What should I do for recovery?

thank you for your advice.
I am not supposed to have quarrel with you. I am sorry.
but "swole sources"has so many recoveries in itself. I don’t think they’re members of cdnut. I understand your opinion,too.
surely, I was in a haste a little.
but are there proven evidence in the world?
in my opinion,we should imitate what recovered people did.even though no effect or bad effect.
Time will make us completely recover? I don’t think so.

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Nah I dont think imitating recovered people can do much… What “recovered” people like CDnuts do is just methods giving results in healthy people when we talk about sexual function or overall health… Anyway, on PSSD forum there are few people being recovered using veeeery different methods, from urecholine to fmt, from low dose ADs to pelwic floor therapy, from natural recovery to doing dangerous drugs like MDMA or pramipaxole… Whats common in these stories? Nothing. Probably our organism is in altered state, I mean genetic state, so anything can make switch to better/worse… Some people r lucky enough switching themselfs permanently (if their stories are true). Anyway, what is “healthy” and functional differ among individuals and depends of their perception. Recovered for me may not be recovery for you.

I guess nothing is irational/ilogical to try with this condition. Maybe some things that many people try and get worse, but, who knows, maybe youll be cured using thing that fvcked so many people.

Im sorry we all are in this desperate situation while people like CDnuts and others are serving fake recovery stories. We r all free to do whatever we want with our health trying to escape from this shit. One is certain - recovery stories of someone who has been on this site for few years are almost non existent. Thats why am I always sceptical when someone register here and post recovery story without any background informations and convincing history of this hell.

yes,imitating much is dangerous.
but at first,I imitate someone who recovered.then I will find “this is better or that is worse”,so my own protocol will be produced.
in my opinion, people in this website are very negative and doubtful.negative thoughts are always worse to all.
whatever you argue cdnut is fake, I will never believe it.
by the way, are you trying cdnut? or other protocol?if not, you are only mouth man…
( I don’t lose my temper. I will try very carefully,so please tell me positive advice only.)

Ok guy, try nuts protocol and go back for few months. If U recover Ill try it.

by the way, you took baking soda didn’t you?
please tell me something about this.
if you stop taking,you will really crash?

I didn’t.

I’m really sorry I will not do cdnut completely because of my job( I am just a student)
what I do now is cold shower,a little work out,taking supplements(not testosterone boosters),talking with friends,a little solarium. I will do and try some protocol(containing cdnut andsoon) next year.
have you ever tried some protocols?have you been waiting for recovery time to come?

so, you hesitated to try,right?why?

Yeah Im still trying… But Ive given up thinking gym and forest walking is gonna cure me. What Ive learned is that this shit is not like having a flu so your body is gonna be better from lemon juice. This condition is serious and our organism is in new state probably not trying to fight against this. Like new homeostasis. Our mental perception is that this is horrible, but, anyway, we can live in this condition for many years. Our body does nothing to get rid of this shit. We r fvcked in some deep levels, severe enough that ordinary tests cant detect any problem.

I really respect you. you are great.
lemon is effective for bodies,right?
I’ve never known.
how long are you trying cdnut?
he said it would take a half year〜2years for starting recovery.
by the way,how about trying bakingsoda? this seems to be better especiallymental sides.

Welcome to the forum and reading through other posts I can definitely relate to them.

Like others have already said, stories about quick and complete recovery are often doubtful especially if they don’t back them up with bullet proof evidence and enough history/background. I, for one, have been living with PFS for years and it had wasted precious years of my life! Unlike many others, I’m a risk taker naturally so I didn’t leave any rocks unturned and there are definitely ups and downs. The downs were sometimes unbearable!

Anyway, I’d say that global approach is the best. Meaning you have to work with a trusty doctor(s) and get full testing including blood, hormones, gut, vitamins, minerals, diseases and any other possible test you can get. Accordingly, you can target all abnormalities and assess how you feel.

It takes a lot of patience and $$ to move forward but it surely worth it.

Good luck, you’re gonna need it!

Not sure why you recommend spending money on a doctor and blood tests. This is literally the first thing people come up with and I’ve yet to see someone get any benefits from it.

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Simply because we don’t know for certain what finesteride had done to our bodies! Finesteride seems to affect us differently and thus different protocols may be needed and this might explain why there’re so many protocols out there but none of them is universal.

Getting all necessary tests is critical to one’s journey toward recovery and would help to avoid shooting in the dark. Treatments that are solely based on anecdotal symptoms can be a hit or miss. Infact, it could make things much worse.

Differents tests have helped me navigate through this nightmare and to treat different abnormalities each at a time. An example was me thinking my symptoms were due to high estrogen & low Testosterone so I took anti-estrogens and ended up feeling 1000X worse. Bloodwork have unveiled that my estrogen was already too low to begin with and there’s no point in lowering it further.

I’ve also done H2/CH4 breathing tests and it was found that I had SIBO (google it) and that caused a slew of gastrointestinal issues. You get the idea, don’t you?

I don’t think definitely this is needed.
are you taking another drug?
it seems to me very dangerous.
none of us, even doctors,knows what happens to our bodies.
results tell us we are almost normal.
besides, in JAPAN,no doctors have opinions that PFS exists.

Greek, where is this posted?


I want to know,too.
cdnut had been in this website for7years when he recovered.so I cannot regard him as a"faker".

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Noone is telling you not to try Cdnuts protocol. Anyway, you can read this topic Is cdnuts a fraud?

I don’t want to read this thread.
(I’ve read a little before)
this thread makes always me feel much worse.
in my opinion,negative persons are never better.have those tried cdnut? it is very unclear.if not,I regard them as"a fraud" in the same way as they did in that thread.
even pfs has little evidence.so,pfs protocol ( cdnut)can’t have any evidences.

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Where are all the long-time PFS patients who recovered with the “nuts treatment regimen?” No one ever forbade them from posting their experiences here.

My opinion is that the man found a pool of suckers willing to hand him money for components to a treatment plan that is very unsuccessful.

If one doesn’t want to hear negativity, then perhaps they should stick to reading fantasy.


it’s your opinion. I will never figure out.
cdnut doesn’t suggest only what it takes a lot of costs for recover.
fasting,exercises,solariums,coldshowers etc… have no cost to do.
besides the persons like me in JAPAN don’t have means of buying cdnut’s suggestions.
so,there’s little advantage.
oh,I don’t want to make arguments with you.so, please don’t tell me negative cdnut opinions.
if you recover without cdnuts protocol( of course,including exercises,fasting…), I will believe you.