Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years


I just read that tribestan by sopharma is made of only flowers, I will do more research and valadate this, if it is true the sopharma will be useless

I found a picture of the Sopharma Tribestan label online, it says it is made of “above ground parts” which probably means both leaves and stems and fruit or flowers, it will probably be somewhat effective, but not as much because it is watered down



They are gone


@Apr1989 Please let me know where you’re finding this research, Sopharma and VemoHerb have been repeatedly cited as the two most dependable forms of Bulgarian Tribulus on this forum. I’d hate to keep going to the wrong stuff.


I wrote pretty extensively about this… it is not Bulgarian tribulus that you need, it is tribulus made only of aerial parts (the leaves and stems), I am sure it will help if its from the Balkans, but if it is made of the flowers or the fruit it will not do anything… the only brand that I found made only of the aerial parts of Balkan tribulus is MediHerb by Standard Process… I wrote my original post four years ago, almost eight thousand peope read it and it looks like not a single person tried the protocol I did and used the brands of triptorelin and tribulus I used… I am curious, why not just take the brand that I took since it cured me?

I have no idea why someone would take a different brand when they have pfs and someone was cured using a specific brand… but #&*@thepfs posted this label from VemoHerb above several days ago…


You can see it says on the label that its made of the aerial parts AND fruits…

I have read Tribistan is the same, I did months of research on tribulus brands, again… ALMOST ALL OF THEM ARE MADE WITH FLOWERS OR FRUITS… it is very very difficult to find tribulus brands made completely of aerial parts, I only found one

I am sure if it is Balkan tribulus with at least some aerial parts it will have an effect, but I built up to very high doses of aerial only tribulus, and I got my testosterone into the 800-1100 range first with decapeptyl triptorelin, and it still took nearly six months, so I am sure that without triptorelin (and low testosterone) and using watered down tribulus, it will be much harder to be cured


@Apr1989 Got it - well it’s just a little confusing for a lot of us because there have been tons of positive stories, including recoveries, reported from those who have tried the VemoHerb and Sopharma stuff. I think even cdnuts swore by Sopharma ‘Tribestan’ if I’m not mistaken? Tribestan is highly concentrated protodioscin which they distill into one pill, apparently making it extremely potent. Many of users on here we’re also just as adamant that their version of Tribulus was the best, and only one that would work as well, so it can be difficult to really decipher who to trust and which brands to try etc. I

t feels like every couple of months someone comes on the forum and says they have the ONE TRUE Tribulus brand that everyone needs to try. There probably all marketing shills, but who knows… Your post from ScienceDirect does seem to make the case that the leaves and stems are where the majority of the protodioscin is concentrated:


Definitley worth a looksie

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I understand, and the VemoHerb says it is made of both aerial parts (leaves and stems) and fruit, so I am sure it will have some effect, but it took me many cycles of tribulus over almost half a year to be cured, with testosterone above 800 (again which I got from taking the triptorelin) and I was only taking aerial parts, so it must make it much more difficult to be cured if someone is taking watered down tribulus

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Are you still taking supplements or are you off of everything?


I stopped taking tribulus from 2015 to 2018 and I stayed cured, I started taking it again last summer to try to get my mustache and chin to turn completely dark again since it had darkened when I was taking tribulus but still had a little bit of blonde in it


Hey @Apr1989 - one important question. We’re you working out while on these cycles? What kind of exercise were you doing? Was it heavy lifting? Light exercise? Anaerobic exercise like running/swimming? Or zero exercise - letting the body rest and do its thing?

You say that ejaculation while on Trib could lead to a crash, so theoretically working out, and expending your hormones, could also mess with the effect of Tribulus.

In short:

  1. Could working out while on Tribulus spike your hormones too high, causing your system to shut down?
  2. Or is there a synergistic effect with working out and Tribulus wherein they both support eachother?

I’ve heard it discussed both ways, and everyone seems to have a different conclusion.


I did not work out, I do not know if it could negatively effect your androgen receptors, I doubt it since from what I understand it just elevates your testosterone, but who knows, it could effect them I suppose, I just took the shot of triptorelin (dont forget to take the shot, since your androgen receptors need to have enough testosterone to work with once the tribulus revives them), took the tribulus in various doses, building up over several cycles to high doses and weaning off, and reduced my ejaculation frequency


It worked for me somewhow too.

Iam cycling tribulus and adding ginko+carnitine from time to time and my symptoms improved significant.
What improved so far:

  • erection quality and size, almost 80-90% or something. Enough to function sexually without any other medication like cialis
  • refractoy period, in the last days I can pretty much masturbate and have sex several times per day
  • orgasm duration increased and sensation, having an orgasm feels very good.
  • connection to penis, hard to describe but my penis feels more vivid, like there is an urge.

What didnt’ improved:

  • penile numbness, very weird to have a solid rockhard boner but still having that numbness feeling. Edging feels numb, but as soon as I having an orgasm I feel normal sensation.
  • libido improved a little, but Iam masturbating to so much porn, that I cant really say for sure if my ability to get aroused visually actually got better.
  • water semen

Thanks. Guess I need to order some of this stuff soon.

Did you use the specific brand / type the original poster in this thread used?

I know what you mean about the erection but still having numbness issues. Very strange indeed. But, if your refractory period is that much better then you’re doing better than me

Are you continuing to cycle and hoping for further improvements?


What kind of tribulus?


I completed my 2nd cycle on Sunday which looked like this:
Day1: 1 pill
Day2: 2 pills
Day3: 2 pills
Day4: 2 pills
Day5: 3 pills
Day6: 2 pills (12 hours apart)
Day7: 2 pills (12 hours apart)
Day8: 2 pills (18 hours apart)
Day9: 2 pills (24 hours apart)
Day10: 1 pill (30 hours since last pill)

During the cycle I had:
-improved mood and motivation
-on average improved brain fog (almost no instances of ‘Holy shit I can’t even think’)
-somewhat improved penile sensitivity
-more libido
-rather pleasurable orgasms
-increased rate of hair loss

Now, 3 days after quitting the cycle, I definitely feel some of the effects faded. I am not sure how much they will continue to degrade but I am hoping I keep at least some of them as the OP suggests.

So far what seems to be sticking is:
-more ballsy, dominant in conversations, more ‘androgenic’ mindset
-slightly improved penis sensitivity

Brain fog is still fairly severe, but it’s only my 2nd cycle. I am taking a week off. The OP said he didn’t feel anything until he did a few cycles, well I do feel but the permanent effects are mild so far. I am hoping things get more pronounced when I increase the dose and do more and more cycles.

What do you think @APR1989 does the way I am doing this look right to you?


Are you using the medi herb brand or whatever it’'s called that the OP recommended?

Just want to confirm before I spend $70 or whatever on it for 40 pills. If it helps, I don’t care what it costs… but I have a whole cabinet full of stuff that didn’t help so I figured it was worth asking.

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Actually no, I am using a brand I found locally here Bulgarian one which is made from aerial parts and fruit. Not ideal as OP says but so far it has an effect so I will continue until I finish the bottle then probably buy what he’s using.

Before that I used ‘Tribulus Pro’ from MYPROTEIN and that didn’t do shit.

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Sounds good. I’m going to order the “suggested” one soon I suppose.

I have some random Tribulus from Amazon and never noticed anything from it, but in hindsight that was stupid to buy (and I never really took it properly, I saw a few horror stories of it making people worse so I barely ever took any)

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There is more that does influence pfs than the cycle. Today I actually feel worse than yesterday, but yesterday and the days before were maybe the best days I had in weeks

I think we have to experiment a bit with the dosage. From my experience it has to be cycled but we dont know how excatly yet. What I discovered is that if you taking tribulus for a certain time and that get it off you actually feel better after 1-2 days and then this effect can last quite long for me.

I have an interesting theory that carnitine (incrase AR receptors) or ginko (which appears to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction from SRIIs) also should be cycled, but yet a theory.

Edit: I have definite success with “normal” tribulus.


My belief is it’s the “reduced” testosterone weeks that help, for whatever reason. Some people that have done Clomid PCT cycles have felt better on the off weeks than the on…

I haven’t found out for sure whether low carb diets decrease or increase test/DHT, but a lot of stuff I’ve read said it reduces it, which would also add to the idea that we’re overly sensitive to test/DHT and the “down” weeks give us a chance to re-adjust

It’s an overly simplified idea from a guy that knows next to nothing about the endocrine system (me), but it’s the only common thing I have been able to find between things that have worked for some people, i.e. low carb diet, tribulus cycle, clomid cycle, HCG cycle…


I just ordered the same mediherb tribulus off Amazon. The $70 definitely hurt but I’ll at least be able to cross this off the list of things I wanted to try. Having real good benefits from pregnenolone and I held off on trying it for years

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