Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years


I tried PanSterone which is DHEA and pregnolone combined but it always seemed to make me worse. But I only tried it maybe 2-3 days so who knows


I wonder if it might have been the dose. I’m starting off on the lowest doses possible and I felt kinda shitty day 1 or 2 but now I’m seeing real good results. I know some of the supplements I saw had doses in the hundreds of mg’s and I’m only taking 10mg currently.


I may give it another try at some point just to see if 5mg a day or something like that works. I was using around 15mg if memory serves, maybe a little more. It’s been a month or so so I’m not totally sure.


Interesting. The one thing that does help a bit as well seems to be stress relief via 8hrs sleep and meditation.


Trying to do a cycle with the MediHerb source that’s been recommended above - Is anyone noticing the following:

  • Day 1: You take one pill --> notice some androgenic effects (boost of confidence, slightly more aggressive, feeling of calm masculinity).
  • Day 2: Then the next pill the next day it’s worn off
  • Day 3: Then the third pill of the next day you don’t feel anything

Is this what you also experienced @Apr1989? Or are you feeling the effect of the Tribulus each and every time you take a pill?

One thing I must add: (Ugh!) I partied very hard between the days I took the pill. Does drinking, little sleep, and stressing out the body have an impact with how the body is accepting the drug? I don’t want to blame the lack of effect on the partying, but I can’t imagine it is very good.

Should I be increasing my dose? I’m 195, 6’2" 32 year old male. I know there is a clear effect when taking this pill, but it only lasts for one day. I’m going to stick to the suggested low dose cycle at the start. But I’m wondering if you need to ramp it up somewhat quickly, @Apr1989 you stated that you we’re taking 7-12 pills at a certain point during one of cure cycles 4 years ago. I’m wondering how many cycles it takes to ramp up to that, that sounds like a lot of protodioscin to be pumping through your body throughout the day!


I’m waiting on my shipment to get here and then I’ll be trying the same protocol as well. I’ll reply as soon as I’m on it for a few days

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Mine showed up today

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Took 1 earlier. Received androsterone as well. All the shiny new toys are in


Ridiculous morning wood? Check.

Might be a coincidence, who knows. But it def happened. Not common for me but occasionally happens so may not be related

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Finished my first cycle of 2 weeks. During the cycle my erection got much harder and more consistent and controlable, but in terms of arousal had only some minor improvements. No improvements in numbness. And at some point improvements were diminishing slightly, but 3 days after i finished first cycle i got even better results(not sure if i should link it to tribulus). not 100% but still have good gains. will cycle again in a 5 days.

My peak consumption was 4 pills per day(mediherb).


Have you ever regain your erection quality before using any Tribulus? Is it the first time you see improvements down there? This is very important to capture.


I did regain before. I used very basic tribulus (fruit extract). The results were pretty consistent and I thought i permanently recovered, although not 100%, but maybe 70-80%. but then i crashed after about a month.
Hard to tell was it tribulus alone or also other supplements contributed to recovery. But this time its just tribulus i am using.
The problem is I crashed a lot of times to zero, and I also recovered at least 4 times. One time i randomly recovered after I quit all these herbs. Other time with Dhea, tribulus and zinc orotate. but the other time dhea made things worse. And there were some other semi recoveries. I am absolutely unstable and this really feels weird. The only thing where I haven’t seen much improvements, its moderate numbness. It feels different.

When i tried tribulus while i was pre accutane, i remember my libido was skyrocketing. I wanted to have sex with every single woman i saw in my city.

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Today is day 2 of cycling Tribulus for me. Libido actually feels pretty decent today… we’ll see if it’s just a coincidence or actually related later I guess


I’m definitely definitely keen. I’m on CD’s protocol, but tempted to tinker for a few cycles.

Awaiting bloods for testosterone levels, but anyone managed to get triptorelin in?

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Bloods and testosterone mean nothing, had bloods few weeks back and my t is off the chart at 31.2 range 8.6-29, LH 4.4, TSH 0.99, oestradiol 88pml, SHBG 123, I have low or no libido although I’m able to get erection, the sensitivity is pretty crap most of the time. Been thinking of giving this brand Trib a go also as I had ok results using crappy Trib from my local Holland and Barrett.

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So uh… hold the phone here.
You have estradiol at 88 and SHBG at 123… and you don’t think bloods mean anything?
Those are both extremely high!


We’ve seen over and over people with blood tests all over the place and fixing it doesn’t seem to make that much difference. It does help some people, but it seems making those corrections tends to be more effective in people without PFS


I started supplementing since early december, my results are fluctuating. Improved erections and size fore sure. Numbness and libido are still the most persistent effects of pfs. But I had improvements there too, its just harder to achieve. I was for several days on point where I was maybe clost to 70% of a normal day pre pfs. If thats achievable permantly I wont give a shit about pfs anymore.

Its just hard to cycle because I wanna stop because sometimes it gets worse with intake and sometimes I cant restrain from masturbation.


The reason for this is many of us do not have prior bloods to examine our original hormonal levels. Some do, some don’t. For instance, I do have blood prior to PFS, ~4 years, and it’s helpful in understanding what I’m aiming for. But you’re right, really the symptomatic approach will yield better results. It also doesn’t make too much difference because our 5ar is not functioning properly.


My free T is still within range, and yes SHBG is through the roof but as of yet no one knows how to lower SHBG. Where should oestradiol be for a man? The weird thing is I’ve experienced recovery a handful of times, did my blood levels temporary fix themselves whilst I felt recovered? Probably very unlikely.