Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years

Could you expand on what you mean by a severe versus mild case of PFS in more detail? Possibly illuminating on biological differences that might differentiate one from the other.

I went from 160lbs running 10ks and working 10hr days on construction sites to 260lbs and unable to mow my own yard…The condition can cripple you, physically and mentally…

It’s like I said: Milder cases have a reduced symptoms scope, typically mainly sexual sides, and more severe cases present with many symptoms at a severe level. One of the objectives of our survey is to better characterize the various clusters within PFS. If you haven’t taken it yet, please do.

That is the six billion dollar question. If we are out of this world lucky, we might get some insight into this when we get around to correlating survey data with GWAS data. What is pretty well established though:

many common and complex diseases [e.g., type 2 diabetes (T2D) and obesity] are influenced by multiple SNPs, each with small per-SNP effect sizes

It is pretty safe to assume that the susceptibility to get PFS is predicted by multiple genes. Depending on how these mix and match, the person will be more or less severely affected, or not at all. In genetics, this is also known as a complex trait.


Ive noticed increase in libido when taking advil. maybe this has something to do with the inflammation?

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Thanks for the response!

Is there any chance I could have the survey resent to me. I’d be happy to take it!

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Just click on the bar chart icon at the top as described here.

Anyone know where I can get MediHerb Tribulus for a normal price? Trying to re-up my supply but this brand has jumped to around $90 on Amazon.

The first cycle actually seems to have shifted my baseline in a positive direction. Don’t want to speak too soon but I want to try one more cycle to be sure. As op stated, it’s about doing multiple cycles to have best chance of effect.

Anyone have a good seller? Thanks!

Their website should have a page where you can put in your zip code and see retailers in your area with their product. I saw several chiropractors in my area carry it. Just an idea.

Just curious what the price is at the chiropractor’s?

$94 for a month supply of tribulus is ridiculous.

…I’m in the wrong business.


No clue, I ended up buying it on eBay but don’t see it on there any more unfortunately

Edit: also, I have been taking 1/2 a Tribulus per day the last few days and have felt really good. May just be a coincidence but I’m going to continue a few more days and see what happens.


That’s the problem… you have to abstain to let your libido build up while you are taking tribulus


Apr1989 you still doing well and completely recovered ?

Apr1989 Thank to you my friend I got my libido back. It work.
Immeasurable thank you.


@MOONCHILD how many cycles have you done? Are you using the same brand as the OP?


@MOONCHILD Please please please let us know what brand you are using for both Tribulus and L-Dopa. The brand for these is very important.

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I finished one whole bottle of tribulus of 90 pills, I guess that the dosage is very important also changing the dosage up and down a a break in between of every cycle.
I posted already the tribulus and L-Dopa that I used, but I will post it again just that I am not at home now to look at the bottles

Did you abstain from ejaculating also?

I’m on my 2nd bottle and not feeling any change…so you’re saying after 1 bottle you no longer need to take it and your libido is restored?

Yes I abstain from ejaculate, but not much like 2 day only in between.

If you could at least provide the specific l dopa you use that would be of great help. I’m using the mediherb tribulus. I’m seeing pill and powder versions on amazon