What should I do for recovery?

In all fairness, I’ve spoken on the phone and Skype to a few of the recoverers off Swole Source, and they avoided this forum like the plague lol. They wouldnt even log on to do the survey. There are guys who have been fucked up from Propecia and have fully recovered but just haven’t posted here. I don’t think it’s many though, and for the most part I don’t think that they’ve had the bad symptoms. It seems to be problems with libido, rubbery genitals, and brain fog.

This whole thing is a big fucking mess man


I know one guy from Canada, he was proper fucked for 8 months, ED, brain fog, suicide thoughts, I was helping him at this time to geto over this shit, he took clomid and some other shit, then he told me he got recovered and blocked me in FB, I suppose because he want’s to forget about this nightmare and get on with the life. He is fine now, I saw his pics with his GF. God bless him! There are people recovered from this shit. But once you get the sides I got, like OA, the chance to recover from this shit gets almost impossible…


I will never understand this attitude.

When I am recovered, I will be aware that I have this sensitivity to 5ari’s for life. There are many ways that I could end up in trouble again. Helping the community progress and find a treatment is surely something that would benefit everyone.


Yeah I know what you mean mate, but the people are so different. Everyone finds his own way to escape from the problems, it could be something that you would never understand but for him this is the only way and we should respect their choice. After all, we all head to the same point, we just choose different route…


I know a person similar to this in swole source.he said he never watched here.
and, you must not consider your symptoms unrecoverable!
whatever symptoms we have,we have chances to get over.

Yes, it is a shame. As and when I heal I’ll be back to tell people I did and how I did it, although there’s honestly zero merit in the latter part of that, because everyone will tell me it was just time.

I’ve personally no doubt I’ll be ok in the end, but I can see it taking time for sure. I’m way better than I was mentally, although sexually not amazing.


How do you know that the 5ari sensitivity stays after a recovery? I mean it’s certainly possible, even probable. But do you think it is set in stone? If so, what leads you to that conclusion?

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Probably because people have got better and then crashed after exposure to a 5ARI.

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Ultimately, I don’t know. But you can bet that I won’t want to take the chance.

What is this community? It’s not necessary to just pick holes and be unpleasant to each other. Are you trying to talk people who have recovered into abandoning those who haven’t?

Honestly, this sort of needless point scoring makes me despair. We only have each other in this and the community, instead of trying to stick together seems to want to self destruct, divide and argue.

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Greek, please tell us.
I want to go this sites.

I can’t find it, unfortunately. Perhaps it was on Solve?

solve pfs?
I have not been to it. Is this useful?

Wow, I really don’t know why you seem to read some bad intention out of my message again…
I wrote it with a friendly feeling towards you. I want to understand this shit called pfs as best as I can and I am not that arrogant to believe that there aren’t things around that I still dont know about it. So i was honestly curious if there is something to learn from you here.

Really, no bad intention at all, I am a little baffled honestly…