Waste case check-in

I have super low testosterone, 5 on a range of 10 to something. Maybe should try TRT. It was an afternoon reading.

Yeah if it’s low might help. So far my levels have been normal…it’s like my body has lost its blueprints and has no idea what to do with the building materials.

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I had the same amount of loss. Pure muscle just gone! And I’m only 5’9” so people definitely noticed…verbally. Some thought I was doing it intentionally (and must be mental) and some thought I had a terminal disease.

Fortunately, I have put about half of it back on and am actually quite proud of that. Most here would say I don’t even look like I have PFS or believe that I’ve been pretty much disabled with CFS-type symptoms.

You can compress any kind of image format online in websites like:

or https://compressjpeg.com/
In fact you can do much more than that in that kind of site, like cut videos, gifs, speed up, etc.
Not insting you to do it, just wanted to share a useful tip.

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Another option is just take a screenshot of your picture and paste that.

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Have any of you face wasters walked in front of a mirror you haven’t seen in a while? I was just at the pharmacy waiting in front of the sunglass tree and glanced over at the try-on mirror. I could not believe what I was looking at. I think last time I had seen myself in that mirror was pre-PFS and the lighting in that store is not corpse-friendly at all.

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Guys, how do you feel today about muscle loss?

PFS wastage is like going bald but instead of waking up to less hair every day you wake up to less face and body. I’m half expecting to see pieces of face in the shower drain because I don’t know where the fuck it’s going.

btw, here’s what a year of AR silencing does to your gums



Have you had PFS for a long time? How did you manage to develop muscle again? How long did it take to get exercise?


Almost 13 years, so yes. TRT and AAS are the only things that really help with muscle.

How long did it take me to become able to exercise? It’s impossible to say because it’s always been a matter of energy levels at the time, intensity/volume of the exercise, and how badly I had to pay for it afterwards. Things only really improved in the last couple of years, but still not 100% and I continue to experiment with things.

AAS? did you feel pain in your body during this period? did they improve? did you have muscle loss? saggy skin? turned pale? soft muscles?

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids. Not “pain” really, just a lot of nothingness.

Yes, lots of muscle loss/softening and pale skin. Although it’s not really “saggy”, there has been drastic thinning/collagen loss causing veins to become very prominent.

Dear @mstone mstone, I showed the pfs wastage of my face and my personal habitus before pfs and after 17 month pfs with two pictures under photographic evidence of facial changes. I dont have the horrible gum resession like you but without any neurosteroid and hormon kick I transformed all over my face, my body and my personality from a super fit and healthy 59 best ager now to a care level III 80 yo grandfather. No motivation for any activity. Living one empty day after the other.

As a typical pfs patient I would tell you all about my 100 % recovery now, because brainfog and derealisation is gone away for over a year now and I have 100 % libido recovery some days with sexual thoughts and phantasies but without the ability to have sex, a half sized dick, no motivation, dark thoughts and a waste away body, I dont tell such things.


are you still pale?

Yep. PFS made me pale, yet hairy AF. So pimpin’!

What did your dentist say? Your gum looks very pale, like there is very little blood flow?

Dentist didn’t have a clue, I don’t think he gets many PFS patients.

Question for you wasters: Do you get random muscle pains and spasms throughout your body which correlate to wastage? I also get random bone and joint pains too. I feel I will need to collect my badge soon…

Yes all of that unfortunately

Reporting for duty

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