Waste case check-in

I would like to see who are the current members/active posters with full on wastage symptoms as their top concern. Ongoing facial collagen loss, jaw shrinkage, muscle wastage, gum recession, fat loss in head hands, and feet, etc.

Old posts are full of these cases and for the most part they were a pretty pragmatic and cynical bunch. But check-ins seem fewer and further between, could just be an illusion created by the longevity of this site and the search function.

Please only respond if you fall into this category.

@LazarusRy, hey Ryan, it’s been a while since we heard from you. Are you doing alright?

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But check-ins seem fewer and further between, could just be an illusion created by the longevity of this site and the search function.

What do you mean. I can’t imagine what means a check in. Are there no more new members? Maybe because the warnings in the internet now fight even a selfharmer like me like a pitbull attack?!

I mean if you search on waste symptoms there’s a bunch of members with the full plate with neither a reported recovery nor suicide who haven’t posted much or at all recently. Having the threads all listed together in the search results makes it look like there was a golden age of waste cases but they were probably spread out over the life of the forum.

So I’m just trying to get a sense of who, with these as their primary symptoms, is still active and for those who haven’t updated in a while where things stand with them. Also wasters who have been actively updating please chime in here as well.


I have wastage. Hopefully rebuild it later on.

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Definitely a waste case here. Went from being muscles-on-top-of-muscles demi-god with 7-8% body fat to a soft, scrawny mfr with gyno within about 6 months post-fin.

The only things that have helped long term for the wastage is (1) maintaining higher test levels with Trt (occasionally blasting some androgens), (2) being smart about exercise, and (3) eating completely against industry and social norms. The latter is the most important, difficult, and ironically the most controversial.

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did you say you were beginning to recover?

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Yes, you could say I’m “recovering” but am still having bad days (CFS-type symptoms) when my diet, sleep, or exercise isn’t on point. I’d like to think I can reach a level where that stuff won’t matter because this strict of a lifestyle is another hell unto itself.

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Do you have jaw shrinkage and facial collagen loss as well? Gum recession? Skin changes?

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Yes, yes, and yes. Skin is thinner, paler, and lost the ability to tan. PFS made me very sensitive to sunlight, like a damn vamp.

Do you mean keto diet?

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Yes, and avoiding various inflammatory foods. It’s basically an AIP diet with low carbs.

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Another question for my fellow wasters (gotta be more than three of us)…is there ANY part of your body that’s been spared? There isn’t an inch of my body unaffected that I can think of. Besides what I already mentioned, fingertips/nails, shoulders, entire arms and legs, neck, back, butt, lips, eyes…hell even ear cartilage.

The only thing that seems sort of normal is facial hair. Which is ironic since facial hair loss was a chronic and persistent on-drug side for me.

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I have wastage.

I don’t think there’s any part of my body that’s been spared.

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I wasted away after finasteride. That what I have been as a lovley and lucky guy
My entire personality physically and mentally wasted away to an asexual, anhedonic and desorientated, unwashed dead old bum.

brother have you tried anything? Maybe fasting a week, any vitamins or supplements?

Guys I had wastage and recovered a bit over the years, now back full force and in other areas. But some guys do get better, it’s not final.

Some wastage guys get better. That guy Andras from Hungary, English lost twenty eight pounds muscle he said, Basementdweller on TRT, a couple of guys elsewhere. Don’t be dragged into thinking the muscles are gone forever, same with facial collagen.

Not sure who you’re asking…I haven’t done that.

Before and after pfs