What's the point for me?

Hey, guys.

Today I lost any hope of recovering further. There’s nothing I can do. Weight lifting hurts my shoulder joints and cause cracking noises. Running hurts my ankles. Taking vitamins causes digestive issues and other problems. It feels like I’m stuck with this condition, and I have to learn to cope with what I have.

I’ve spent 8 months fighting this condition and every day was spent researching and trying to find a cure. In the end, I got nothing out of it. I know most of you here have milder symptoms and can keep experimenting, but for me who has a laundry list of problems and react badly to almost everything, I think there isn’t much hope. So I give up now. Whatever happens to me happens and I’ll just find a way to mitigate the symptoms as best as I can.

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Totally agree - I fucked up and crashed on what I thought were innocuous substances man shit is still surreal to me like 1/4 way through my life and to get hit like a ton of bricks.

It’s sad, and I think I’m going through another crash right now. I’m having trouble falling asleep.

God, this is so hard.


I’ve been in this for 20 years the last few being nothing but torture and deteriation on every front. Neme the symptom and I’ve got it. So here is the advice. Stop chasing health breaks from supps, for some of us everything is bad news.
Dumb down your life make it simple. Hang around passive people. Tell yourself repeatedly you’ll get better, with each deep breath in bed, count down backwards from 1000 in 7s. Believe the healing hand of God is on you. Even if you don’t have faith it will help with relaxation. Go for a walk every day and try to take in the scenery. Don’t eat after 5 pm. Perform an act of kindness daily. Take up a volunteering role. Try to help others. A different type of reward as the gym no longer cuts it. Bin gluten, cakes, all 5 ar foods, reduce carbs barring potatoes. Drink lots of water. Banish negativity with a stop sign then do something mentally challenging. This is about survival and working from the very bottom up, the darkest place, with the very basics. Learning to live with this. This is what I’ve done to survive.
Re benefits take the papers to GP. Get signed on the sick and apply for PIP. Anxiety and emotional symptoms are in there. Get therapy via CBT. The physical stuff is harder to prove but get it on the form. I’m aware of one guy who had success on appeal. Continue to badger the docs re your symptoms, ask them to refer you for therapy. Good luck. PM me anytime if you want. Sorry im sure you’re already doing some of this. This is what’s helped me last this long.


I think there’s little evidence that the supplements and drugs suggested have been effective. That’s the brutal truth.

What I will say is that dealing with your symptoms as best you can and creating a stable physical environment might be more helpful than trying a handful of vitamin pills.

I will also say that we have had people say they have felt recovered after YEARS of problems, so don’t feel that after 8 months you are stuck forever.

I just want to mention @LazarusRy’s post, who I think is an excellent man and I am not at all criticising, but it’s worth saying that he wasn’t off finasteride for 20 years.

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@Greek thanks for the valid point, no criticism taken at all…To clarify, I was on and off fin for years with minox thrown in to the mix. I’ve been clean for about 3 years since finding the cause. Some even recover at the 5 year point @WorriedGuy123 so never lose hope. No matter how bad things get there’s always a touch of restbite on occasion which shows this remains recoverable. I’ve been at the end of the line a few times these last few years but I remain grateful that despite it all I wasn’t strong enough to step over the threshold. We will get there WorriedGuy123 all of us will, never let the demon of destruction “PFS” beat you. :heartbeat:


I’m sure there was a guy who said 7 years on here too. I wonder if he broke a mirror.

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Lol gives us hope

I believe it was the multivitamin I ate 2 days ago that crashed me. Probably the zinc.

My insomnia returned. Was laying in bed for hours last night. When I finally fell asleep, I started getting heart palpitations and immediately woke up. It feels like in terms of sleep, I’m now back at square 1.

I’m never taking vitamins again. Hopefully I can climb out of this hole again.

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The right choice and the right mindset. Desperation makes us take risks often at a cost

Was he a severe case or a milder one?

This is something to try avoiding for sure.

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Indeed. I was on a good trajectory, too. I screwed up.

Couldn’t tell you now, I’m afraid. I read it a long time ago.

Yes, I believe there was someone in India who had the same problem. Took zinc and his insomnia returned.

But it does make me thing I have a low estrogen problem.

6 years, not 7, my mistake.

I will say on that note there’s probably not much difference between 2 years, 6 years or fifteen years in terms of the body returning to normal. By that amount of time, I think you’re into “as long as it takes” territory.


An endo told me 3, 12 and 24 month points are generally when the body recovers from hormonal disorders. Less often after that. Take heart you’ve still got time… noting many have got better on here at the 3 month point so there’s probably something in what he said.

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Ah, thanks for finding this, friend. It does appear he had a lot of symptoms.
I’ll keep waiting. No more experimenting for me. Why change what has worked for me for the past 6 months?
Waiting seemed to do far more for me than supplements.

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I hope you’re right.

Something I’ve done recently was shift my investments into riskier assets in hopes that they explode in value. I really don’t want to work with this condition, and I’m someone who used to love my job.

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Me too mate loved the high octane environment and pressure, I’ve been reduced to not being able to work these last 2 years or deal with any stress. Living off savings one day you may be able to get back to the job you love. Doesn’t sound like you have financial worries something to be grateful for Im aware of some that are living on fumes which would dramatically worsen the landscape