This is a damn nightmare


I have the same shit! Its unbelivible what this drug have Done to our body! Instead of keeping us Young it have Destroyed our body. I thought i shoulde have had my own family in this time of my life instead i living alone and cant work for the moment. I have nothing else to say more then i really no the pain and struggel you are going through!


I dont Know if you are a beliver but i just want to send a teaching with Rick Warren about pain and sorrow. It helped me anyway.


I feel you bro! I wanted to have my own family and baby too, but this shitty illness took away all my plans for the future… And apparently I see no future while I am in this condition…


I meen the hole thing about caring about hairloss was that we was worried that we woulde Lose our confidence to meet someone and starte a family. Coulde it be more sad!


I think its good to tell it like it is otherwise we keep it to ourself and will be even more bitter


The crazy thing is that for the doctors who saw me it’s all in my head! How the fuck can it be in my head? They denied me anything, skin, loss of collagen, white hair, they denied me that my dick simply disappeared. These sons of a bitch I hope they will suffer more than I am suffering. Thats enough.


Bro, I know many bald guys with so nice girlfriends… Imagine that!


Yes its true, in backsight it was a incredible stupid decition but nobody thought that a drug that Youre local MD precribe coulde have such a consequanse


I read of some bad sideeffects before i took the drug but i also read that it was safe. Unfortunally i wasent in a good condition mentalt and dident put enough energy and time to really understand the risk or i dident wanted to see or belive them. It dident help that i have adhd and have hard time making good decition when the consekens isent clear. But it only make this condition harder if you blame yourself


Sorry for talking about me, dident ment to take over the tread Damon:-). I have thought of trying hifu treatment to boost the collagen in my skin but i dont Know if its worthe the money.


I knew about Fin before, that’s why I’ve avoided it and went for the allegedly the safest way, the “Natural” way called Saw Palmetto. Wrong decision too… what can I say. We all suffer because we haven’t done our homework, and read before take those pills


It’s the ultimate irony for many of us. I got double fucked. First Accutane giving me Crohns, then SSRIs giving me PSSD. All I wanted to do was treat my acne and my OCD and anxiety. It finally took away my anxiety and OCD. Just at the expense of every other emotion as well as my sexuality.


Hi there Patrik, can I ask what hifu is?


Its hi frekvens ulterpy. Its a new type of treatment that plastic surgens use to tighten the skin.


I have Done one treatment on my face.just after i did get saw a big different but i dont really now how much it have Done in the long run


It was a dumb decision, but I’m afraid even knowing the risk many men would take the drug. Nobody feels this can happen to them until it does. If I found this site I would have probably said “there are guys complaining about the texture of their hair and saying their penises are weigh less, what crazy hypochondriacs I’m sure it’s in their head”

Obviously I’m sure there is a psychological aspect - many men face sexual issues even at a young age, but no doubt in my mind that the drug has horrible, long lasting side effects.



I agree that it’s not psychological just that there is a pyshological aspect like with all things. Also, how can you tell that your member is ”lighter”? Have you wieghed it before? I think it would be hard to notice a weight change of a couple ounces. Lastly how many inches have you lost in size? These are serious question not trying to be mean.


NO. I think you’re crazy. My first penis was noticeably heavier. My penis has become light as a feather, inside it is as if it were empty or made of air. Explain with psychology because I lost 5cm in length and 2.5cm in circumference to my cock. Here is the proof. Ultrasound on my penis


Yes thats true, i have never Been someone taking risk in my life, never smoked or taking drugs and lived a healthy life. Its just so sad that many people of us lived like that but then we did one bad decition in maybe a desperate time of our life and it destroyed so much. I just feel very sad about it