuine improvements.

Signs of improvements:

more muscle mass, better cognition, skin less yellow, facial skin clearer, no dark circles, cheeks hollow again, almost no fatigue, less angry mood, smell has improved, farts smell again, etc.

And I’m still probably only %30-40 percent of where I want to be. But I have faith that I will improve especially as the weather gets nicer. (I tend to do better in the winter time here in Florida)

I want to mention some things of CD’s protocol which I experienced some positive effect in my case.

The best part of his protocol is the extended fast. I did a water fast for 5 days a few weeks ago.
I felt like crap during the fast, but once I ate some food at the end of the fast I felt much better with my mental side effects.
But I would recommend doing a juice fast if you can tolerate fructose or a bone broth fast (if you prefer to stay in ketosis) over a water fast.

Paleo diet
A strict paleo diet has also lead to some improvements in the long run.

But I wasn’t really using his supplements or herbs because I’m not a big fan of that.