Zadig777 is Dead

Rest in Peace Zadig777.

Depression is one of the worst aspects of this condition. If you feel alone in your own mind and don’t talk to someone you can convince yourself to take your own life. It’s best to share those thoughts with someone you know as what might seem normal to you might seem concerning to someone else. Without someone to tell you that doesn’t sound right you continue on that path thinking your thoughts are right. Depression can trap you inside your own mind like a bully, it can hold you there and make you feel like your life is worth giving up. It’s a awful condition and suicide can seem like a relief from the suffering of your own thoughts. We really need a pinned post about depression explaining our theories, experiences and coping mechanisms so guys like this can better understand this condition and recognize it within themselves. One of the hardest things is to break free and get help.


I love capitalism. Problem is government. Merck fucked up, but who can really blame them if after 7 years of study funding and vast sums of money wasted on self experimentation we still have no earthly clue what PFS is. To blame capitalism when complex Medicine goes wrong is childish and idiotic.


The same can be said for using capitalism as a convenient scapegoat when medicine goes wrong. I think the “upholding ethical obligation to stakeholders to make as much money as possible” was used as a defence in the Vioxx fiasco. That, and lots of finger pointing within the company.
It’s not capitalism or government, but people who do unethical things.


The mass media + official studies + big money should be involved into this, otherwise there will be no attention on a global level. I wonder if its possible to start a fundraising company towards raising the awareness of devastating consequences.


An be careful Merck might be reading this forum.

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That’s what the PFS Foundation is trying to do. That’s what we here in this forum are trying to do. Unfortunately, it is not easy and that’s why we need everyone’s help.

There are several ways everyone can help:

  • Report your side effects to the authorities. This is an easy way to create awareness in the medical community and has lead to far more severe warnings on leaflets and handouts to medical professionals. With the current Information with regard to side effects on Propecia leaflets, there is no way I would have taken this poison. Too bad, these warnings weren’t there 15 years ago. See here for more Information on how to report your side effects:

  • Complete the survey. For the first time ever, we will systematically generate data with regard to the numerous side effects of this condition and their Impact on quality of life. It will likely also show the unsurprising similarity in symptoms between PFS, PSSD, PAS etc. that have so far been considered as separate conditions, but are likely based in similar if not identical mechanisms. The survey will hopefully create awareness and leads for publications and research. And it only costs abount an hour of everyone’s time to complete it. See here for more details: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

  • Provide 23andme data. This is a DNA test. We hope to compile as many samples as possible of DNA from PFS, PSSD, PAS etc. patients. This may generate leads with regard to our genetic predisposition that makes us suspectible to suffer from persistent side effects after the use of these meds. This would be of high scientific interest. It costs only about a 100 bucks to order the test. See here for more Information: Important Announcement: Two Community-Led Research Projects - Please Participate

There are three things everyone can easily help with. They cost comparatively little time and money, but may generate more awareness and generate scientific leads. The latter two points may help to establish that PFS, PSSD, PAS etc. are all the same Thing which would be huge and make our problem much more relevant and thus may provide much more interest from the scientific community and attract more funds.

I also want to use the opportunity to express my condolences to Zadig’s family. It’s a shame that another young life was wasted and another family is mourning. It was clear from his posts that he was desperate, yet I was hoping that his suicide threats were just another part of his rather brash harsh way to express himself. It wasn’t. He was serious.

It is in all our duty to do our best to stop the suicides and stop the suffering. Let’s do all we can do to advance research in and awareness of this condition, so that one day these suicides stop and we leave this mess behind us!


I remember watching the entire documentary about accutane consequences, was called dying for clear skin and aired on BBC. Maybe in the future someone will do similar documentary with more evidence. Although documentary alone was not enough , accutane is still on the shelves.

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No wonder some docs don’t believe us if some people here are that deluded to blame capitalism for world’s diseases

Please, let‘s not turn this into an ideology debate.


Really feeling down about this, I talked to him loads, not for a couple of months. I tried to help him but nothing seemed to work.


Does anyone just feel like they need a hug sometimes


It’s great that you’ve said that @irishguy754.

I think it would be extremely valuable if people said if they wanted to talk to someone and also if people would say they would be happy to talk to someone who needed some help.

A buddy system would be great.

I also think it would be great if people could arrange to meet up.

I know when I met up with someone from here it was a great experience for me.


Exact, bravo! This is a post to remind Zadig, our friend, and NOT to talk about capitalism or liberal democracy and Bolshevism. Things that make me vomit.


I’ve only been on the forum a few months and find it very useful. I’m crushed by the many symptoms and have lost everything my wife and job included. I message some outside of the forum which again helps me greatly. A buddy system or personal is a very good suggestion, thanks Greek.
I live in the north east of England if anyone wants to get in touch. Most of the people around me have either fled or don’t want to talk about it which bring the isolation. I’m sure lots of you can relate.Reading about Zag is very upsetting, the poor lad should have had his life ahead of him, can’t describe or give him fitting words. I’m 52 and have to be greatful that this torture didn’t hit me at such a young age. May he be at rest


Our sincere condolences regarding this tragedy to Zadig’s family. I do hope his family are managing OK and that he has found some peace.

Many people have been expressing the feeling they’d like better connection and friendship, even in this thread

I agree. @awor gave me a hug and it cheered me up :slight_smile:

Following many requests I have implemented a new category to discuss coping, and a system to facilitate meetups in the hope of expanding patient support. Please see the following post for those who are interested.

Thank you all for your kind words regarding what has happened, and thanks to @Northern_Star for the great post about what we can do together. I hope we can continue to endeavour to show kindness and support to one another, particularly those most severely affected by this condition. x


Rip Zadig, we pm’d a bit seemed like a good guy. Unfortunately it’s generally the younger guys, teenagers - early 20’s that end up committing suicide, I think going forward we need to try and support the youngsters more, if that’s possible, they’re far more vulnerable.


Omg man no… don’t do it. I’ve been experimenting with some supplements that seems to have helped some… I will post when I get home Thursday

What was his condition? Pfs? Did he take finasteride or was another condition?. I didnt knew him, im so sorry that this happened,rip.never give up.we all can go through this and recovery, just fight until your last breath

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PSSD in his case, all of his story is on pssdforum.

ah ok thank you george.