What should I do for recovery?

I crashed around 3months ago.
I have been up and down repeatedly.
My symptoms are muscle wasting,muscle twitch,sleep problems(awake so early),a little brain fog,myodesopsia.
by the way, in JAPAN,there is no information about pfs.so,I have to search for recovery way in English world.besides,I discovery a lot of recoveries.I am so glad to see it.
what I know for cure is taking
baking soda,arginine,citrulline,testosterone booster
(it’s right?)
of course,I know I have to exercise and work out.
so,please tell me what should I do for recovery
I am sorry my English is very very poor.

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be careful when trying new things, a lot of people get worse.

some people do get better by doing nothing and waiting.

others get better by doing those things you listed. the fact is, NO ONE knows what will work for you.

ive decided myself not to take many chances with things. we are working on projects that will help us find the cure or better treatments.

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As you crashed only three months ago, my advice would be to take no substances in trying to improve your condition. The best thing to do currently is to allow time to heal you. Welcome to the forum and do not apologise for your English, it’s good considering it isn’t your first language!

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Sorry to hear that youre suffering. There are recovered cases from pssd and pfs, you just have not to panic. Do not do anything yet, its been only 3 months. Stay strong.

thank you for your comments.
so,all of you think I must not do anything new,right?
I know trying has high risk.but, I also think these are worth trying.
especially muscle twitch,one of my fuck symptoms is the most serious.and I don’t see anyone who had this recovered because of time.
of course, I am supposed to try so carefully…
(even though I would get worse)

Maybe try things later down the line. Trying things has made me 2 times worse and I wish I had never done it.


but I see something better.
do you mind telling me what you did?

I did betaine supplements and ibogaine. Really bro, it’s a hard pill to swallow. But often people get worse by trying things, not better. But i get where u are coming from. I myself consider myself now bad enough to try shit, because it has become intolerable anyways for me. I don’t see myself living like this anymore, so I have decided to go all in on trying stuff. But if ur shit is still liveable, please dont try shit. Shit.


you tried stimulating supplement,didn’tyou?
supplements I will try are baking soda and arginine,citrulline.these are contained in natural food,so I don’t consider them as very dangerous.

I tried Betaine HCL, this is also in foods, so i also didnt consider it dangerous. This one definitly mde me much much worse. Ibogaine not really. Things like vitamins have fucked people up. Really, nothing is almost safe, be prepared haha

oh,that’s unbelievable
but I googled betaine,which is not safe I think.
in fact I have been taking supplements such as zinc and multiVitamin. I’ve not changed.(usual up and down)
maybe I am not vulnerable.
time is very very cruel,too.

I also have had “up and down” symptoms. That has continued for me over the past year. In general all things have got better with time.

I don’t know what would have happened if I had tried various things, maybe better, maybe worse, maybe the same.

I think that up and down symptoms are probably a good sign. You have to make your own decisions but pay attention to whose advice you’re taking.

yes, I think so.
but,after all people who recovered would not depend on only time passing.most of them tried some efforts containing failures. taking some supplements might make me worse,but this is possibility I can recover. I just don’t want to spend doing nothing.

There is little evidence of anything that universally helps everyone. Consider that before taking risks with your health.

what do you mean?
I never depend on university and laboratory.
perhaps protocol of PFS will never be established in5years.

Universally = same for everyone

University = large educational / research facility.

I’m sorry…
yes, I know that.
there is only way to be sure which is better or worse for my own.
I must examine.
maybe I will do cdnuts protocol.
this seems good.

Find someone here who has recovered with the cdnuts protocol and ask them about it. (you won’t find anyone).

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you are negative man.
even if none recovered with cdnuts,to believe and to stay positive lead better.
people who recovered did something similar to cdnuts protocol( for example,testosterone boosters,fasting and so on)
don’t you really want to recover?or are you really PFS patient?

I’m just trying to stop someone who signed up here immediately take actions which might not be well informed.

Cdnuts is a controversial figure since there is no evidence that his “protocol” works, he personally benefitted from people buying the necessary supplements, and eventually told people that his plan wasn’t working for them because they didn’t believe hard enough. To cap it off, he says he didn’t have PFS, just something analogous to it.

As I said to you elsewhere, I think there’s reason to be optimistic, but I don’t think that risking your health with unproven treatments is a positive thing to do. It’s entirely possible that in your one day of membership here that you haven’t read as much here as I have so forgive me for seeming negative if I don’t cheer you on when you propose a course of action.

Anyway, as I said, be careful about whose advice you take and best of luck with whatever you choose to do.

Oh, and as for doubting my sincerity, I’m really insulted by that.