Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years


Hey bud, figured it’s worth a go, nothing more than that. Apr1989 felt improved then fell back a little and repeated each time. When stopping R-Andro cycles (as per Cd’s protocol) there’s no tapering, just stopping. I feel pretty terrible on the tribulus, so maybe there’s a different way to handle it if that’s what happens. I don’t know, but I’mma try it and see.


Just started on the OP’s trib this morning (shit is expensive but hopefully worth it), will report back on here with results.
I couldn’t get the triptorelin but my T levels were okay anyway (700’s).

Fingers crossed boys!


I bet you get better (even better than pre tribulus) after getting off.

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I think maybe a tiny tiny bit, and if so it doesn’t ‘stick’ permanently. Bear in mind though that’s only been two of the short cycles. If you are or aren’t the sort who feels worse on it, t still might well need way more as per Apr1989.

I’d have kept at it but I do feel VERY nasty on it, all symptoms get a degree worse. I’m sticking on the TEI now rather than carrying on with this.

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Let us know how TEI goes. It isn’t very common over “here” so curious to see how it works. I am considering it as well

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What is the TEI that you’re talking about?




Ok, I thought it was that. Pseudoscience. Don’t waste your money.


Couldn’t agree more


On the Tribulus note,
I purchased a high strength tribulus via amazon, and have been taking 6 of them bitches a day and I’m doing great.

So, there is that.


Which brand have you been taking?

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What you mean by “doing great”? Did it improve your symptoms?


Yes I’m also interested what brand? And what are your improvements?


I’m hesitant to make any concrete update until I’ve got some more consistent time under my belt taking the tribulus, to be fair to everyone. But in this short time, I feel more drive to do things.

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Do you not rate that approach Greek? (Sorry for the OT…)


The only result that TEI delivers is a reduced bank balance.

It’s not recognised by anyone scientifically literate.

This forum is full of bullshit, unfortunately, but there are limits to what we should consider and something like TEI is unadulterated rubbish.

A quick update to this post, just because I’ve called out TEI as nonsense, it doesn’t mean that if I haven’t called something out then I’m giving it my approval.


Do appreciate the opinion, cheers. I’d pondered it as being unable to do any damage at least.

(Sorry again for thread derail, as you were.)


what is TEl ?

update: got it, traceelements.


I just ordered some Bulgarian tribulus off Amazon, will report back