Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years


SHBG is often exacerbated by high estrogen levels. It’s a cascade effect.

Estradiol for men should be about ~20, at least here in America with the scales we use.

Based on what you’ve told me so far, is that your sky high testosterone is aromatizing to estrogen at a high rate - have you had your DHT tested? How is your beard growth? Semen volume?

DHT is understood to combat estrogen in the body, hence why propecia raises estrogen levels when eliminating DHT.

I made this point in another thread, but out 5ar is impaired making T not convert to DHT to combat estrogen. Thus, increased T simply aromatizes to estrogen.

The handful of recoveries you mention, heck, that we all have been through, I believe is the result of a surge of DHT. Perhaps I’m wrong - but I think my theory stands.


No never had DHT tested, my beard growth has slowed down massively in the last year and my semen has also become watery in the last year also. My testosterone was always in the normal range and tested between 17 to 24.9 but in the last year has gone crazy high. I’ve seen endos and urologists who have been absolutely no help at all.


They’re intelligent people, but just don’t have access to the most up-to date information, unfortunately.

You’re a typical case. High T, high Estrogen, and If I had to go out on a limb I’d say low DHT as evident with the reduced beard growth and watery semen. You have an advantage that your testosterone is above range, though - believe it or not.

I would highly recommend you do some research into 5ar and DHT conversion, and why it’s important. You should consider R andro or another substance that will raise your DHT to see how you fare from it. I highly suspect you will respond positively.

You’re welcome to message me directly if you wish


So do you think if I get SHBG and Oestradiol in range I may feel like my old pre propecia self again? What is andro r is it a steroid?


It’s a pretty safe bet if you get your estrogen in check it’s going to benefit you. I would recommend doing some research into both of them so you understand how to tackle it. Knowledge is key.


Hi Apr1989

Did you take 100 micrograms of decapeptyl? Not 100 milligrams?
On the box it would of said 0.1mg (milligrams) being (100 micrograms) is this correct?


I’m confused as to why y’all are taking the decapeptyl? According to my research it’s used to stop the production of testosterone and desensitize the pituitary for people with prostate cancer.

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when you stop the production of testosterone, the AR receptor will down regulate, this is exactly what
we want to happen as our receptors are up-regulated.
The testosterone production stop will only be temporary.
Then the tribulus with increase the receptor density.

you might get away without the decapeptyl, but it would help significantly i believe.


And you ordered this stuff online or the doctor gave it to you? And isn’t increasing receptor density the same as upregulating them?


Is decapeptyl only injectable ?


Hi everyone. After I quit Finasteride (may 2014, 5 weeks on the drug) I had this period of unstable raging libido which lasted for quite a long time (2 months raging, 1-2 years substantial). I felt awful in many ways but the potency definitely was there. I then took Citrulline Malate for a long long time which helped me with anxiety and “getting a grip” and in 2016 I started exercising mildly and then my libido slowly faded away as time passed. This might have been because of increasing estradiol (T -> E2) but I haven’t taken any estradiol tests so I don’t know.

I haven’t experienced the phenomenon of precum (sorry for being so explicit, but in our situation we need to) since summer 2018, and I can almost count how many times it occured during 2018. Towards the end of 2018 it was completely gone and my libido and attraction towards women was also shot dead. With my other supplements (magnesium, probiotics) I reached the state where I could live a reasonably normal life except experiencing anhedonia and sexual sides, which of course is a very serious health condition. I will write more on my findings here later on.

I started with a cheap Tribulus variety this christmas (called Neulife (95% saponins)). I clearly noticed something, however not anything substantial or lasting. But this was just a couple of cycles, so it might have worked for all I know. I then read this post and I ordered Vemoherb from Bulgaria. I am on my first cycle of this brand now and I must say a lot of things I haven’t felt since 2014/2015 has come back. More libido, more sensitivity, more joy of life. I also had this urge for playing computer games again, which is something that just disappeared during 2018. I’m listening to and enjoying music right now and I can throw in that I’m also taking Now Foods Dopa Mucuna at the time being.

This is no “this is the cure” post, but I must say, there are serious things going on inside me right now. It’s like my brain changes and I experience “normality” to some degree. I will cycle this with more or less the plans that the OP described. Right now I use 3-4 days with one Vemoherb capsule and then increasing to 2 or 3 in the middle. I think I’ll try a 2 week cycle. Will update you on what changes I experience.

My bloodworks from 19th january 2019:

Free T: 4.5 [2.3 - 9.9]
T: 16 [8 - 35] (it was 18, 1 1/2 year after quitting fin, but might just be time-of-day fluctuations)
FSH: 7 [1 - 12]
LH: 3 [1 - 10]
SHBG: 35 [8 - 60]

I did not take any hormonal blood tests before fin so I have no clue what’s normal for me. I did discuss this with my uncle (which is a specialist MD) last weekend and he almost frowned upon the “normal” ranges for hormones. He said there is a naturally very delicately engineered balance for every single one of us that just “works” and that aiming for sky high levels was nothing I should think about. But I don’t know what and if Fin altered something. My plan is anyways to try to come back to normal via Trib and if I succeed, I will of course share my blood results at that given time. I think this is very interesting. For all I know these results might be “me”, but I must say LH is low and T is also something I would like in the 20s atleast. I’m no endocrine expert though. I would like to do an estradiol test but it’s apparently difficult here in Norway, the richest country in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

If trib isn’t enough, Triptorelin and/or Prep will be my next on the list. I have struggled with this shit for 5 years this spring and I desperately want out. I want to get a girl to start my life with.

And I of course know all about the “I have recovered” leading to a crash some weeks later. This was just to give some input and then we’ll see what happens. I’ll be back :slight_smile:


Tried the second cycle of tribulus (mediherb) plus added zinc orotate and l carnitine. Mind and body felt messed up. ED got worse. I stopped taking everything, and few days after that I got improvements in sexual symptoms and feels like back to 70-80% normal (pre accutane). Not taking anything now. Not getting excited too much, i had such ‘’ recoveries’’ already before. And weirdly they all happen not during i take any herbs and meds, but after i quit them.

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That’s weird but good I guess. I have a bottle of Mediherb waiting but I’m too scared to take it until the study gets published

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Might sound strange, but I can relate to this somewhat, but milder, and it seems I am able to get “over the top” if that makes sense, atleast for now. Could you maybe try a lower dose? And what happens if you skip zinc and carnitine?

Do you feel like Trib (i.e. increased AR signalling, or whatever) leads to inflammation?


Seems to be super common to get improvements after trying something… I’ve seen stories of getting better after getting worse on HCG, Clomid, Tribulus, all kinds of herbs, etc. Don’t know why, but it def isn’t uncommon for us.


Hi everyone,

I have been a silent reader for some time. Thanks everyone for contributing, you`ve been of great help!

I recently jumped onto the protocol. Its day 4 of the first cycle and I started feeling a lot hornier yesterday and still do today. Penis sensitivity increased, I would say from 2 out of ten to 4 out of ten. I am also more aroused when fantasizing about sex or watching porn. No spontanious thoughts of sex though, I still have to "force it". Im sure you know what I mean.

However, I dont know if I can contribute the progress to the tribulus. Two days before I started, I felt a lot better in general. I took fin for 6 years, stopped 3 years ago and crashed 1 year ago. I Had almost every symptom in the book and became the brainfogged suicidal zombie most of you are familiar with. I quit my job and concentrated solely on recovery for 9 month now. A few days ago I would have said the mental sides were 80% cured, I then managed to solve the slurred speech symptom a week ago and with that, I recovered to 100% mentally, I feel amazing. Libido however still 0. That was shortly before I started tribulus. So Im not sure if the tribulus is helping or if Im in a recovery phase anyways.
I will continue the cycles and report here. I will also write a recovery story for the mental sides in a new thread.

This is the Tribulus I bought on German Amazon. It has almost the same concentration of Furostanol Saponine as used in the original protocol (a bit higher, 120 instead of 100 mg):

Good luck to everyone!

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Tell you what fellas, I feel like SHIT on the tribulus! Just AWFUL!

I’m going to keep things going though, might be that I get a snapback after each cycle. But it’s definitely related to the higher doses. On my 3-pill dose today so I know this’ll be the worst one, then I’ll see at the weekend.

This does tie in with something I’ve half-read about two types of PFS. Can’t recall where. Maybe it’s a different process if you feel bad on it and, if the snapback is where it’s at, NOT tapering down is the key - as with the R-Andro cycles. I’ll keep this one as per Apr1989, then next time (on my last ‘low’ cycle) I’ll go to 4 pills/day and then just stop. And see if that’s where it’s at.

Uuuurgh… for the mean time I’m having a rough day.


Very interesting, I seem to notice that the effect wears off after 1-2 days of use - then I have absolutely zero effect good or bad.

What I find very interesting is @Apr1989 says that it’s critical that you taper off the usage, where as you are saying to abruptly stop. How are you coming to this conclusion exactly?

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Apr1989 recovered within 2 years of stopping propecia. I do not think he’s in a category with many here. His body may have just recovered naturally and taking tribulus was coincidental.

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