Why don't the majority of finasteride users get pfs?

Does anyone know why most men who use finasteide don’t get pfs? Does it mean we already had underlying health problems?


That could be one answer. On my case I felt so long before my crash that my body just cant handle this kind of situation for much longer. I just felt it. I was under in a such horrific mental pressure for years in my life because all the things that were happening around me. And then there was the crash. But I tolerated the poison for 11 years already, which apparently made wide destruction to the body. 11 years with minimal sides.

Another reason in my opinion is that every individual has different strength on their immune system.
Also genetics might play a role here. There are also these tests for genetic effects for different drugs on individuals body. These test measure like 200 different drug substances effects on your body. Some may experience a drug effect with factor 1 and some may experience the same drug effect with same dosing with factor 100. So if everyone takes the same dosing of some drug, the effect for that dosing can be drastically different on each body.

No. Many here can attest that they had absolutely no health issues prior to their use of Finasteride. It is likely that the predisposition to developing the disease is a genetic one. This is spoken about more here: