Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years


Tried the second cycle of tribulus (mediherb) plus added zinc orotate and l carnitine. Mind and body felt messed up. ED got worse. I stopped taking everything, and few days after that I got improvements in sexual symptoms and feels like back to 70-80% normal (pre accutane). Not taking anything now. Not getting excited too much, i had such ‘’ recoveries’’ already before. And weirdly they all happen not during i take any herbs and meds, but after i quit them.

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That’s weird but good I guess. I have a bottle of Mediherb waiting but I’m too scared to take it until the study gets published

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Might sound strange, but I can relate to this somewhat, but milder, and it seems I am able to get “over the top” if that makes sense, atleast for now. Could you maybe try a lower dose? And what happens if you skip zinc and carnitine?

Do you feel like Trib (i.e. increased AR signalling, or whatever) leads to inflammation?


Seems to be super common to get improvements after trying something… I’ve seen stories of getting better after getting worse on HCG, Clomid, Tribulus, all kinds of herbs, etc. Don’t know why, but it def isn’t uncommon for us.


Hi everyone,

I have been a silent reader for some time. Thanks everyone for contributing, you`ve been of great help!

I recently jumped onto the protocol. Its day 4 of the first cycle and I started feeling a lot hornier yesterday and still do today. Penis sensitivity increased, I would say from 2 out of ten to 4 out of ten. I am also more aroused when fantasizing about sex or watching porn. No spontanious thoughts of sex though, I still have to "force it". Im sure you know what I mean.

However, I dont know if I can contribute the progress to the tribulus. Two days before I started, I felt a lot better in general. I took fin for 6 years, stopped 3 years ago and crashed 1 year ago. I Had almost every symptom in the book and became the brainfogged suicidal zombie most of you are familiar with. I quit my job and concentrated solely on recovery for 9 month now. A few days ago I would have said the mental sides were 80% cured, I then managed to solve the slurred speech symptom a week ago and with that, I recovered to 100% mentally, I feel amazing. Libido however still 0. That was shortly before I started tribulus. So Im not sure if the tribulus is helping or if Im in a recovery phase anyways.
I will continue the cycles and report here. I will also write a recovery story for the mental sides in a new thread.

This is the Tribulus I bought on German Amazon. It has almost the same concentration of Furostanol Saponine as used in the original protocol (a bit higher, 120 instead of 100 mg):

Good luck to everyone!

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Tell you what fellas, I feel like SHIT on the tribulus! Just AWFUL!

I’m going to keep things going though, might be that I get a snapback after each cycle. But it’s definitely related to the higher doses. On my 3-pill dose today so I know this’ll be the worst one, then I’ll see at the weekend.

This does tie in with something I’ve half-read about two types of PFS. Can’t recall where. Maybe it’s a different process if you feel bad on it and, if the snapback is where it’s at, NOT tapering down is the key - as with the R-Andro cycles. I’ll keep this one as per Apr1989, then next time (on my last ‘low’ cycle) I’ll go to 4 pills/day and then just stop. And see if that’s where it’s at.

Uuuurgh… for the mean time I’m having a rough day.


Very interesting, I seem to notice that the effect wears off after 1-2 days of use - then I have absolutely zero effect good or bad.

What I find very interesting is @Apr1989 says that it’s critical that you taper off the usage, where as you are saying to abruptly stop. How are you coming to this conclusion exactly?

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Apr1989 recovered within 2 years of stopping propecia. I do not think he’s in a category with many here. His body may have just recovered naturally and taking tribulus was coincidental.

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Hey bud, figured it’s worth a go, nothing more than that. Apr1989 felt improved then fell back a little and repeated each time. When stopping R-Andro cycles (as per Cd’s protocol) there’s no tapering, just stopping. I feel pretty terrible on the tribulus, so maybe there’s a different way to handle it if that’s what happens. I don’t know, but I’mma try it and see.


Just started on the OP’s trib this morning (shit is expensive but hopefully worth it), will report back on here with results.
I couldn’t get the triptorelin but my T levels were okay anyway (700’s).

Fingers crossed boys!


I bet you get better (even better than pre tribulus) after getting off.

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I think maybe a tiny tiny bit, and if so it doesn’t ‘stick’ permanently. Bear in mind though that’s only been two of the short cycles. If you are or aren’t the sort who feels worse on it, t still might well need way more as per Apr1989.

I’d have kept at it but I do feel VERY nasty on it, all symptoms get a degree worse. I’m sticking on the TEI now rather than carrying on with this.

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Let us know how TEI goes. It isn’t very common over “here” so curious to see how it works. I am considering it as well

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What is the TEI that you’re talking about?




Ok, I thought it was that. Pseudoscience. Don’t waste your money.


Couldn’t agree more


On the Tribulus note,
I purchased a high strength tribulus via amazon, and have been taking 6 of them bitches a day and I’m doing great.

So, there is that.


Which brand have you been taking?

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