YouTube video: Is Post-Finasteride Syndrome Real? | Diagnosing And Reversing It

This guy thinks he understands PFS but he is totally wrong. At least he is not denying PFS, which is something.

I think everyone should be cognizant of the likelihood of this being the tip of an iceberg. Gurus have always popped up within the community or, in very weird cases, latched on to it. As PFS develops in mainstream consciousness there’s going to be a penumbra in which I’d expect a lot of sudden content on youtube, alternative health sites and whatnot from people with plenty of explanations and answers. This is concerning given how suggestible certain segments of the patient community have been to people playing on hope and desperation, but hopefully alongside the forthcoming scientific efforts and patient efforts, education at the clinical level will catch up.


Some quotes from that video

Once you decrease the DHT levels in some individuals, they’re pretty much a threshold of low androgen status to begin with and crushing DHT regardless of the fact that their testosterone being in the therapeutic reference range, their androgen index is too low now, so they can no longer support these male sexual functions so… “Post Finasteride Syndrome” [does air quotes] is really just a fancy term to outline somebody who either has mismanaged estrogen levels or an androgen deficiency induced by the finasteride use.

So, even if this is properly managed and then you still have the “Post Finasteride Syndrome” [air quotes again], this is just an androgen deficiency brought on by crushing your DHT levels. This is nothing that can’t be alleviated simply by increasing your androgen index manually again.

5000 views in three days. 209 “likes”. Comments like these:

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These types of videos are so dangerous in that they seek to demystify and make comprehensible something which continues to baffle world specialists in endocrinology and the larger medical community. Had this 39,000 subscribed Youtuber bothered to reach out to the patient community or read Melcangi’s research, he would’ve known how wrong his assertions are. He didn’t and now there’s another video with reasonably slick presentation in which people unsure on whether to take finasteride will watch the video and read this:

and think that this problem is just something that can be mitigated against by having pre-finasteride treatment blood tests done and then “increasing your androgen index manually” if something goes wrong. Faulty thinking, grounded in some kind of RPG video game stat point system where putting that level up and bringing this level down will produce a “balance” and magically fix PFS.


Het guys,

I just stumbled upon this video:
He explains how post finasteride came to be and how it can be reversed, I’m wondering what you guys think. Is there some truth to it?

That guy is a fucking douche imo he doesn’t know jack about this condition, but hey that’s just me.

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Hej, yeah sorry I got a bit carried away by this. Will do the next time!

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If I’m not mistaken, that guy is affiliated with selling RU58841 and potentially Fin too. So obviously it’d be in his vested interest to try to shut down any fear of PFS.


I completely read the article (much better and in depth than the video) and it makes sense.

He mostly advises proviron to fix it, if that doesn’t fix it you should raise your base testosteron level first and try proviron. (goes deeper than that of course but for a lot of pfs patients, that should be enough it seems)

Found it especially interesting with the newest big recorvery here coming from proviron.

Recommend everyone here to read it:

@sabajey If you are a post drug syndrome patient please fill out a member story

The person who wrote that has no grasp of/doesn’t acknowledge primary findings in PFS patients and posits TRT as a “cure” despite the fact that many have tried all manner of TRT regimens with professional endocrinologists to no avail. He writes things like this

“Post Finasteride Syndrome” is really just a fancy term for mismanaged estrogen levels and/or an androgen-deficiency induced by the Finasteride use.

which is not accurate to put it mildly. Most dangerously, he has a section titled “How to reverse Post Finasteride Syndrome” in which he lists things such as Tribulus, Creatine and Vitamin D, all of which have worsened PFS patients, some drastically so. The very fact that he posts a “how to” is egregiously dangerous; it suggests to people as yet unexposed to Fin and thinking of trying it that if something goes wrong, there’s something they can do about it which definitely works. There isn’t and therefore it’s a hazardous lie.

Also, he has a list of supplements in his “Natural Post Finasteride Syndrome Treatment” section, and they all have a hyperlink to online vendors. He gets commission if a purchase is made.


Sounds like a new cdsnuts with the supplements and nonsens


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