The water fast thread


Ok, thanks for the tip. At this point, I think I may still give it a try. I may be able to go up to 3 days, but I’m playing ice hockey at the end of Day-3 (which is very physical), so I’m still not sure. If I can hold, I will do it. But at this point, I can’t see my self going much beyond 3 days.

After sex, I think my favorite thing in life is eating !!! PFS took both out. Makes it even harder to stay positive, especially when there are no improvements after all the sacrifices.


You’re welcome. It’s up to you but I think it’s a very bad idea to do heavy physical activity during or right after fast. You can try a ketogenic diet instead.


I think you are right. I’m at 48 hours now and I really feel like shit. My mood is really bad (depressed, and closer to my emotions - I almost feel like crying). As long as I’m doing this, I will take it up to 3 days, but there’s no way I can play hockey so I called it off.

I think that what’s putting me down is the fact that I have decided to give several things a try, but nothing gives me even the smallest hope …


One thing that surprises me is that my urine is getting slightly darker. I would have thought that at this point, it would have been fully clear. Maybe this is a good sign, as body toxins may be eliminated.

I feel a little better than this morning. A bit of a headache and a little nauseous, but nothing that will make me quit. Don’t know yet if I will see some benefits, but it’s worth a shot. If I do, I will definately add this to my routine. If not, maybe I will give a 5 day fast at some point, but not more.


I believe that is the protein from your muscles being flushed out, unfortunately.


Oh! Dawm… lol!

Here are two interesting articles about fasting: … nts-316246 … 224a9a337f


Fasting can indeed be somewhat beneficial. I’ve done a 9 days water fast, and my total testosterone increased to 6 ng/mL, it was always between 2-4 before fast. I saw no symptomatic improvements though.


its ok for uric acid to go high on a fast


Ok so my 3 day (72 hour) fast is now over ! It was pretty hard to do and I’m quite proud. I know some have done way more than 3 days, but it’s a start. Yesterday evening was the hardest because I had to feed the kids (that were having fish and chips!) and I had to pretend I wasn’t hungry. I kept having cravings of pizza, McDonald’s and what not! I was also convincing myself that if this didn’t work, then that was it. I’ve tried enough things, and in the end, maybe the only solution is to accept that this is how I’m going to be and live with it.

This morning, I was pretty dizzy when I got out of bed. I had an organic juice (that cost me 10$ !), and then some peppers and brocolli. I will keep eating veggies at least until lunch, and gradually reintegrate meals.

During the fast, ED and libido went all the way down to like 5%! I’m hoping it will at least get back to a 20% baseline I was on for the last few weeks. One other thing I noted was that my morale was at an all-time low! It’s hard enough to go on with our lives like this, so when we cut out food and activities too, there’s not much to look forward too.

Anyways, at least I can put a “check” on one more thing. We’ll see where this goes, but the next thing on my list (and possibly my last resort) is a gastroenterologist. At some point, I guess we will all have to throw the towell on potential solutions and wait for a miracle to happen.

I will update this post within a week or so to let everyone know if I have any benefits from the fast.


i am currently cleaning out my gut withg triphala then i will start a 21 day fast.

I will be taking in 200cal a day of meat broth to keep my electrolytes in check. Otherwise i cannot make it past 3 days without vommiting from potassium and sodium loss. My adrenals are fucked so i cannot do straight water.

200cal of broth for me allows me to go long and get benefit.

my last fast i started regrowing my hairline all the inflammaiton on my scalp stopped no joke.

21 day should help/ I think fasting and diet is the only way to cur epfs


I would add exercice, sun and … time! But I agree that diet and fasting seemed to be helpful to the ones who recovered, unlike any other medication or supplement.


Ok so its been 5 days since I broke the fast. I have to be honnest and say that I went back to my old eating habbits after the fast. I had been watching everything I ate during the last month or so (before the fast), and didn’t notice much of an improvement, so it was starting to be hard to keep going. I still try to cut down on sugar and will try to restrict fast food also. Let’s just say it was an off week!

To get back to the post-fast, I would say that my overall condition improved in 2 areas: First, my mood is somewhat better. I haven’t been much on the site for the last 5 days, so I can’t say if there’s a connection. Am I feeling better because I don’t read horror stories as much, or I don’t feel the need to come on this board because I’m feeling a little better ?! Also, I don’t know if it’s just the satisfaction of finally EATING (!!!) that made me feel better mentally. I know, it was just 3 days, but still. :wink:

And second, I have been sleeping really well these last few days. I go to bed earlier, and wake up nice and fresh.

There may have been a very slight change in libido, but I absolutely can’t say for sure as it’s pretty similar. And nothing noticeable in terms of ED either (morning, nocturnal and spontaneous remain the same).

This being said, and as much down-to-earth that I am, I still believe it had a positive impact overall and I am more than willing to give this another try in about a month or so. I don’t know how this will evolve, but I would like to keep doing a 3-day fast once a month at least for the next 6 months. Maybe just then will I be able to see true long lasting results.


Don’t know if this has anything to do with the fast, but 1 week after breaking it, I had (by FAR) my best hockey game of the year. I had tons of energy, never felt tired, and could skate forever. Maybe it has to do with my sleep that has been really good since then.

Anyways, still no obvious effect on sexual sides, but seemed to be beneficial for the mind and body in general.


Day 4 complete. So close to quitting! !!! Want to make 10d


Remember how I said my total T increased from 2.5-4 to 6 after fast? I received SHBG test results today, and it increased to 50, from 25-30, which makes the increase in total T completely useless.


8 days completed on my buchinger fast.

Think i need 14-30day for healing. Will keep going.


10 days in.

feels like im eating.


Going to be breaking my liquid fast this weekend with berrries every 2 hours.

I had <250cal the whole time on the fast. I was replicating how they fast in europe. I have done water fasting in the past and it just made my body alot sicker. Impossible to do with low aldosterone levels too.

Im hoping that 12 days of this type of fasting will render at least 1% improvement. I have heard that improvements come after the fast. Is that what you guys have experienced?

afaik new immune cells grow after the fast. Also in the refeed peroid of a fast there is severe immunosupression.


Okay so on my fast i had a dramatic reduction in inflammation.

As soon as i started refeeding all inflammation came back. Feels like i just fasted for 12 days for nothing.

When can you till if it actually helped?


As I mentionned, for me there has been no real benefits in terms of PFS symptoms, aside from a general feeling of well being. My sleep and my mood improved quite significantly, and I will be doing another 3 day fast in a few weeks to see where that could lead. But again, nothing really improved in terms of sexual sides…